Thursday, February 23, 2017

A quick update...

Happy Friday everyone! TGIF! The weekend is just about to kick soon as the kids come home from school. Then it's time for our weekend to kick into gear! Yes!!! I can't wait! : ) Anyway it's Friday...der...just said that. My dad left Japan Wednesday, he flew back home... first class to tropical and gorgeous Guam. He's back at home. Visiting with friends since he's been gone for officially 1 month... visiting our family in Denver, Colorado and in Japan (us here) It was a wonderful trip. And I'm so glad my dad was here to spend Saturday to Wednesday morning with us. Anyways...what's up with this picture? Well, my dad's 69 years old. He'll be 70 this coming August. August 3rd. And he's pretty up to date for his age group. He has a lap top. He chats with all his friends and family that way. Emails. And he Skypes me every single day, we communicate daily. But the one thing... my dad doesn't do is use a cell phone. I think because....unless he's traveling or vacationing. He's home and has a land-line. And if he's not home, and is on vacation... he uses his laptop and Skypes. So for the most part... he's never been interested in a cell phone. My dad though for his age online and he is very comfortable with his laptop and being online. But yeah he has avoided cell phones. My mom (my parents are divorced) on the other hand is 62 and she uses a cell phone daily... in fact she has 2. And she uses a computer. And is very tech savvy. My dad too is lap top savvy, lol. Just...he has never felt the need for a cell. And to be my dad. He has friends and family his age... who don't even use computers and won't and have zero interest in them. dad was in the kitchen. Noboru was in there, I think you see a snippet of Noboru's arm in this pic. And Noah's finishing his supper. And the rest of us already finished our dinner. And my dad asks Branden about cell phones. My dad tells Branden..."Branden, I think this is the year for grandpa to get a cell phone and figure out how to use one!!!"  "So that is one of my goals for 2017!" Aww. How cute!!! : ) Branden and Noah both...*love* grandpa. Adore him to absolute pieces. So Branden ran upstairs and brought down his cell phone and showed it to grandpa. And grandpa, see if you can get an idea via my cell. So, my dad asked Bran...does this have a camera? He said, of course grandpa and he showed him where and how to use it. Noboru chimed in and said..."cells today are like mini computers." : ) And so Noah chimed in and said..."let grandpa ask your phone a question." So my dad asked Bran's cell phone. "How far away is the sun from earth?" And his phone replied back in perfect American English...with the answer and the whole bit! Anyways...this pic and my story of what chatter happened that's nothing major or serious. It's just to day type stuff. YKWIM. Like...grandpa deeply thinking about getting himself a cellphone for the first time ever...this is his year! Grandpa the year 2017, the year he will get himself a cell phone. : ) Hahaha. And the whole family...just supporting him. Helping him. Seeing and looking at Bran's and realizing...cell phones do all that? Yep..yes they do. These little moments all patched together make life so fun. So interesting. So amazing and real. : )  We love you dad. And I know you love us. So yep...he left back home on Wednesday. And honestly... it's been just a very chill...relaxing week. We're looking forward to the weekend. For sure though too. : ) 

I haven't made dessert in about 7-8 days (last time was the apple crisp). Last night after supper...Noah said..."mama, you haven't made dessert in a very long time." @_@ Hahaha. I are right kiddo. And I will fix that, I promise! Tomorrow after school...when you get home...there will be something dessert-y waiting for you. Okay? He smiled and said okay. : ) So this morning as soon as the kids went to school. I threw this cake in the oven for 33 minutes on 350 degrees F. And I treadmilled until the oven beeped. And then I got off. Let the cake cool. Threw my laundry from the washer into the dryer. And I vacuumed the upstairs. The stairs themselves. And also vacuumed the downstairs. Swooshed the downstairs toilet. Washed my hands. Folded the laundry. Frosted this cake. And wiped the sink upstairs down in the laundry room. And called it a cleaning wise. I only walked 33 minutes today on my treadmill. Oh least I got half of my daily exercise done for today. I also...managed to prep 85% of dinner. So it's pretty much done. We're having a pot of beans and a pot of pork green chili. And we have 2 dozen tortillas. And a yellow cake with chocolate frosting for dessert. The beans are done. The pork is almost done in the oven. And the roasted chili we grew last year is defrosted. Dinner will be finished.... super easy as soon as the boys get home from school. Noboru will be missing dinner. But, I fixed him a huge lunch this afternoon before he left for work. I'm feeling pretty good because the house is clean. Dinner is nearly finished. It'll only take about 20 minutes to complete after the kids get home. So...seriously just about done with that. And the kids and I have a plan to watch the movie called... "A Dog's Purpose" tonight here at home. Have a great weekend everyone. : )