Sunday, December 11, 2016

Two recent trips to Costco. Noah’s marathon coming up tomorrow. And it turns out...we’re going to see Rogue One on opening day after all...

Good morning! It's Monday here in the land of the rising sun! Hope you are all well! I didn't post over the weekend, so figured I better get my butt in gear and get one up! : ) I haven't shared a Costco cart pic post in a while. And I have been there a lot. Here are 2 trips to Costco Chiba New Town, in this post and a bit of misc mixed in for good measure! Let's see, this cart pic was snapped November 30th! Microwave popcorn for nights we feel like popcorn... yet not feeling like making it on the stove. Most of the time we make it on the stove, but sometimes it's good to have microwave popcorn on hand too. : )  Kirkland frozen cheese pizzas! These are perfect for a weekend lunch for the kids! Maple pecan danish and tortillas are underneath the danish. A milk 2-pack. Sausage patties (my kids disliked these sausage patties so much : ( ) So, I won't be buying these again. Noboru actually likes them, so he's eating 2 most mornings with some eggs that I make for him. I guess our family just prefers bacon? @_@ The bright side is...I now know and I won't be buying this again. : ) Hey they're human and not everything is going to work for everyone. : ) What else, shredded cheese for enchiladas or tostadas and perfect for gratin potatoes too. I like to buy the orange cheese for many things. And I also need mozzarella for many Italian things. So, I am always with a 2 pack of... some sort of variety of cheese in my cart most trips to Costco. : ) A pack of chicken breasts. And I do say...they keep raising their chicken breast prices! It started off at 38 yen a pound or whatever we call it in Japan... not pound, but you know what I mean. And now it's near 48 or 49 yen a pound or whatever! Stop raising the prices on your chicken breast Costco Japan!!! And a rotisserie chicken. Noboru got some absolutely devastating news the night before from Osaka. It was so devastating. That...I frankly told Noboru let's not go to Costco. However...he said...our house still needs food. It still needs to run and so we had this trip to Costco written down and we need to keep our schedule as planned, you'll understand why later. This shopping trip pictured here. Was horrible. So horrible that I even forgot my shopping list. And we just had to wing out our shopping trip. I don't want to talk about it in this post. But, I will talk a bit about it in another post. 
Not sure if you in Japan have seen them yet! But Americans love pot pie. And Marie Callender's makes the best ones. She even has restaurants in California. Anyway...they now sell her chicken pot pies here in Japan! I have not bought them yet! But, I will be buying some! : ) 
This was right near Thanksgiving. I think the day after wards. You can see the Thanksgiving place mats down. : ) Anyway, Noah informed me that his teacher wants all the kids to make...homemade musical instruments! Anything that makes music, the instrument...can't be store bought. I remember we had this when I was a child too in America and we also made instruments. And I taped 2 paper plates together and some uncooked macaroni that we had on hand. And taped up our thick paper plates with tape and made a make-shift tambourine. So, I had a definite idea. So, I thought about taping 2 plastic cups together and using some uncooked rice...because it sounds so soft and quite beautiful! So that's why I bought these little plastic cups made in Italy from the 100 yen shop called Seria! They have the nicest stuff there! : ) 

Also picked up 2 packs of Christmas napkins for the kids lunches Monday through Friday for December. And 2 extra packs for January, so I am not caught off guard without napkins. : ) 
This was taken last week. December 7th. 2 packs of pasta sauce from America, these were on sale, which is why I picked up 2 packs versus just 1 pack. 1 huge pack of ground beef. It was 2700 yen. For that huge amount... but considering I get 5 meals from 2700 yen for 5 people. That's actually cheap! 2 packs of chicken breast. 1 pack of bacon. I have 5 packs in my freezer at the moment of bacon. A 2 pack of mozzarella cheese and some of that delicious fresh pasta. Since last weekend, we have had spaghetti and meatballs and a few days later we had baked chicken parmesan and pasta. I have 1 pack of mozzarella still and I am thinking about making a pizza this coming Friday. 
All of this came from the Chiba New Town area. Besia. Pot roast happened Sunday/yesterday, pork green chili happening and ginger pork already happened. : ) Pork green chili and a pot of beans happening tonight in fact!

I break my ground beef up like this. Being extremely organized with meals and menus helps! This ground beef will last all December long. For cheeseburgers, I actually made 6 patties and placed them in the cheeseburger night ziplock. That way I know, the amount of beef put away... will be enough. And the amount for nachos, I gathered enough for Noboru, Bran and Noah. Because I know, I like chicken on my nachos. So, I just packed enough for them. I size adjust each ziplock of beef depending on what I am making. 

All separated and now super easy to pull out of the freezer.
And the night before all the homemade instruments were due. Noah and I quickly made his instrument. I put a cute Noah name sticker on his instrument. And he took it to school. All December the 5th grade class has been jamming and rocking out! And I am sure making all the other grade kids and teachers near the process! Sorry rest of the school! Gomen ne~ Sorry! :)  I asked Noah during dinner. What were some of the instruments your classmates made? He said, 1 of the twin boys (I word it like that... because there are 2 sets of twins in Noah's class the twin identical boys and then we have the fraternal boy and girl twin set) Anyways Noah said 1 of the identical twin boys brought 2 chopsticks and has been clanking them together like 2 drumsticks and whacking them against the desk and everything! : ) Noah also said.. some one brought and old pot and a metal spoon and has been clanking on that. Basically the kids all brought funny and cute things and...Christmas break is almost upon us. Next week in the school year is winding down. And now it's just time for the 5th graders to have a little fun. : )

Anything new to add? Tomorrow is Noah's marathon. Cross country for the entire school.

Also...guess what? We're going to Star Wars on opening day! How did that happen? Well we usually buy our movie tickets in person. However this time Noboru wanted to buy them online. He picked the date and whatnot and called me over to his lap top when he was about to pick our seats. Now last year, December when we went to see Star Wars Episode One in Narita, did we go for opening day or the day after? I don't remember... but it was either of those days and in Narita City. We picked the late show. Hoping for a dead movie theater. Because we also picked the one in English. However it was 100% full. Like people sat right next to us. A man dressed in full leather to my left, like a Japanese biker. I am talking leather pants leather jacket. It smelled like I was sitting next to a cow the whole movie. Full on leather smell! And his leather squeaked whenever he bent or reached for his popcorn. @_@ Hahaha that is sort of funny if you think about it. So anyways...this year...we're lucky in that...our closest movie theater in Ibaraki is having it in English! Last year they didn't! So hopefully because we are in rural Japan there will be less people. And we will also be going to the late show. So anyways...we picked the seats. This time we picked a side seat versus middle center area. The side area only has 5 seats. Center row has like 20 seats or something and then 5 on the left side. Anyways...this time, I am sitting on the aisle seat so I know nobody will be sitting smack dab next to me on my left and on my right will be one of my kiddos. And the kids we keep inside between us adults....we book end them... and Noboru is sitting on the side where 2 empty seats will be. We are hoping...actually crossing our fingers nobody picks those seats! So anyways...we wanted December 17th Saturday. Noboru was hoping to not go the 16th because he works that day...morning and gets home at 2:30pm and will be tired so, I agreed and thought for his sake we should go when he is...better rested. So since he picked the date by himself. He mistakenly picked the 16th. : ( He went online and tried to switch the days and he read it and it refunds, no exchanges. So..the kids and I are fine. But...I do feel sorry for my sweetie pie. He says...he'll be okay, he says it was his mistake and he will just come home eat supper and nap for an hour before we go and catch our 7:30pm-8pm movie. So...yep...we're going on opening day. @_@ Wasn't exactly the plan. can't be changed... so we'll just roll with it. : )