Monday, November 07, 2016

Noah and his dad, just some random pics from last week...

Noah loves to go riding bikes with his friends. Noah loves to play soccer and also play tennis with his friends/classmates too (our housing community has a very nice tennis court area inside our main park inside our community). They also like to catch zarigani/crawfish in summer too. And go crunch crunch crunch with their bicycles wheels on the Fall leaves in our housing community. Noah needed some maintenance on his mountain bike (used to be his brothers bike : ) There was a problem with the valve. But Noboru could fix it easily and quickly himself. Lucky kids to have such a handy dad like that. : ) 

Yep, that is one of the long sleeve tops we got at the Gap outlet a few weeks back. Noboru always wants to make sure as boys...they know how to do stuff like...filling the air in their tires. And hand dandy stuff like that. But he stands near to make sure... just in case but Noah's an expert at this already. Thanks to his dad teaching him this years ago. : )

I always give him the same mom spiel...that I give both boys. I said to Noah as he was about to leave with his friends. "Don't ride too fast!!!!" "Looks out for cars, even the quiet silent ones like mommy's car" "And have fun!" Also listen for the "come home bell"...I love you! : )

A few more pumps of air and he was on his way. The grass used to be bright green, but it is slowly turning a faded green as it gets colder and Fall starts taking a harder hold here. And it has. : ) Trees are turning all sorts of brilliant shades of red and gold. : ) Anyway...have a lovely Tuesday for you in Japan. And have a lovely...what...Monday evening for those in the US! : )