Friday, December 16, 2016

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Opening Day...

A quick picture of Branden and Noah outside the movie theater in Ibaraki Japan last night. Our nearest movie theater in the little city nearest us. It was freezing cold outside. Noah and I were bundled in our winter coats and Branden and his dad didn't wear coats since we went from house to car to movies and all those places are heated. However just the walk from car to movies was reason enough for Noah and I to need our coats. But Bran had on a long sleeve top and one of his Gap sweatshirts though. And we went right into the warm building as soon as we snapped this pic! We were so nicely stuffed from the cheeseburgers and fries I made for us all at home beforehand.  

We had 2 large popcorn's. 4 sodas, a soda for everyone. And snacks inside my bag for everyone.

Chocolate covered almonds for me. That was my movie snack that I picked. Noah and Branden picked chocolate covered almonds too, but picked a different type and they also picked and shared a pack of grape Hi-Chew, that you can see in this pic between Noah's sweatshirt and coat. And Noboru picked Pretz. : ) We had the best seats. Nobody sat near us. The movie theater had people in it of course... but honestly maybe about 25 people at most including us were in the movie. And that's glad we live in the boonies!!! And Noboru even left a space between he and Bran. He said because they could spread out and they put the movie posters there and popcorn too in the empty seat. The Rogue One posters, we got 4 of them.... for going on opening day! Branden also received some *very* good news from the JHS regarding high school yesterday too! So needless to say...we were in the best BEST mood last night! 

Our present for going on opening day in Japan!

How did we like Rogue One? How did we feel about the movie? We freaking loved it!!! It was way better than the one last December, The Force Awakens! This one had it all. Number 1...this was written so well. From the second this movie are immediately learning Jyn Erso's story. You are drawn and sucked right into this movie and story. So it's not like a slow start. No no no. It starts right away. Draws you right in. I felt so sorry for Jyn seeing how everything went down when she was a little girl. I really felt for her. So great story! All of the characters were amazing. Not just 1 or 2 characters, but honestly they were all fantastic. That droid named K2 was hilarious. So funny. You will love him! This movie basically ties the older ones from the 70's together to this one. You won't understand what I am saying now. Because I'm not going to say and spoil it. And I am not going to say who from the old ones... are in this one either. will totally understand after you see the movie. Love love loved Rogue One. Would I buy this on DVD? Honestly? Yes, I would. And I wouldn't have bought the one that came out last year, The Force Awakens. Don't get me wrong... the one that came out last year was good, but it wasn't great. And I felt at times, The one from last year The Force Awakens was slow. And it didn't draw me in like Rogue One did. This movie gets 2 thumbs up from us. This movie has no slow parts or laggy zzzz parts to it. This was flat out bomb dot com! If you're into the Star Wars movies at all You will love this! Anyway, we really liked this movie a whole lot! : )