Thursday, December 15, 2016

Throwback Thursday. Noah's Christmas recital at age 3 and Branden's Christmas recital at age 6...

Branden's final Christmas play/recital at our Catholic yochien both of the boys attended. Branden was a happy green bird during this performance and he danced around the stage with an adorable blue mouse and a cutie patootie duck, quack quack! : )

After many fun short plays. Was the final last play and that was the story of the baby Jesus being born in a manger. These 2 pics of Branden were taken in December 2007, and he was only 6 years old.
Noah, age 3 and the youngest grade at our Roman Catholic yochien (kindergarten) this was Noah's first Christmas recital, December 2009. And here he was... an adorable little dancing kitty or perhaps squirrel. LOL. Not sure what he was...but there were a few of them with the same ears and cartoon cut out. Whatever they were...they were having a ball and dancing all over the stage. : )

Aww! And this was the final play about the baby Jesus, same year 2009 and Noah was again, only 3 years old. And these were 3 sheep. See their delicious looking grass. : ) They were all age 3 and the youngest grade of yochien. They were told to sit still and not move! : ) And so 2 sat as still as statues, Noah always always *always* listens to his sensei and teachers hahaha, even now.  Hahaha. That being the girl to our left and Noah-chan! And that other little girl was just...being an adorable age 3 and waving at her mama! Bless her little heart! Again...this was quite hard for any kid age 3. And I do think these 3 tried their very best! Merry Christmas you sweet angels! : )