Saturday, November 12, 2016

Our trip to Guam this October...

Sunday, October 9th as soon as the boys took their Eiken written tests in Narita City (Eiken 1 for Bran and 3 for Noah-chan) Noboru dropped us off at Narita International airport and we caught our flight to Guam! 3 hours later, the boys and I landed at Guam International Airport. And my dad, who is the most awesome person on the face of the planet! Yes, I am totally biased. : ) But it's true, he is. : ) Anyway he picked us up and we were pretty exhausted. So we actually showered and went to sleep. We all woke up bright and early the next day. Monday October 10th. And we 4 immediately went and had some breakfast. And went and did a little Fall shopping, Thanksgiving shopping. First stop. McD's for some bacon, egg and cheese biscuit breakfast sandwiches. These are the best ever ever and mine and the kids favorite way to have breakfast whenever we're in America. : ) Next stop. 2 Cost U Less stores. Think along the lines of Costco except you don't need a membership! : )
Now, I am not a fan of candy corn. I know... that makes me a very uncool American here. : ) I am sorry. : ) They had all sorts of specialty seasonal flavors. This was an apple mix. Green apple and apple pie. I bet a lot of people liked this one.

Gee whiz they sure had a whole bunch of varieties. : )

I usually don't post pictures of actual Guam. But it is such a gorgeous stunning tropical island. And just look at these cute huts alongside the beach and their roofs are super cool. Is that a grass roof or what is that? I don't know what sort of roof that is...but we don't have those in Denver. And so to me... they look really cool! Very tropical paradise-y for sures! Hahaha. : ) 

Beautiful island tree. They have these types of trees in Hawaii too. Just seriously...a gorgeous island paradise. I'm always floored when I come here. And you can literally snorkel any day you'd like. Or swim.

Subway, Panda Express and Yogurtland (fro-yo) They seriously...have like everything there! Cinnabon. TGI Fridays. Chili's. Like seriously...everything. I love Guam so much. I love that it's so close to Japan, so I can come often.

After finishing up our shopping. Except 1 trip to Kmart which would be saved for after the movie. But we did take time out to have breakfast, have lunch and yes...go and enjoy a movie. : ) The kids had nachos. My dad and the kids and I had popcorn and we all had drinks. And some chocolate bars I snuck in. But again...everything else we bought at the concession stand. : ) 

This is the movie we saw October 10th!

Longest movie title ever. Not sure what they'll call it in Japan, but I am sure it will be shortened. We went and saw. Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children. This movie was excellent! The kids loved this movie so much. So, did my dad and I too. Would I run right out and buy the DVD? No, but I did enjoy the movie though. : )

As of October 10th, this is what was playing. I am sure these movies are not even playing there anymore. Since it's about a little over a month later now. : )  Bridget Jones Baby was just released for us in Japan...this November. : ) And the movie Girl on the Train, I ordered on DVD yesterday on in fact and it should get to my home in Japan as soon as it's released in the US. : )

At Kmart now, the 4 of us after the movie. And look at all the Halloween candy!!! Like humongous Halloween section/area. And huge selection too.

40% off on almost everything too!

Branden smiling and talking to all of us, he's such a happy teenager. Noah pulling a few mushrooms off his slice of pizza. Branden used to do the same and now he likes them. I know Noah will too, hopefully. So I keep leaving them on there. Hahaha. : ) Just the kids and I and my dad, enjoying our meal. Talking, laughing having an honestly...wonderful time!

We ordered 1 large pizza and 2 orders of breadsticks. And sodas. We were all a tiny bit full still from the movie popcorn and nachos and chocolate bars.

Now that's a lot of breadsticks. Good thing we have that marinara for dipping. We ate...we talked...we ate some more. : )

Pizza and breadsticks and an 11 year old suspiciously looking at his slice of pizza...wondering..."did I get all the mushrooms off?" Hahaha. : ) 

Noah munching! It was honestly so fun being there. The next morning. Tuesday, we flew out and headed back to Japan! We didn't say good-bye We just said...see you later. See you for Thanksgiving! And we hugged. And we headed into the airport and checked ourselves in Tuesday morning.

By Tuesday 12 noon we were back in Japan! And Monday was a holiday for us in Japan, so school was closed Monday. And Tuesday after lunch, I drove Branden to school at 1pm. He was a bit tired, but we don't want him to have 1 day of absence his final year in JHS. And so...he could not be counted absent as long as he was there in the afternoon. : ) Noah missed Tuesday, given he's only a 5th grader we let him take the day off. And I just spent a good hour. Unpacking. And taking pics of what we brought back to Japan. This is the table pic of everything we brought back to Japan. October 2016. 

Frozen ravioli. I love this! Tastes so homemade. Makes a wonderful dinner. 1 bag will feed the 4 of us no problem. : ) We will be having the final bag of this tonight. 
Fall and Winter means plenty of baking. And most recipes call for a pinch of salt, and I never add it. I just use salted sweet cream butter. : ) Now I have enough to make 2 from scratch homemade pumpkin pies. And Christmas cookies and other things. So the butter is for baking. : ) And 24 slices of cheese for a grilled cheese sammy kind of day! : ) 

Halloween treats for my kids.

Pop Tarts. S'mores.


Blueberry muffins and brownies. Again, I bake a lot in the Fall and Winter for my family.

I had 2 yellow cake mixes at home already. So, I brought back these. A yellow cake with chocolate frosting. And a red velvet cake mix with yummy cream cheese frosting. Yep, I do like to bake for my family in the colder weather.

Chocolate chips for cookie baking. And I do not mind 1 single bit...not 1 iota if it's store brand. If it saves money. Then that's alright with me. : ) 

2 batches of rice crispy treats. Yes please! Again, I want to make sure the kids have a treat at least once a week. Whether it be a batch of cookies or a cake or some muffins. : )

Noah asked to get these pizza Pringles. He brought them home and he split them with Branden. So a snack shared. : ) While they watched TV one evening. : ) 

I love American chicken flavor cup of noodles. I wish we had this in Japan. Ironic...I know. My husband told me one time the shio flavor/ salt flavored one in Japan is the same. I have tasted that and yuck. Sorry not the same. : ) 

2 pounds of popcorn for movie night. 

Pancakes happen at our house twice a month on a weekend and so syrup is definitely needed. : ) 

You all know, I buy an American calendar every year and have ever since I have lived here. American holidays are not on Japanese calendars. And I need an American one. This was only $4.99. It was so funny the kids loved this one. So, I picked this one. For 2017!

That cow nose. Adorable!

This one in particular cracks me up. 

Angry squirrel. Don't even try to move in...on his squirrel chick! : ) Hahaha. 

Thanksgiving things. 2 cans of pumpkin pie filling plus the evaporated milk needed for those. My pantry now has 4 cans of pumpkin pie filling. So I am now all set pumpkin pie wise. A can of whole cranberries. 2 cans of black olives. Poultry gravy. Stuffing these are twin packs so I have 4 packs. And Miracle Whip for leftover turkey sandwiches. We are already dreaming about those delicious leftover turkey sandwiches. And cheese and garlic croutons, these croutons are so good.

Beans. Again, with living in Japan, you sometimes have to stock up on stuff, you know you'll use and you'll need. 

Chili yum. Texas style chili. Wendy's style of chili beans. And I was so happy to bring back 2 huge big containers of this. 

Ice Breakers for me. And some gum for the kids.
Diced jalapenos.

Italian American ingredients. I use those Italian breadcrumbs for my meatballs and for my chicken parmesan. And Kraft parmesan cheese.

Baking helpers. Crisco for greasing cake pans. Baking soda for cookie baking. And Christmas colored sprinkles for Christmas cookies.

Hot sauce. Love hot sauce. Weekday breakfasts need to be fast! Sometimes it's frozen waffles (thanks Costco) Maple pecan danish (again thanks Costco) Pop Tarts. Cereal. Yogurts (they have yogurt *always* regardless whatever else they eat, they need the calcium) and about twice a week I will crack 5 eggs, whisk, make some scramble eggs and add a bit of shredded cheese and add some hot sauce pictured here and roll into a flour tortilla. And the kids have quick fast breakfast burritos before school and a yogurt and it's out the door for them...with a packed lunch. : )

I always buy the kids plane snacks and I bought these for myself for the flight back to Japan but I didn't eat them however, I snacked on them one afternoon after cleaning the house...while taking my break.

Love these butter noodles. I use these as a main dish, I add some diced pan/skillet fried chicken breast and a handful of frozen broccoli and this is a favorite meal for my kids! They love this. : ) 

Bath and Body Works is now available at the DFS in the Guam airport! Right on! I picked this up at the airport on the flight back to Japan. I will pull this out to use a day before Thanksgiving. Certainly makes washing your hands after cleaning a raw turkey...nice and fresh. This really cuts the meat smell on your hands. : ) 

Toilet tabs

Just an extra box of tampons and some kids ibuprofen.

For ages 2-11. Noah's 11. Branden uses regular Advil tablets now. Thank goodness. Buying a container of 200 of those are perfect for Noboru, Branny and myself. I do however...keep this on hand if Noah should get sick. Considering what's in my closet. I have 3 of these kids ibuprofen bottles now. That just gives me peace of mind. Granted nobody wishes for a sick kiddo. And heck if you live in the have the ease and luck to can stroll into any Walgreen's or Walmart anytime of day or night. However with living in Japan. It is smart to stock pile a couple. Not tons. But a few, is just smart. And yes my kids get a flu shot every single year. As a precaution. However it's not 100%. And so keeping this on hand...does give me peace of mind. : ) If my son should spike a fever on a Sunday night and the doctors office is closed...I can just give my child this until the doctors office is open. Again...I just feel happy to have a few of these upstairs in the hall closet. : ) And again you see, I buy the generic store brand one. Again it works just as good.

A tube of cinnamon toothpaste for the fam-bam. And an orange toothbrush for Noah and a green toothbrush for Bran. Bran loves green. And Noah loves yellow or orange. : ) 

I have mentioned this before but the salon I used to go to in Denver, when I was living there was located in Cherry Creek. And they always washed my hair with the Aveda Rosemary Mint shampoo and conditioner because it was an Aveda salon. I was single and a university student and so I splurged on that shampoo for myself to use at home too. So, I have always been fond of that scent. Suave is famous for making "knock-offs" of all sorts of pricey shampoos and conditioners. And they make one and if you see this says...Aveda...because this is the knock off for that one. It's like US$2!!! It's super cheap. Smells exactly...and I do mean exactly like the Aveda one. Is this deep conditioning? Nope, but neither is the Aveda Rosemary Mint one either. It's more so for normal hair. So, I do find myself buying this one off and on and have for ages. 

Another Suave knock off. This time of Keratase. I will be trying this one for the first time soon. 

I'm also a fan of American Pantene. I say it like that... because we have Pantene in Japan and it's okay, I don't dislike it. But it doesn't smell the same at all. I love the ones in the US. 

The shampoo and conditioner's we brought back this trip. And a green apple Head and Shoulders for Noah. 

Deodorant.The 2 far left are for Noboru. 1 Denali for me. 2 for Bran and 1 for Noah. Bran wears deodorant daily. Granted he's a teen and a good smelling teen, at that! Noah is 11, a 5th grader and he does *not* need deodorant every day, but he does use it on days he has marathon practice or on sports day. That sort of thing. 

A travel gel for Noah and a molding paste for Bran and some Stridex pads for Branden. Just keeping his teenage skin clear. : )
Three magazines and 1"circle it" word search. I love doing these word searches. : ) Ever since I was little and would do these in the Mini Page, in the newspaper. 

I really enjoyed this update on the Gosselins. I used to watch that show all the time. Jon and Kate Plus 8. I enjoyed the show a lot because it was so wonderful to see a western mom and an Asian dad, plus kiddos. These couples are rare. But then the mom kept getting bossier and would scream all the time during the show. And the dad like...eventually...emotionally checked out towards the end. They would constantly fight and scream and holler. @_@ And it began to get very hard to watch that show anymore. Then he was found cheating. and they divorced. And blah blah blah. Her spin off show without Jon, I felt tanked and it was just not fun anymore. Just more bossy mom stuff. Her screaming at the kids and them crying. And I sort of stopped watching. So...yeah it was nice to see them on this cover. And I thought...yeah...I wonder what they're up to these days. I know the older 2 girls are 1 year older than BrannyMcB for sures. And the 6 younger kids are 1 year older than Noah, they are 12. But yeah very close in age. I did enjoy this article. Seems her son Collin has emotional issues or psychological issues and he is living in a treatment facility? Has been for the past year. @_@ That REALLY took me by surprise, poor kid, I hope he can get things worked out. But yeah interesting article. Oh and she was very tight lipped about what specifically was wrong with Collin. She didn't want to say. Which is understandable, I guess. Anyways, it was very nice to read what the Gosselin kids are up to these days.

Anyway, that's our Guam trip in a nutshell that we took last month. And the goodies, we brought back from Guam too. I also brought back, 2 tubes of Pillsbury Cinnabon Cinnamon rolls and 2 tubes of Pillsbury Crescent rolls. Not sure why I failed to take a picture of the Pillsbury things. Sorry about that. : ) We have since eaten our cinnamon rolls, but the crescent rolls we still have and are keeping for Thanksgiving.