Thursday, December 15, 2016

Bits and pieces...

Has anyone tried the sweet potato soft cream/soft serve ice cream at the convenience store, The Mini Stop? I have had it twice. It's actually pretty delicious and the flavor a freshly roasted sweet potato. The flavor is so on point and it's actually perfect for this time of year and season! I am not sure how long they will be selling this seasonal flavor. But, I'm actually glad I tried this. I had been mentioning to Noboru, how good this looked. And last week as we were driving past one, he stopped and he said let's try one each. So, we did and we both actually really liked it. The kids were also curious about it. And since they were not in the car with us, that day, on another day...I made sure to buy them one too. : ) 
I love these Korean foot mask things. Where you let your feet soak in their presoaked foot plastic booties for 90 minutes and then wash your feet after wards. My feet start peeling after about 5 days and are now nice and smooth and like a baby's foot. : ) Hence the name Baby Foot. : ) I use these in winter and definitely in the summer too...summer especially because I wear flip flops and my feet need to up their game. : ) I use them in the winter too sometimes, because my feet just feel dry and this helps. : ) 

I happened to be in the small city nearest us. And I saw these running socks on sale. With the marathon coming up (it has now passed and is over with) but at the time...I thought...holy cow too cheap to pass up! This was originally 980 yen and now reduced to 280 yen. Super deal! And yes with the marathon approaching at that time...I jumped on this deal! 

Size was right. Price was superly right. : )

I love getting good deals. And Adidas nonetheless!

Though Noah is now wearing thicker longer socks for the colder weather. These were perfect for the marathon and will be perfect in Spring or for gym class. : )

I buy a box of adult sized masks every Fall and Winter, for Noboru, Bran and myself. And a box of kids sized masks for Fall and Winter for Noah. These are sold everywhere in Japan. And are like 400 yen for a box of 50. So they're super cheap. And just because my family and kids get their flu shots every October! Doesn't mean everyone else does! Also...the stomach flu has been going all over our town for months. In Japan it's called the noro virus. And it is so bad! Like vomiting for days diarrhea for days, sorry TMI. Lucky for us. My kids have not gotten it, knock on wood. And our flu shot doesn't cover the noro virus I am sure. Just influenza A and B or A or B. So...what's a mom to do? Not much you can do. Except for...hope your kids don't catch whatever is going around. I also have my kids wear masks... every time they leave the house. And it helps. My kids have not been sick this year or last year and I think the year before that too. I think they caught the noro virus though 4 years ago? And it was so nasty and horrible. And to top it off, they gave it to me after they had it. @_@ So...needless to say. I have been hearing from everywhere/everyone. The cashier at the town grocery store, the pharmacist who likes chit chatting with Noboru and I every time we're there at the local drugstore for...well we were buying bath powder. But he likes us...and he comes to talk whenever we're in there. He did many kids are coming in with prescriptions for noro virus meds, so he told us careful and take precaution. Hahaha. : ) Kind nice guy! : ) is going all over our town. And...given Branden is in his final year of JHS, he can't miss school... so the second he leaves our house he has a mask on his face. Same with Noah too. : ) And I have been giving them tons of mikan/mandarin oranges for vitamin C. : ) One of Noah's closest friends at school 2 days ago...he ran to the bathroom and vomited and they called his grandma to pick him up. And yep...sure enough Noro virus. @_@ Poor kid. : (  Noah has a handful of kids masks from the last box I bought. But, I will be buying another box of kids masks this coming week. Stay healthy everyone. : ) 

The January issue. 

Usually they have very good issues, but this time, Biteki fell a little flat for me. Hopefully February will be better, than the January issue was. : ) 

The one thing though that I love is that this magazine always gives a gift. This time they gave 2. 1 is a mirror so you can check your hair, while on the go. @_@ Do we need that now days? Gee whiz! : ) And the other gift is a face mask. I'll use the face mask but I doubt I'll use the mirror. :)

I haven't gotten a new pair of reading glasses in 3 years. It was time for a new eye exam and a new pair. Styles change and 3 years is too long to be wearing the same old pair. Branden also got new lenses for his frame. We really wanted Branden to get a new frame too, but he looked all over the eye glass shop and didn't find a pair he loves, as much as the pair he has. So, he got new lenses. His eye vision had a slight change since April 2016 and plus he had a few slight scratches on his lenses so he got new lenses. And these in this picture are my new frames. They are way more stylish and current versus my pair from 3 years ago. Girls...females in Japan are wearing plastic frame glasses and their frames are larger and bigger then they were 3 years ago. I really like the bigger frame. And I am a brunette so I got a pair that matches my hair color. I like this eye glass shop because they sell super affordable frames and lenses for 5900, 7900 and 9900 yen. Something like that. They only have 3 prices. And it takes... only an hour to get your new glasses. I also think Japan always has the most stylish glasses. Mine cost only 7900 yen. So about US $75. Which is a fantastic deal considering, I got an eye exam, plus lenses and frame. Everything is included for that price... including the case. 

I don't need glasses for regular life. I am lucky in that I can see in normal life, so no regular walking around town glasses for me. But, I do read a lot. A lot... a lot. And I think all that heavy reading is why I do need reading glasses. Which is fine. At least if I do need to pull mine out, mine are super stylish and I'm not embarrassed by them at all. My new ones are the larger cooler squares on the left and my old pair are the too small rectangle ones on the right. I am really loving my new pair. And my prescription isn't heavy or anything like.. coke bottle glasses or anything, it's light. And I just really dig my trendy new reading glasses. : )

Aww, okay back to the roasted sweet potato flavor soft cream at Mini Stop. So, I mentioned to the boys. I tried it, I liked it. If you'd like to try, I can drive ya'll down to the local Mini Stop and buy you each one. They both said sure. So, we came home with 3. 1 each. : ) 
Enchiladas happened last week. A whole tray of them. Yum. Chicken enchiladas. 

We always eat a variety of different foods. I don't want to just make Japanese all the time or just American all the time. Or just 1 certain type of food. I want them to like... all sorts of different variety of foods. And they love everything they eat at home! : )

Brownies happened last week. Last week we had 2 desserts, the cookies on Friday and at the beginning of the week, I baked the family brownies with walnuts. Yum. : ) 

As soon as the kids walked through the door after school, they said..."I smell cake, did you bake us a cake?"...I said..."close! I baked you all brownies!" : ) Anyway, TGIF everyone. It's Friday. The weekend starts for soon as the kids get home from school. You all know we have tickets to see Star Wars Rogue One this evening. We can't wait! : )  Have an awesome weekend everyone. : )