Wednesday, January 18, 2017

OMG, he's in! Branden got accepted into the high school he tested for this week!

Okay, so I was working on the last/final Hakone post this morning. But most importantly, I was waiting for an acceptance letter to the high school Branden tested for this week! And it just got here. Like literally 5 minutes ago! Branden does not even know yet you guys, because he's in school right now! OMG, I am so happy, I can barely type or contain myself!!!

For Chiba prefecture JHS kids are testing all this week. Different schools throughout Chiba all this week. Branden and the professor (nickname, because he is such a smart polite kiddo) were the 2 first kids from our local JHS that went to take entrance exams. Same day, but they tested for different schools.

Branden applied for the English program. There are like I said earlier... many hafu, many returnees. And a few foreign exchange from America going here too. So this school is a melting pot. There are about 5 western teachers that will be Branden's teachers. And he worked and studied his brains out for his entrance exam.. you guys know how hard he studied and he was so nervous you guys. But he did it!

There are study books for each school. That give and list the past questions and answers for the past 5 years prior. There is always an interview. And yes...there are books available to help your child be prepared for what sort of questions they might be asked.

They usually ask 3 questions per kid... according to the interview books and yes Branden was asked 3 questions. #1 "why did you pick this school?" Branden was prepared and ready for that one. #2, Where do you see yourself after high school? You know like will you attend university? Etc. The final question was, she said the interviewer asked and said...I know you are half American, but where is your mom from in America? Branden said my mom is from Denver, Colorado. Side note most folks don't have a clue. weird as it sounds...the interviewer got very happy and said she has a friend who lives in Colorado. And that she has been many times and loves the Colorado Rocky Mountains very much and how they are beautiful and since Branden was just there this summer...they bonded over....odd to say.... but they bonded being from Denver, Colorado! @_@ Unusual? Yes...but you seriously just can't make this stuff up! Hahaha. Finally...someone who Denver-ness! LOL. I am physically shaking right now you guys. Umm, clearly I will not be doing a TBT or my final Hakone post today. Such as real life...sometimes something just comes up. Like this. Amazing fantastic best news ever!

I feel like...running through my neighborhood screaming...."yes yes yes Branden got into high school" And then dancing the cabbage patch! neighbors would probably think I have gone bonkers. So, I better not. I will just say it here...and tell ya'll.

We are going out to dinner tonight to celebrate! Meanwhile...30 of Branden's classmates are testing today for a few different schools. Ganbatte other kids testing today!!! So Bran's 9th grade class only has like 20 kids in it and that's both classes today. Branden and all 9th graders get out at 1pm this week. Because of the testing! OMG you guys. I can't even think straight right now... I am so happy.

I have a huge piece of flat cardboard and I think I better end this post now. And I will instead make Branden a huge sign... simply saying....YES!!!! And he will know exactly what it means! He gets out of school at 1pm, like I said. And we knew the results would come today good or bad. Noah today gets out at 3pm. Okay...I am officially not even making sense anymore. Sorry. Sometimes a person just gets *such* good news they go temporarily cuckoo kachoo! Gomen gomen/sorry! : )

But yes Branden did get accepted into the high school of his dreams. OMG, you guys he will be having such a blast at this school when April comes and he starts high school! I am so happy for him! Anyway. Bye for now. : )