Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Throwback Thursday...

Today's TBT is a nod to January 2009! And what my 2 boys were up to on a day way back then! Branden at our local town elementary school. On this day the elderly volunteers came to visit Branden's class and teach the younger generation how they played during the old days! Using what they had on hand to make their own "toys" or things to play with. Here they had 2 huge tin cans with ropes and they...from what they said, used to walk around with their homemade version of stilts. The older generation showed the kids how they did it and they taught them and had the younger kids play! The genius was....that the younger kids of today actually really loved the toys of yesterday. The huge tin cans with ropes....oh Branden and his classmates walked all over with these. And it gave such a twinkle in the eyes of the older guys! Probably remembering fondly their older days too! As for me...I enjoyed watching our amazing school...include the elderly from our town. And respect that they have a lot to teach the younger kids of today! There was also a group of elderly ladies and they taught their version of the game...the cats cradle and also various clapping games. The boys tried those things too and the senior guys had a few other play things too... for the kids to try.

Wednesday, Noah had just finished getting a haircut. Half day at school. And we picked each of the boys up a donut. We were at the little city nearest us. Noah holding daddy's hand as they walked. : )

Love you Noah! : )

Today is Thursday and how are things? Awesome! It has been colder than heck though! Below freezing for the past...week. I went to Costco yesterday for essentials. I also went to Gap in Inzai and they had a REALLY great sale at Kids Gap and I bought Noah 2 new sweatshirts. My dad is in Denver right now. He flew there Tuesday from Guam. Then to Narita. Then to MN and finally on to Denver. He flew first class the entire flight and he told me when he arrived in Denver. That the flat bed seats for the long haul international flights are so comfy. And he loved them! : ) Aww! : ) He is lucky that... his son in law works for an airline. I am always happy to hook my dad up like that. Anytime...anytime! : )

A Guam trip is coming up soon for me. Why? Such as the life of an expat. Having to stock up on foods from "home" of course. : )  Anyway have a great Thursday. The weekend is almost here! Right on! : )

Oh...did anyone see the Beaches remake on the Lifetime channel? I did! I loved the original one with Bette Midler and Barbara Hershey. But this remake was a total stink bomb! It was horrible to watch. Didn't even come close to comparing to the original. So much was left out. I am loving the new show called Emerald City though! It's good. And I am also really loving the Blacklist lately too. And the new show called The Mick is hilarious. : ) 

Dinner tonight is going to be rotisserie chicken taquitos and homemade refried beans and spanish rice. Everything is 100% homemade from scratch and it's going to be so good! And I already logged my 10,000 steps on my treadmill first thing this morning. Alright have a lovely Thursday everyone. ! : )