Sunday, February 12, 2017

Bits and pieces...

Did everyone have a nice weekend? We had a fantastic weekend here. Stayed home Friday and Saturday ate delicious food and watched amazing new release movies at home and good TV. Yesterday, we all went to Tsukuba City and went to the Gap and to LOFT. I bought Noboru's Valentine's gift at LOFT, while they were preoccupied looking for stuff. Anyway, I have a little bit of misc pics that I have about 30 minutes of free time to get them up right now. What have I been up to? Honestly.. same stuff I am always up to. Cleaning the house like a crazy maniac 4 times a week and I do mean thorough super hardcore type stuff. Plus the light picking up daily and wiping down type stuff daily ykwim. : ) And cooking nightly etc. : ) I also have still been logging in my daily 10,000 steps or 4 miles for us Americans. Back in November I was logging half in the mornings and then logging the final half at night...for a nightly walk. But now my walking's switched again and I have been kicking out my walks first thing every morning on my treadmill here at home as soon as I drop the kids at school. I come home... throw a load in the wash and slap on my headphones and music on my phone and jump on my treadmill and walk for about 42 minutes or however long the washer runs for. And then I get off. Run upstairs and throw the load in my dryer. Run downstairs and clean the downstairs. Swoosh toilets... wipe the kitchen counters down with bleach and clean-up from breakfast and obento making. Vacuum. Then jump back on my treadmill to knock out the final whatever... how long I have to finish up. After that... I go and have some breakfast. Croissant or toast with peanut butter and banana with a side of yogurt and 1 cup of coffee. And then. I clean my house for about 2 solid hours hard core. Fold up my laundry. Jump in the shower. Scrub the shower first though... before I scrub my sweaty ol' self. And then I come out, blow dry my hair. Do my eyebrows with eyebrow mascara. Wear no other makeup most days. And I will have an hour break. I will rest or blog. And then I will prep for dinner. Do I have veggies or meat to marinate? Do I have to preset the rice cooker? And then I swing and pick up the kids. And that's honestly 4 days of my week. One of my days is devoted to doing my weekly grocery haul. And that's also my 1 day a week I'll eat lunch outside of the home. And that's 1 day of the week I won't treadmill. But frankly speaking... walking all over Costco and my various grocery stores I do get quite the workout anyways. : ) So this pic just means...4 days a week I focus on maintaining my healthy body. Being fit. Still respecting my body and making damn sure it's in good health. 
During one of my Costco runs, I have a Gap right in Inzai. And I pop in there from time to time. And they *always* seem to have a 30% off deal. And I like saving money, that makes me so happy. But I also like my kids looking cute too. So 30% off sales work for me. : )

February is still hella cold around our part of Japan and even March too. So bought Noah 2 new sweatshirts while Noah was at school on a random weekday. At Gap in Inzai. I thought this green sweatshirt was super cute. And I like the striped wrist and waist area. Nice detailing and love the American USA one too. : )

Noah's barely 11, so a size 12 is perfect. 

Loved the back detailing on this even more. These were only 1900 yen each. Quite the bargain for a good quality... name brand sweatshirt. : ) 

Shrimp happened. Cutlet for Noah. The Costco shrimp is a very good sized. And the flavor is really good. : )

I love the seasonal soft serve ice cream they sell at MiniStop, it's a convenience store here in Japan. They sold roasted sweet potato flavor last time and we tried that. A few weeks ago... they were selling banana with a chocolate sauce and the chocolate sauce hardened like a hard shell. Like DQ. With the hard chocolate shell dipped cones. Anyway, of course we had to try. I'm fun like that... with the family. I always let them try all the seasonal flavors. : ) And we're fond of banana ice-cream. This was so delicious!!! It's not being sold anymore, at least not at the one in my town. : ( But it was so good while they were available. Choco banana soft serve...delicious. : ) 

While I was doing my weekly shopping and at Besia/Cainz store... I saw these, little square tissue boxes and they reminded me of those Puffs tissue boxes in the US. These were only 99 yen. And while I buy our Kleenex tissue at Costco because of price.The cheap price. I saw these and the Batman ones. And I know what. I think I will buy both of my kids one, I will make the splurge. And so I did. They are identical and have cute Superman different patterns on the boxes. All around the box. I put one in Bran's bedroom and one in Noah's bedroom and they both noticed them as soon as they got home from school and they *love* these! I am so happy I bought these for them. 200 yen well spent. : )
Now that high school is in the bag. What has Bran been doing? He's back to being a kid again. Thank goodness. And he and his brother have been playing badminton and also tennis like crazy at the tennis courts up the street. However on this day... they just played badminton in our backyard. It's so nice to see them play together again. And now that Branden doesn't have to study his brains to death anymore...he's free to be a kid and I really think that's important. : )

The kids and I baked peanut butter cookies together from scratch last week. Me and Bran and Noah had such a great time baking these together. 

Setsubun happened in Japan too. And I bought 2 of these chocolate roll cakes with a bunny wearing an oni/demon mask. : )  The bunny is their regular mascot of these cakes and they're always 98 yen at my nearest store and they're so delicious. and inside is chocolate whipped cream.

TV talk and movie talk. The Blacklist is getting so good. And so is Emerald City. What movies have we seen lately? Storks was awesome, we saw that recently here at home. We also saw, "A Monster Calls" That's a good movie too! Storks is funny and I actually would buy the DVD for that one. A Monster Calls is a little more serious. And I don't think I would buy the DVD. But it's an excellent movie. And definitely worth watching. What were we watching on this night? We were watching the movie Passengers. I would not read ahead because there will probably be some spoilers. But I will not tell you the ending, I promise. But I do definitely...want to talk about the movie. And I don't want to possibly spoil anything for anyone either. So will just put this here. 1 ship full of people (like thousands) from earth on a ship planning on moving to another planet like 100 years away from earth or something like that. They're all asleep in sleep chambers Anyway 1 person accidentally wakes up. He wakes up because a huge asteroid hit their ship. And it jolts him awake. This is the guy from Guardians of the Galaxy. Anna Faris' husband. Chris Pratt.

He spent 1 full year awake all alone. He was so lonely. Like Castaway with Tom Hanks in a way. He did have a funny android bartender to talk to though. But he was seriously thinking of suicide until he saw another sleeping passenger and watched her video and felt like she was his soul mate or whatever and he contemplated should I wake her up... to keep me company or not? He chose to wake her up. Keep in mind if he wakes her up. She will basically die of old age before ever reaching the planet. So he essentially gives her a death sentence. Yet he chose to wake her.

Played by Jennifer Lawrence. 

She's sad she woke up. Very sad... but she accepts it, she thinks she is awake because of a malfunctioning sleep pod. She actually falls for Chris Pratt's character. BTW, Chris Pratt's character Jim. Confides in the bartender not to tell her...that he purposely woke her up. And he honors that and does not tell. And then one night. He foolishly tells the bartender....he and Jennifer Lawrence's character have *no* secrets between each other. And the android bartender asks him..."is that so?" And so while Jim goes to the bathroom... the bartender tells Jennifer Lawrence how Jim purposely woke her up. The bartender didn't do it out of meanness or with evil intent... he did it because he is an android and didn't say it... to cause trouble. you can imagine Jennifer Lawrence flips out. And she should! She should be pissed. 

In fact here she is... telling him off right now. And seriously...she has every right to be mad. 

The amazing nice bartender. Who truly meant no harm. 

Jim planted her a tree. 

Another crew member woke up but he died super soon. And turns out... the ship was jacked up with the asteroid hit. And do they fix the ship? Do they all die? I can't and won't ruin the ending at all. You just got to see it for yourself. Is it a fantastic movie? Yes it is. Am I glad I saw it? Yes. Would I watch it on a long haul flight for a second time? Probably. Would I buy the DVD? Probably not. But it's a really good movie though. This coming weekend we're going to watch the movie Split and the movie Jackie. And most definitely Doctor Strange too. It's nice to just sit at home and watch a good movie and relax. : )