Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Noah's 5th grade class trip to the Nissan factory and Bandai museum in Tochigi prefecture. More homemade cookies from scratch. And a Jenga night...

Noah had a class field trip to a totally different prefecture. To Tochigi prefecture. Utsunomiya, Tochigi. It was a 2 hour limousine bus ride there and 2 hours back. That's pretty far away, for a field trip. : ) But the 5th graders were looking forward to it. They went to the Nissan factory. And yes that picture on the booklet is Olive's sister! Hahaha. : ) It is a Nissan Leaf, same car, as my car, except my car is black! Noah said the Nissan tour guide asked...does anyone own a Nissan Leaf? Noah's entire class including his sensei know what I drive, so they all looked at Noah. And a blushing Noah raised his hand and said, "yes my mom has one!" And the sensei and class chimed in and said, "yes she does!" And yes, I do, and heck...even ya'll can confirm that one! : ) Hahaha. Anyway Noah said the Nissan factory tour was very nice. And then they went to the Bandai Museum. They had lunch at the Bandai museum, somewhere inside the building. : ) I made sure to pack Noah a very nice and big lunch that day. 

This is what our kitchen/dining table looked like last Friday. I baked yet another batch of homemade chocolate chip with walnut cookies. And of course in Japan all Fall and Winter long we eat mikan. These ones are so sweet. And we have gone through 2 more bags of mikan since this picture was taken. : )

Noboru, Branden and Noah all read my blog. And after seeing the TBT last week, they all mentioned Friday at breakfast, "let's play Jenga tonight!" I said, "I'm down!" And everyone else was down too! So after a filling supper. Some chocolate chip cookies and showers last Friday, we whipped out the Jenga game and got down to business! We played 3 rounds! Noboru smiling! Branden taking a turn!

Noah smiling and Noboru flat out laughing! So...who won? Noah knocked them all down the first and 3rd time. Noboru knocked them down the 2nd round. And Branden and I managed to somehow...not lose this time. However....we were just lucky. : ) It was a whole lot of fun! What else did we do last weekend? We watched the DVD Home Alone! : )

This coming Friday as you know, we have Star Wars Rogue One... that we're going to watch. I already have the movie snacks. And our "family home weekend movie" will be Elf on Saturday night! : )  Japan's been super cold! So stay toasty warm everyone! And stay safe.

What's for dinner tonight? Well...Noboru is taking the boys to the barber as we speak. And I have had karaage marinating all day, since 12 noon. So it is so gingery and marinated, I am sure. We will be having, karaage tonight, with broccoli, macaroni salad and a side of rice. The boys will be taking the same thing inside their packed school lunch tomorrow along with a mikan each. And tomorrow night we will be having curry nabe, yum, I bought all the ingredients today. And on Friday, we will be having family cheeseburger night at home with fries. I figure a little fun meal before we go and watch Rogue One! And Saturday night will be...homemade pizza night when we have family movie night! And Sunday night will be Chili concarne (Wendy's type of chili, you know what I mean? Like a Texas style of chili beans) We will be having sour cream and shredded cheese and I have that bag of Fritos that my dad kindly brought us, so I am thinking it will be more along the lines of ...chili beans on top of Fritos. It's a dish in New Mexico. And we had that at school lunch in Denver too. I will have a side of lean ground if you want to add some ground beef fine and if not fine too. : )  So anyways...that's some of the meals we will be having for supper the next couple nights. Anyway...I am about to go and turn the TV on and see what's on. Noboru already knows to message me as soon as they leave the barber so I can start frying up the chicken before they even get home. : ) Have a good night everyone! : )