Saturday, December 03, 2016

Enjoying Noah's observation day at the local elementary school...

November 10th was a Parent Observation Day at our local elementary school. You could go and visit any time of the day. Any class and observe. Observe a regular typical day. Noboru and I both went and we observed 2 classes. 1 class inside the classroom (math) and gym class, which they have outside if the weather is good, otherwise it is held in their gymnasium. On this day we observed them doing gymnastics. In this case they were practicing cart wheels and doing them over again and again. 

Before they started with their hour long cart wheel fun! They warmed up by running 1 lap around our huge field. This school has enormous school grounds, which is awesome and the rural greenery and trees and hills are so amazing and beautiful. We love living in a true rural/country area! It's gorgeous. Lucky country kids! : )

And the class also did some stretching before too! And lol! Noah has the whitest legs EVER! Complete with a pink tint to them! Hahaha! Alright so....stretching done and 1 last thing...some yoga!

I love that the kids at our elementary school practice yoga at school. They do 5 minutes of it every day Monday through Friday to warm up with.. whatever activity they are doing for that day gym-wise. It's so fantastic for flexibility. Noah is really great at this! Noah likes doing a lot of the poses at home. He shows me the crow pose. And all sorts of his favorite ones, he can do. Our elementary school is amazing! Flat out amazing! They learn and do the coolest things here! : )

Okay class pep talk! There is only 1 fifth grade class and this is it. : )  See all the mats down. Yep, some cart wheeling fun is about to happen soon! : )

They broke up into groups of 4. Noah and Lily-chan. She is not pictured, I think she was talking to the teacher at this time. And S-chan, the little girl standing behind Noah. She is my friends daughter. : ) And the little boy standing behind S-chan, he is an identical twin and his twin was in another cart wheel group/team. : ) 

There was a break for lunch. Which Noboru and I ran home to eat our lunch at home. And then we went back to the school and watched a play. This play was put on by 4 elderly grandparent aged people. Three pictured here. They were so good! Super talented! Much respect! : )

See the fox mask on this "wall" well this play was about a fox who out smarts these 2 on the left! In Japan, foxes are not to be trusted. And they say they are crafty and cunning. We say that too, in the United States. "Crafty like a fox", I think is the saying we use. : ) Anyway this fox was just too naughty and bad for words! However, these 2 outsmarted the fox in the end! The "fox" was the lady in yellow pictured here. I really *really* enjoyed this play a whole lot. It was fun for me. The kids and the other parents seemed to enjoy it too. : ) Anyway, that's Noah's observation day in a nutshell! : )