Friday, December 30, 2016

Finished with our New Year's oosoji! Our New Year's cards have already been sent. Our gallon of peanut butter cup icecream is already in the freezer. And we're ready to ring in the New Year...

How has everyone been enjoying their Christmas break? As for us here, we have been enjoying ourselves. We did have a few days of hard and very thorough cleaning. But we're 100% done with our cleaning and are now just ready to ring in a new year!!! These pics were taken December 26th. We cleaned and scrubbed the entire first floor of our house. We spent 2 full hours in the kitchen. 4 people can totally knock out 1 kitchen in 2 full hours. This pic is when the boys were scrubbing the walls really hard with those Kirkland/Costco wipes. Getting any fingers smudges or whatnot off. These wipes also.... besides working super well, they smell so nice! They scrubbed and wiped all the walls down in the kitchen and they also wiped down the baseboards too. Notice the kids listening to their own music this year. : )

Not sure if you can see all the soap sprayed onto the tiles. Noboru scrubbed and cleaned our stove area super hardcore. He did such an excellent job!

I bleached the counter tops and the sink and the dishwasher. I also had music going for Noboru and I. Sia Chandelier is a current favorite of mine right now. As is Bruno Mars, Versace on the Floor. And Ariana Grande's "Best Mistake", those 3 are my current top ones, that I have been listening to and playing this week.  

Those wipes have a scrubby side and a smooth side. Noah going one by one... on every part of the built-in dish cabinet.

Branden doing the same with the food pantry door. 

After a good bleaching I then scrubbed the kitchen sink too.

I windex-ed the window/sliding patio doors.

I scrubbed by hand... the utensil ceramic bowl that holds most of our bigger utensils. Like spatulas, whisks, potato masher, etc.

Noboru scrubbed our big GE oven. I cleaned out the fridge.

Branden went over the job that his brother did. Only because...Noah missed a few spots. : ) 

Noah swept but then he ended up bringing the vacuum down from the hall closet and he vacuumed.

And all done. The kitchen 100% done. 2 full hours of 4 people working super hard. Feeling was pretty great afterwards. Feeling we accomplished so much! However we still had the living room and the genkan/entry way and the downstairs toilet to do. 

I love that place above my window that holds some decorative plants. 

The kids wiped down the walls in the genkan and Noah vacuumed in there too. Meanwhile, Noboru was vacuuming the ceiling fans in the living room and I was meanwhile dusting the coffee table in this picture. I just brought my phone and speakers in here and we jammed in the living room as we cleaned.

TV stand. We kicked butt! We worked hella hard, all 4 of us! 
We broke for lunch, we all had honey baked ham sandwiches with cheese, lettuce, tomato, the works... with some Lay's potato chips. And for supper we had ham and gratin potatoes and just...exactly what we had for supper for Christmas. But the lunch sandwiches were so nice! After lunch, I scrubbed the downstairs toilet. And then we all called it a day. We spent about....4 and a half hours cleaning, December 26th. And we were pretty much done. However Bran did have to study for his high school entrance exam that day too. The test in in January. But he just studied 2 hours December 26th (usually it's 5 hours on weekends or non school days). He did not study on Christmas. Of course. : ) But high school in Japan is extremely competitive... so he did get 2 hours in on December 26th. He showered and relaxed all evening and boy did he deserve it. : ) We all rested the entire evening on December 26th. The 27th. Bran and I went to the JHS for a bit. But, after that, Noah cleaned his room super duper and Branden cleaned his. The kids also vacuumed the stairs. And I vacuumed the entire upstairs. And I cleaned my bedroom. I also scrubbed the daylights out of the shower room and laundry room. The 28th, I went to my hair color appointment for about an hour. It was at 9:30am and I was out by 10:30am and I brought the boys plus Noboru home some McD's on the way home. I had a ham sandwich though instead. : ) We finished up basically any last minute cleaning on the 28th. And oh....the Christmas tree we took down the 26th. 

December 29th, we took the day off. Since our cleaning was pretty much done. And we drove to the big city. We went to Ikspiari. For some Kua'Aina for lunch. And also Noboru bought me a beautiful winter bag. : ) It came from Sony Plaza. 

It was originally 8,300 yen. Around $80 US and see the 5,800 yen on the right? It was on 30% sale because the New Year holidays things.... are always on sale in Japan. And so we got it for like US$55. Which is a fantastic deal. : ) 

I like that it's rubber on the bottom. So if you place your bag on the ground it won't get all disgusting. It can be easily wiped down. 

It looks like a fuzzy wuzzy scarf! Hahaha. But it's a bag. And this picture is making it looks small but it's huge. It is good sized. It is like 1 pinch smaller than the black Old Navy one I have been using for the past year. So it is indeed quite big. And as a mom who tends to carry everything in the world in my bag. I like that it's big. 

And it's nicely lined so your things won't get all fuzzy inside. I really like this bag a lot. : ) And I like it even more so... getting it on sale. : ) 
Considering all the study (Branden) and heavy cleaning we all did. We also brought back a dozen Krispy Kreme donuts back home.  Also, Noah is done with his Christmas homework packet. He got that finished in 2 days. His study habits are as excellent as his brothers!!! : )

The kids did eat one along the way though. : ) 

We stopped at Costco in Inzai on the way home from Ikspiari. We picked up dinner for that night. 1 mega sized pepperoni pizza and one mega sized cheese pizza. The kids ate the pepperoni. Noboru turned his cheese pizza slices whatever how many he ate...he put  (Christmas) ham and jalapeno on his, he loved his pizza so much. : ) I had just plain cheese. : ) 
We only went and picked up these few items. New Year's eve.... we always have chicken parmesan with that fresh pasta. And for January 1st dinner... we will be having a taco party, we usually always do that at our house. Beef and chicken tacos. : ) We have the taco shells already and the sour cream, so we are all ready! Plus you know... we have a gallon of peanut butter with peanut butter cup ice-cream here at home in the freezer... that we turned into peanut butter ice-cream already, so we're ready. That way...we can enjoy tonight and tomorrow and for however long it lasts. : ) 
And yes, we did mail off our New Year's cards. First week of December, we all sat down and wrote them out. : )  I hope you all have a lovely New Year! : )