Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Throwback Thursday, Christmas cookies and family game night 2007...

A glimpse of 2 of our 3 Christmas trees inside our home at Christmas. : ) We have 1 regular standard size one in the living room. 1 super small one in the genkan/entrance area/front door area with clear bulbs and 1 super small one with colorful lights that is out on display on the 2nd floor during the Christmas season. I love Christmas and find it to be such a fantastic time of the year, People seem kinder. Happier. More merry! Full of good cheer! Festive! And I want my kids to know what a fun time of year this is! : ) 
The Japanese have their Christmas cake! We Americans, have our Christmas cookies! And since we are a household with an American mommy and a Japanese daddy. We get to enjoy both! Why choose? Why not get the best of both worlds! So, we ordered our Christmas cake (icecream cake from Nagano already this year) and we will be making Christmas cookies this year same as every year too! : ) Back to the pic! I bake Christmas cookies with the boys every single year! When they were itty bitty in age, it seems sometimes we got more of the sprinkles on our kitchen floor, than on our actual cookies! Hahaha. : ) However, doesn't matter! I cleaned up afterwards and I wanted to make sure the kids had fun! #1...wanted them to enjoy it...and smile and have fun! Just making some memories! : ) I love those great big innocent wide eyes! Sure do love you kid! 

Branden you looks so brave and so sweet and kind. Should we pop this batch in the oven? Let's go for it!

Wow, those look delicious! I think this particular year we made 3 batches of these Christmas cookies (each batch makes a couple dozen). Why so many? Because we give some as gifts to neighbors and our close friends and always to the kids teachers! Though Noah was too little for school at this age, but Bran had a teacher! : ) Well done my sweethearts!

Family Jenga night. What's your favorite family game? We have a bunch of games here. I would bring a game back every trip to America...I would bring one back to Japan every chance I got when the kids were kindergarten or toddler aged. We have...Chutes and ladders, Candyland (we don't play these 2 anymore obviously.) : ) But, I'm keeping them around just in case. We have Operation and we play it about once a year, because it's fun when the buzzer/nose goes off! Cracks us up! : ) Monopoly we love... but it takes forever and ever to finish one game. We have had games that lasted 2 days straight. As in, we left the game where it was... went to sleep and the next day when we were ready we started again. So...I like Monopoly takes so long. Too long! We love Sorry! And Jenga still. And we play Sorry! And Jenga still to this day. We also have the Wii and play games on there too. When our family of 4 plays, we play the Wii Bowling. : ) That's right...I can't forget Uno either! We play Uno about once a month at home. All 4 of us are pretty strong Uno players so our matches are quite a challenge. But lots of fun! : ) Hahaha.

Anyway, Happy Thursday everyone. I hope you all are enjoying December and this Christmas and holiday season!

Anything new to add? We bought our movie tickets online today for the new Star Wars movie that comes out worldwide next week. Is it December 16th? I am pretty sure it comes out the same day in the USA, as Japan. We however can't go December 16th! Well, Noboru can't go. The kids and I can go. However...I'd really like Noboru to go with us, because I know how much he wants to go. So...he said he is free and available December 17th! Just 1 day later than opening day! And that's totally fine with me! So, we went online today and we purchased our tickets for Star Wars Rogue One. December 17th! The 4 of us already have our seats picked out and everything! We can NOT wait! I will be collecting a few chocolate bars or treats this weekend to prepare us for the movies. We will of course buy popcorn and drinks at the concession stands though. But I can barely wait to see this movie! Squeal! Branden and Noah have been watching so many YouTube videos regarding Rogue One and I'm so glad they have because I feel a lot more in the "know" now. Who do you think the main character is? Of course this is all just speculation. But they say on YouTube. No way can the girl from the movie last year, on The Force Awakens "Rey" be the mom of the girl in Rogue One. Because given the timeline she'd be old and gray by then. So they say Rey is not the mother to the girl in Rogue One...she must be someone else, according to the folks on YouTube. And then there was speculation that the Rogue One 5 or however many of them...were going to be captured and end up being Kylo Rens army! @_@ OMG. That shocked the heck out of me, when we watched that YouTube speculation video. I was like...say what???? That floored me completely! @_@ And honestly it made tons of sense. hasn't been released. I have not seen this. But there is so much...speculation on this. By hard core Star Wars fans. And I am a total fan. But I'm not like super hard core... where I have read all the comic books and stuff on them. So...anyway. We are totally full of anticipation. And can't wait until December 17th! : )