Monday, November 14, 2016

The Eiken 3 interview and Eiken 1 interview...

November 6th, Noboru and Bran left to Tokyo to take the Eiken 1 interview and have a "Father & son" lunch together afterwards. Meanwhile...November 6th, same day Noah and I were in Narita City to take the Eiken 3 interview. I had been going over the practice interview they have on the Eiken website over and over the past month with my kids. And so we were all pretty much ready! Noah and I checked ourselves in. And immediately he went to the 2nd floor. Parents are not allowed upstairs, but I saw 2 parents go upstairs with younger-ish kids/ same age as Noah. So, I too snuck upstairs for just a minute. I saw kids filling up 4 classrooms all sitting. And filling out forms. Noah already knows how to fill those out. And then I went downstairs in the holding room. It's just a classroom. : )

Random pic on the first floor, right before I entered the parent holding room/classroom.
Most mom's or parents (there were a ton of dad's too) didn't seem to know each other. So for the most part everyone stuck to themselves. But 1 set of mom's, just 2 were friends and chatted most of the time. : ) Which is so nice to have a friend with you. : ) As for me. I was in contact with Noboru via LINE. But for the most part...I did my word search! I love doing these word searches. This is the pic I took while in the classroom at a Narita high school while Noah was taking the interview. I had only enough time to complete 1 word search because Noah came our fairly quick. After we left, I asked Noah what he would like for lunch? Bakery? MickeyD's? Or Saizeriya? He picked Saizeriya. : ) 
I had a salad and a small personal size pizza margerita for my lunch. And Noah picked a salad and spaghetti. We both had the drink bar and then we went home. : )  Noboru and Bran got home way way later than we did. But it was great though, because it gave me time to make supper.

As for how did they think it went? Today is the day we can get the results online at 3pm Japan time. However both the kids feel really good about their interviews. Oh and this is sort of funny the Narita testing spot. It's always a Japanese interviewer. So not a native interviewer, which is totally 100% fine. Branden was interviewed there twice before.'s a no brainer that we were 99% sure it would be a Japanese person doing Noah's interview. I have many mom friends in the surrounding Narita area, both foreign and Japanese and they all...who have had kids taking Eiken before there...have only ever said...their child's interviewer was Japanese. So of course we totally assumed, Noah's interviewer would be Japanese. And it doesn't matter really either way. My kids can speak to anyone just fine, no problem. So Noah said, they called him and said next! And so he knocked on the door and walked in. And the interviewer was Western and so Noah's face was a little surprised. And he said the interviewer saw Noah and was also equally a little surprised too! Hahaha! @_@ That's actually super hilarious, if you think about it! : ) Noah said the interviewer said...My name is Jason  and gave his last name! And Noah said...nice to meet you, my name is Noah and he gave his last name. There is a set number of questions the person should give you! You can see the practice interview on their website. And it's supposed to go exactly as that. Not the same questions mind you. But they are supposed to ask you say for example...1-2 questions tops after you read that paragraph for them, then it should be 1-2 for everyone. Apparently though Noah said..."Jason asked me lots of questions mama!!!" I think in total Jason asked Noah 4 questions which is still 2-3 more than probably most kids got asked, lol. And that's okay. He could most certainly answer all the questions. I mean derrr, he fluently speaks English so no problems at all. But, I did ask Noah...What exactly did he ask you? He said Jason asked. "Do you like hiking?"...Noah said he answered, "I don't know, I haven't been hiking yet" He said Jason smiled and nodded his head. Then he said..."what do you like to do in the evenings?" Noah said..."I like to watch TV with my family" He said Jason smiled and said..."oh that's very nice" What sort of TV shows do you watch?" @_@ Hahaha. Noah said...I like Seinfeld and Friends, and The Big Bang Theory. And the Blacklist. He said Jason smiled and nodded, "those are really good shows!" Then he said okay that's all I needed to know. Oh and Noah did have to read the excerpt paragraph and answer questions on those before the what do you like to do in the evenings...what TV shows do you like and hiking questions. : ) And I did ask Noah..."Did he speak English like mommy does?"..."Same accent?  Did he have mommy's American accent?"Noah said...yes mama he spoke exactly like you, Branden and I." : )  I said...aww how wonderful! Must have been a really easy and fun interview then. : ) So anyway that's how the Eiken interviews 3 and 1 went in our house November 6th, 2016. : )