Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Throwback Thursday...

December 2012, we kicked off the last full day of elementary school in Noah's class with a Christmas cake decorating party! The note that went home to us parents, the week beforehand said that the school would provide the sponge cake, the whipped cream and if we need anything else or would like to bring anything else.... bring it. Such as fruit or Christmas decorations. We were given this enormous bag of whipped cream and these 2 layers of cake. And I did have a question mark? Should I bring some butter knives and like a cake spatula or anything? I figured...better to be safe than sorry. So, yes those are my 2 butter knives from home in this pic and the plastic cake spatula thingy is from home too. : ) And the Ikea blue plastic container carried my fresh cleaned strawberries that I bought at the store the day before. I also brought these Christmas decorations for the cake too. 

Okay okay I admit, I brought probably way too many Christmas and decorating things. LOL. I brought all what is in this pic. And yes I did bring a small whipped cream too. Again though. My heart is in the right place though always. You all know me. Meaning... I would prefer have it and not need it... then REALLY needed it and didn't bring it. So again...better to be safe than sorry. Also another positive of bringing extras is the mom on the right of me that was not pictured... she forgot everything. She did bring an apron though... but she brought no decorating things (hey it happens to the best of us). And I could clearly see I had plenty. So, I shared. : ) Hahaha. And guess what? We have been the greatest of friends ever since!!! Yes it is good to be nice to people. And be nice to folks when you can! : ) So, yes I am glad I brought extras. : )

Yay what a wonderful way to have spent Noah's last day of school before the winter break started!!! This was the day before the closing ceremony day. : ) 

Strawberries and cream between the cake layers.

And done! Well done Noah! I think we did a good job! And we talked and chatted a lot at the table while decorating the cakes, so it was such a fun afternoon! : )

The teacher had fab cake boxes for us all, to pack the cakes up and bring them home! Noah and I met Branden downstairs and we walked down the hill and to my car. Right before Winter break is always such an exciting and fun time. With no school for a few weeks and with Christmas dinner and presents to unwrap soon. It is just a wonderful time of year. : ) I love the Christmas season so much. : ) People are just so nice this time of year. : )

And we 4 had a delicious dessert that night! : )

Anyway, any new news to add? Bran's sensei called us last night. She was calling all the kids who got a principal recommendation. And she asked do we have the 2 envelopes printed out already? The one that will go to Bran's future school? Noboru said yes. She said awesome! And that the kids getting the recommendations if they could please come in 30 minutes early tomorrow (which is today) and for Bran to bring her the printed envelopes. Because she will be collecting them tomorrow since tomorrow is the last day of school. And then on December 27th, when we take Bran to get his recommendation letter over the winter break. That day. Anyways...the sensei will do all the paperwork and glue Bran's picture on the application and place all the paperwork inside the envelope with the other envelope inside that will be returned to us. Why? Because apparently the teachers said some persons didn't fill the paperwork right/correctly last year and so they are going to do it themselves our JHS for everyone. Because our school is very small and perhaps this wouldn't fly with a school with 300 ninth graders, but with a class of 39 ninth graders it is doable and that's both classes combined. Noboru was disappointed he said..."man now I can't actually see what a principal's recommendation letter looks like in person" Hahaha. I said...yeah me too. I wanted to see it. I mean duh I wouldn't have blogged it...shown it... because it has names of schools etc. But yeah...we now will never get to see it with our own eyes. : ( Hahaha. Oh well. So...that's that. The positive is...the teachers and principal etc are handling all 9th graders paperwork. well for the kids who are getting the recommendation letter. And that just means Noboru and I don't have to worry if we did it correctly or not. Because the pros/experts are handling it. So...peace of mind. : )

Anything else to add? Yes it did rain this morning. It's not raining right now but rain is forecast for our town later this evening. Noah is home and has been home since 11:10am. We had a nice lunch together at home. Bran is at school still. He will get off school in an hour.

What did I end up baking yesterday? I baked a yellow cake and I made an amazing delicious from scratch Nutella frosting. I also packed Branden a slice of yellow cake with homemade Nutella frosting as his dessert today. His lunch was huge today (American style fried chicken, macaroni salad, broccoli, rice, small garden salad with a small container of Olive Garden salad dressing and a big fat slice of yellow cake with Nutella frosting and a thermos with iced mugicha. The lunch ladies in our town went on break starting yesterday... so all 9th graders needed to bring a lunch today. I am sure he's stuffed today. : ) This afternoon, I made rice crispy treats. Yep, as soon as I post this I will go and cut and slice them into squares. And then I will throw the chicken teriyaki legs into the oven for supper. The rice cooker is already set to beep at 4pm. Have a wonderful night everyone! In 1 hour Christmas break will officially start at our house! We're having baked chicken teriyaki leg quarters, rice, macaroni salad, broccoli and for dessert rice crispy treats. : )