Thursday, December 01, 2016

Throwback Thursday...


Just a little 2 minute video. This is/was a private family home movie that I took in 2006. I have never shared this on here before. I have so many home movies. I take movies almost as often as I take pics. Because I like going back and looking and listening to their voices at a certain point in time. Like this one. I usually listen to music while cooking. And we don't ever listen to music while we actually eat dinner, we like to talk to one another. However on this video we clearly were listening to music. I like looking at this video and get the chance to reminisce...oh yeah I remember when we were into that Indian style curry, that you could make at home. They sold these packets and we were into those many years ago. We're not into those anymore of course, but it is nice looking at this video. And think. Geeze that music was a tad too loud, were we totally jamming or what? Hahaha. Or, I remember when we used to make that curry. Or this video reminds Noah was *so* teeny tiny. And I like hearing all his squeals and watch him wave and see his happy personality shine through... at one point it looked like he was jamming with the music. It was just so super cute for me... to look back on this clip and think. Wow, how glad I am to have this. I haven't uploaded a video on here in...forever. I hope this video comes out for you guys and you can see this cute little moment in time captured of our family. Oh and where was BrannyB? He was tuckered out from yochien (kindergarten) so he had eaten earlier and was napping on the couch. : )