Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Throwback Thursday, random pics from November 2008...

A random Fall day from 2008. Both Branden and Noah dressed warmly for a sunny, but slightly chilly afternoon. They decided to play some DS Mario Cart game together.

Two brothers having a good fun day in our backyard. And they didn't play their DS games for long. Not with the big playground in the backyard. : ) Us having that playground when they were little meant they always could just pop outside in the backyard and play up a storm. Get all that extra energy out of their systems. And I liked the fact it was in the privacy of our fenced in backyard. 
Noah swinging being a happy kiddo. And Bran was sliding down the big yellow slide. And swinging from the big tire swing also on the playground structure.

Random Fall 2008 dinner pic. Handmade by me, chicken cutlet, rice (with tiny dab of butter and a dab of shoyu, mixed in for some flavor) some green beans a a great fantastic side salad. Both my kids *love* salads and that's great that we 4 all love salads around here. : ) 

Homemade from scratch chocolate chip pecan cookies. Fall baking deeply underway in November 2008.
Homemade from scratch banana bread with walnuts about to go into the oven. Again, there I go with all that Fall baking again. : ) 

We're lucky in that the small city nearest our town has 3 fantastic bakery's. Like flat out...amazing ones! A kiwi cheese danish. A blueberry cheese danish and a Nutella cheese danish, holy moly...these are to die for! And they still sell these to this very day! 3 melon pans. A slice of spiced apple cake and a mini loaf of bread that the boys love sliced with a little butter on the slices. Hmm, I think I better go and get a variety of flavors of some cheese danish tomorrow. Since it's Friday tomorrow. And we actually have a real weekend (with nothing to do over the weekend) awesome! : ) 
November 2008 a cold chilly Fall morning and by the yellow covering on Bran's randoseru/backpack you can definitely see... he was barely a little...pika pika ichinensei. And that hat came from the Gap and I loved it because it made me think of a Santa's helper hat almost but I loved that it covered his ears. Although he got a ride to the plaza every morning, he still had quite a chilly walk up the hill every morning. : ) 

Random Fall observation day pic! Awesome! Because it was Fall and pine cones are an easy find. Bran's class had been making Fall crafts all November that year. These Christmas trees they made a few days before we got there. And we actually made a craft that day for observation day. Together, parents and their child. : ) 

Branden and I and a toddler Noah made this. Everyone was making a Fall cup. And we put leaves in there and berries and some acorns. And Branden wanted to put some art beads in there. And I thought...that looked pretty groovy and cool to me! : ) Branden was quite happy with what we made together and I was happy to visit him in class. : ) 
Last random pic from November 2008. A family movie night. A batch of  freshly popped popcorn. Some Jasmine tea (it's unsweetened and a family fave). And some delicious freshly steamed sweet potatoes. : ) The whole family already had showers and were in their PJs. And we had all our fleece warm blankets on the couch and we were all ready to cuddle up and enjoy a family movie night. : )

Anything new to add? This evening at 5pm, Noboru will be taking Noah to get his final 2nd and last flu shot. We 4 all went together last month and got ours. But Noah's under 15 years old obviously... so he needs to get his in 2 doses. Oh and I have a beef stew on the stove right now as I speak. I know...we just had a cream stew last night. However...with cold chilly Fall weather, we do tend to eat a beef or cream stew or curry nabe once a week. I usually won't make 2 in a row like this. But with me being at the salon forever and ever and ever yesterday : ) I needed to make the cream stew for ease, I decided that 2 days before. And tonight...was a scheduled beef stew from last week, I had it on the menu. But I would say our family favorite stew is most definitely beef stew. We like cream stew, it's okay. But we love love love beef stew. So the beefs been boiling since 12:30pm. It's so tender right now. I will add the veggies at 3pm. Noah gets out of school today at 3pm today. Noboru will pick him up. So I can finish up supper. And Noboru and Noah will leave the house around 4:30pm to go and get Noah's final flu shot.'s been getting so dark, so early lately. That Branden asked for a ride this morning. And I said no problem with that at all. He gets out at 4:45pm. And so, I will be picking up Bran while Noah and Noboru are getting Noah's flu shot. I will give Noah the option to eat before his flu shot or afterwards. And the rest of us will be eating as soon as they get back with the flu shot. So, I'd say... they'll be back home by 5:20pm tops. So, we will be eating immediately as soon as the 2 N's get home. : )  Have a great night everyone. Stay warm. : )