Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Recent good eats...

As you all know, I make dinner at home 99% of the time. We rarely eat dinner outside of the house. Because well, there aren't any restaurants in our town unless you count 7-11 and the Mini Stop (convenience stores hahaha) and we could go to a restaurant but they're far. And by the time night or dinner rolls around... we're all tired and just want to relax and eat at home. Plus, I like cooking. Cooking and baking relax me. I really enjoy cooking. So, why in the heck not. : ) So not in any particular order at all. Just some random pics of our meals....that our family here has been enjoying lately. : )  This night we had mashed potatoes and chicken strips.  

Just an average basic American meal for one night. Mashed potatoes, and gravy and chicken strips and some broccoli and a delicious dinner roll. These rolls taste a lot like those Hawaiian dinner rolls, with a slight sweetness to them (King's Hawaiian). These are really good dinner rolls, the bakery in the small city nearest me, make these. : ) 

This night I made curry nabe. Well technically curry soup. But it's absolutely delicious. Udon noodles, some veggies. Cabbage and mushrooms.

Chopped up potato and chicken breast about to go into the curry soup first. We eat this meal all in 1 pot in the middle of the kitchen/dining table. 

Curry soup/nabe packets. I just dissolve these first and then add the chicken and potatoes first since they take longest to cook, then add the other veggies and udon and whatnot. : ) 

Fully loaded nachos. These are so good. And we're having these again tomorrow night. : ) Because I just went to Costco today and picked up a new bag of corn tortilla chips. 

These come from Hanamasa and are super cheap there. 100 yen a bag. They sell this same brand at Kaldi for like 450-500 yen a bag. I enjoy buying the rigatoni sized pasta, because I make a delicious baked ziti about once a month in Fall and Winter. My family loves baked ziti, with a side salad and a fresh crusty loaf of bread from the bakery..

I also bought these. These are for my homemade from scratch minestrone soup. 

Stocking up the pantry for some Fall and Winter staple meals in our house. Baked ziti and some homemade minestrone soup essentials. I make minestrone soup about twice a month. In Fall and Winter. A nice hot bowl of soup when it's cold outside. Yum! : )

A slightly unattractive meal, because it's all bland one color on the plate. But it was honestly pretty good. Rice a roni, American style fried pork chops and some corn. Some bright green broccoli would have really... made this pop...but the kids requested corn...so corn it was! : )

Kabocha. Japanese pumpkin. I think it is no big secret but...I love kabocha! It is so delicious. About once a month, I make a pot of kabocha soup. A nice creamy hearty soup. So filling and so delicious. I also like to make another dish out of kabocha too.We definitely enjoy kabocha at our house in Fall and Winter. I also make a fantastic from scratch... potato soup too. We eat lots of homemade soups in winter time and with a crusty loaf of bread on the side...yum! : ) 

Baked ravioli one night with a side salad, 1 person wanted no salad that day and that's fine and I also made garlic bread. This was a very good meal that night. Again very filling. I don't want anyone to starve around here. : ) 

Rice Crispy treats. Rice Crispy treats are so good! So perfect in Fall and Winter. So super easy to make. There's definitely nothing wrong with some dessert once in a while. 

Taquito night. Refried beans are homemade from scratch, Spanish rice is homemade and the taquitos are homemade too. I buy the rotisserie chicken and use the chicken breast meat from that. This is Noah's favorite meal at the moment. Whenever I make this, he's so excited. : )

Miso. I buy the generic store brand Besia one. Miso is very YMMV (your mileage may vary) type of thing, meaning everyone here in Japan has their own personal favorite. They sell different colors of miso. And some miso are just plain and some have added ingredients like fish or dashi in them. As you know, I really hate fish and fish dashi. I just can't handle the flavor. So, I buy plain miso with zero fish. And I personally like the deep red colored one. Again it just boils down to personal preference...what everyone likes. And that's my personal favorite. : )  I use this to make homemade miso chicken and miso pork at home.  

I have the very best recipe for miso pork and miso chicken. It's so basic and easy... but it tastes totally legit! As in...you'd never in a million years guess a western woman made it. LOL. It's so good. : ) I like to marinate my miso pork or chicken first thing in the morning, because I find that if it has marinated longer it has a better flavor. : )

A simple meal, some rice, some miso chicken and some broccoli. I made enough miso chicken for the boys to take in their packed lunch the next day for school. : )

Homemade from scratch gratin potatoes. Or cheesy scalloped potatoes if you prefer. These are so bomb! We had fried American pork chops with these and a side salad. I will be making these potatoes for Christmas dinner. Just twice the amount. Branden *loves* these cheesy gratin potatoes.

Baked chicken parmesan. Ya'll know this is a family favorite that I make year round. And I love that home-style pasta from Costco too. 

Chocolate chip cookies happened too. : ) 

Holy goodness, I nearly forgot to take a pic this night. We had homemade from scratch pizza night on a Friday night and a family movie night at home followed. Best funnest way to kick off a Friday. : ) 

Sunday night pot roast happened. And funny...that I happened to buy 2 big lean hunks of beef for pot roast again. Probably this coming Sunday is when I will make that. : ) So Bran and Noah can take pot roast sandwiches in their obento next Monday. Back to the pic...pot roast, mashed potatoes and brown gravy and some green beans. 
When we're in Inzai/Chiba New Town there are so many restaurants there. We will usually have lunch there. Noboru and I had lunch at the Ohsho. This was my lunch. Fried rice, gyoza, 2 pieces of karaage (all white meat) and egg drop soup.
Sweet and sour chicken. I love sweet and sour chicken. I love it. And that Cook Do packet it is so delicious. I love using that. : )

Pizza Hut and Dominoes is in Narita City. We prefer Pizza Hut. We don't go there often, but when we do... we go to Pizza Hut and take it home. : ) This night we picked up 3 large pan pizzas, this was also on another Friday. 

Random lunch pic. I make Branden and Noah lunch every day Monday through Friday. And these Oscar Meyer 100% beef hot dogs are what I grew up with and same for my kids too. : ) And I skillet fry them and a little ketchup and mustard under the hot dog. And a container of seedless grapes from America. And another container of some macaroni salad. And lunch was ready! Noah takes 1 hot dog, while Bran takes 2, he's older and needs more fuel. And they both took the same sides, grapes and macaroni salad this day. : )