Thursday, November 03, 2016

Throwback Thursday. Thanksgiving 2008...

Hi everyone! Today is Thursday, and a holiday for us in Japan! It's called Culture Day which is called "Bunka no Hi" in Japanese. The kids have no school today! So anyway, today's TBT takes us back to our family's Thanksgiving from 2008 here in Japan at our home. For Americans, as soon as Halloween is over. We start thinking and dreaming about and looking forward to Thanksgiving! A day we share with family and loved ones. A day we think about being thankful and having gratitude and being lucky and grateful for what we have. Just a very grounding holiday. A family holiday that we totally love!  Plus we get to eat lots of yummy delicious food too. A holiday that we are already thinking about and looking forward to! We can barely wait! Happily looking forward to with great great GREAT anticipation. : ) 
And homemade pumpkin pie for dessert as always. : ) I love November so much! : ) Gobble gobble, I can't wait! : )
We will be watching this one tonight. This movie is a straight up American classic, doesn't matter what age you are, it's such a great short movie. : )

Anything else to add? Tomorrow/Friday morning, Noboru and I have a date. A morning movie date to go and see the new movie, Bridget Jones's Baby. Starts at like 9:50am. Noah doesn't even get out of school tomorrow until 3:45pm and Bran gets out at 4pm. So, we will have a nice morning movie and more than likely some lunch together afterwards. I am so glad tomorrow is Friday. Anyway have a wonderful Thursday everyone. Today's plan? Just relax and rest since it's a holiday here. The house is pretty clean. I kicked it so cleaning-wise all this week. We are going to have a fun 1 pot meal on the dinner table tonight, we will be having curry nabe, the 4 of us. With lots of fresh veggies, sliced chicken breast, nabe meatballs, udon noodles and of course sides of rice.  We will watch this 30 minutes Thanksgiving DVD, to get us revved up for Thanksgiving. And then I will watch my regular Thursday TV shows. Little Women LA and tonight, the premiere of Little Women Dallas. And after that American Horror Story Roanoke. Alrighty, Happy Thursday everyone! : )