Thursday, February 02, 2017

Ginger Coca Cola...

Has anyone seen or tried these new Cokes with ginger extract yet? 

They're pretty good! I saw them last week and I bought one for everyone in the house to try! I like trying new things!'s Friday here in Japan already. Have a good weekend everyone! I made homemade pizza dough from scratch this morning. Pizza for supper tonight. The dough is resting in the kitchen in a bowl covered in a kitchen towel. I will roll out the pizza as soon as Noah gets home. Pizza with side salads for balance. And we'll be having that as our TGIF dinner tonight.  : ) We're watching the movie Arrival tonight. And tomorrow night at home we're going to watch "A Monster Calls." Branden got out of school today at 12 noon because there are 9th graders testing for schools still. Some had to turn some form in. Meanwhile for know Bran is out of it. Since he applied and was accepted already. But still...half day for *all* 9th graders today...whether you are still testing and applying or whether you already got in. So that's nice. He's chillin' on the couch right now. And Noah meanwhile doesn't get out of school until 3:45pm. But...Bran and I will swing and pick up Noah together around 3:20pm. Noboru is at work until...10-ish tonight. And that's it really. has been so windy here in my town. For like the past 3 days. And a frigid chilly wind. Nothing of ours has blown around yet (knock on wood). But our neighbors stuff was blown all over the street yesterday. @_@  Luckily she managed to get everything. A couple of us helped too. Oh, I have taken down my front door wreath though.. since it has been so crazy windy and I will put it back up once the high winds stop. I would just be very sad if it broke and fell so violently because of the winds and cracked or something, ykwim. So better to be safe than sorry. It will go back up after the winds calm down a bit. Anyway TGIF everyone. : )