Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Throwback Thursday...

Well this is a first in my TBT history! : ) Have never shared a TBT of Noboru before, but I asked him and he said it was okay. : ) Here is a toddler Noboru on his way to yochien in Osaka Japan in 1975! Age 3. Awww. What a cutie pie! And what an adorable beret, his school had the kids wear. Part of his school uniform with school logo on it. : ) 

Also 1975 and this is for the pic right below...

Noboru in his winter yochien uniform! 

This next one below is from 1974...

Noboru playing in his yard in Osaka.

What a smiley 2 year old!!! This totally looks exactly like Noboru now...well except he's an adult now. So what I mean to say is...his face hasn't changed much. So cute. Hahaha. : )

Noboru at a waterfall. During a family trip in Japan.: )

Noboru's observation day at the elementary school he went to in Osaka! His parents came to observe and snapped this picture. Aww! I see you just finished your school lunch! And are holding your empty milk! You look very genki and happy! : )