Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Bits and pieces...

Is everyone still enjoying the winter break? I know for a handful of my very good friends in the USA, their kids have already started back to school, so for them... their winter break is over. : ( Ours is still going strong here. Branden and Noah do not go back to school until next Tuesday, January 10th.

I know today is Thursday. But with the winter break, I sorta took a break with my weekly TBT, but rest assured... it will be back next week, I promise! What else...

We have been just quietly enjoying our winter break here at home. Watching a whole lot of TV. Reading tabloid magazines (me). : ) Noah reading yet another Diary of a Wimpy Kid book. And Bran has been still studying his brains out. Considering his high school entrance exam is this month.

We are all packed up and ready to go to Hakone for our little over night getaway. I'm telling ya....I cannot wait! I can barely wait to soak at our favorite onsen place. I can't wait to enjoy some of those amazing black eggs/onsen eggs. Eat some delicious egg custard soft serve ice cream. And just basically soak in the amazing rotenburo which is an outside hot spring. The weather will hit 0 degrees C which is...  32 degrees F for us Americans. So it is going to be quite cold and late at night it could grow even colder. And soaking in a nice outside hot spring... sounds pretty perfect to me. We will most definitely eat at our favorite restaurant there...what we loving call "fake Capricciosa" only because their menu is legit the same, big deep fried rice ball with cheese inside and the whole thing exactly, the people who own this place are nice and we can never remember the name of the restaurant so that's why we call it that. And it's nice...that they have something so delicious while way up in the mountains, the food is so good there. Considering our year last year....granted for us it wasn't a bad year, but it definitely had it's moments. So...we are greatly looking forward to going to the hot springs. Go to the mountains and hot spring area...and just unwind. Eat good food. Soak soak soak a bunch of times in the onsen/hot springs. And just enjoy some quality family time. I imagine we will be stopping at a conbini/convenience store at night and getting a good amount of snacks to take back to our hotel room and just veg out and enjoy our time there. Soon....very very soon, we will be on our way. : )  Last time we were there...we saw a huge wild boar down a road. And we were like @_@...."holy crap, hope he doesn't charge at us and ram our car" lol. So...hopefully we don't run into any angry wild boars...but other then that, we're majorly looking forward to it.  I just painted my toe nails today and trimmed my eyebrows so, I am super ready now. And we're already like I said...all of us are already packed. : ) A trip that will do us all... a world of good.: )

What else...I want to see the movie Silence. I think for us in Japan it comes out/will be released January 21st or around there. And I think this is being released in the US January 13th. This is what it says on IMDB... "In the seventeenth century, two Jesuit priests face violence and persecution when they travel to Japan to locate their mentor and propagate Catholicism."...As a Catholic, this looks good and I'm really curious to see this.

I made a great big pot of homemade chicken noodle soup yesterday for dinner last night. And we had a very nice crusty loaf of french bread from the bakery to go with it. Tonight we will finish up the soup with grilled cheese sandwiches on the side. We will be having some peanut butter ice-cream for dessert afterwards.: )

I'll be sure to post something after we get back from Hakone. : )