Saturday, November 05, 2016

Going to the movies with Noboru to see the new movie, Bridget Jones's Baby and going to lunch afterwards...

Yesterday, Friday, November 4th, Noboru had the day off work. And we had a husband and wife date planned. We would go to the movies and see Bridget Jones's Baby! The movie started at 9:50am. We went to the movie theater in Tsukuba, Ibaraki where the Old Navy is located. You know, the Aeon mall there, I've mentioned it a few times. All our closest movie theaters to our house are all located in Ibaraki prefecture. Versus Chiba prefecture. See...we really and truly do teeter totter the Chiba/Ibaraki border where our home is. Our closest Chiba movie theater is in Narita but that Bridget Jones's Baby didn't start until after 11am. I think 11:45am. And that wouldn't work for our schedule considering what time the kids got off school...I mean we'd make it...but it would be a rushed thing. And so...  not too fun if you feel rushed. So this just worked way better for us. The morning movie was best and Tsukuba is quite close for us. And absolutely no rush. : ) 

Has anyone seen the previews to that new movie by J.K. Rowling (Harry Potter) called Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them? This looks pretty good and like a movie I will definitely be taking the boys to see, when it comes out. I think it comes out for us in Japan at the end of November. 

Hi, Brig! Can't wait to sit down and enjoy this movie! And yes that is...McDreamy (Patrick Dempsey!) He was such a sweetheart in this movie. : )

We went on ladies day and there were about a good 30 other folks in the movie with us. There were a handful of sweet husbands with wives. But the bulk of the folks were women. And a really nice middle aged ladies duo sat on the left of us but about a 3 seat space/gap from us and they were cracking up laughing too. So, was I. It was hilarious!

Noboru went to the restroom real quick and nobody was in here yet, so I quickly snapped a few pics. Our drinks and large popcorn (large sized for Japan and really fresh and delicious).

Seat numbers. Yes, if you live in Japan, you know this obviously. But for those in America, or Canada or elsewhere. You have to pick your seat, before the movie starts. So this is the spot for my soda and so there is never an issue with someone taking your soda holder etc. I actually sort of like this way. 

Each back of seat has a very high purse or bag holder, so you don't have to place your bag on the ground. Everything has a spot or place. And it's just very nice this way. : ) 

Somebody snuck in a couple Halloween treats! I did it, I did. I admit it. But considering the cost of a movie, the cost of concession stand popcorn and sodas, I actually feel okay sneaking in a few mini chocolate bars. : )  How did we like the movie? I love love loved it! But then I am a girl! I love romantic comedies! I also adore Bridget Jones! So, I am totally biased. I didn't care for the 2nd Bridget movie too much. But the original one I loved. And this one was excellent too. Would I buy the DVD for this? Honestly? I might. How did Noboru like it? To be fair. he doesn't like girly romance movies at all. But he loves me and he knows how much I wanted to see this, so he went with me. Best husband ever! So sweet. So thoughtful. And for what it's worth. There's a Japanese movie coming out soon that he wants to see. And I will definitely go with him and see it too. He seemed to enjoy Bridget Jones's Baby though. It was really a good movie. : )
We were deciding what to have for lunch. Subway Sandwiches or ramen. Subway or ramen? We both picked ramen. I picked my favorite spicy noodles. Tantanmen. And Noboru had a whole lunch combo/set. We had a nice leisurely lunch and we were home by 2pm. Considering the kids didn't even get out until 3:45pm (Noah) and Bran rode his bike and didn't get out until 4pm. We were home with plenty of time. We got home. I made and set the rice cooker. And at 3pm, I rolled the buffalo wings in their seasoning and baked in the oven. Cooked some broccoli. And by the time Branden rode in on his bike, dinner was set and on the table hot and freshly done. We all ate and enjoyed our night. is Saturday. Tonight, I'm making homemade fully loaded nachos. Noboru is at work. : ( Tomorrow, both the boys have their second part of their Eiken to take. The interview part. Noboru and Branden will be in Tokyo taking the verbal/speaking interview. For the Eiken 1. And Noah and I will be in Narita City and Noah will be taking the Eiken 3 speaking interview. Noah got 100% on the entire Eiken 3. As in....Noah didn't miss or make 1 mistake the whole writing part of the Eiken 3. That's hilarious. We knew Noah would do fantastic and well. But 100%!?! Holy crap! are smart as heck Noah!!! 100% super duper proud of you Noah! Branden did not get 100% obviously...considering it's the Eiken 1... but he slayed that test! So they're both rock stars. My only that I could be in 2 places at once tomorrow and be there in person for both kids. : ( However...I am only 1 person and I need to stay with our youngest kiddo. However Noboru is still going to go and protect and support our oldest kiddo. So...he will not be alone. : ) Of course. And they will go and have lunch at some amazing place in Tokyo, I am sure. I told them already...go and enjoy some delicious lunch you guys! Father and son lunch. Right now they're sort of leaning towards Shake Shack (famous burger place from NYC, 100% beef burgers, breaded chicken breast sandwiches and frozen custard, omg sounds so good) : ) As for Noah and I. We don't have too much in Narita City for lunch choices. : ) Hahaha. So we might go to a delicious Japanese bakery on the way home. Or maybe McD's.  Awww, okay...their lunch choices tomorrow totally beat the crap out of our lunch choices tomorrow. But that's quite alright. Because it's family and you always want the best for family. The bright side is, both kids will be getting their Eiken done tomorrow. Branden will now be totally done Eiken wise. Meaning he can go no further because he already reached the top. So there is a bright side. After tomorrow, as long as everything goes well we can scratch Branden off the Eiken list. And Noah is following in his big brothers Eiken footsteps. : )

And what's for supper tomorrow? I'm thinking miso chicken with a salad. And some rice and some steamed veggies. But, I am really in the mood for a salad. Which is why I said salad before rice or veggies. : ) Either that or...fried pork chops and Rice a Roni and some steamed corn or broccoli and a side salad. I have ingredients here at home for both. I can go either way. Whatever we don't have tomorrow night, we will have the next night. Also...Noah and I are driving to Narita City tomorrow. And about 10 of Bran's 9th grade classmates will also be taking the Eiken level 3 with Noah, which makes me happy. Because that means... there will be a whole bunch of our country/inaka kids from our town there too, which is so nice because Noah and I won't be alone, we will have many kiddos/friends of B's to talk with and stuff. All those kids are so nice, so if we have to wait in line we might as well have lots of good chatty friends to talk with. However, Noboru and Branden, I think are riding the train to Tokyo. So, I am unsure what time they'll pull back into our country town. Noah and I should be back home by 2pm tomorrow. And I will just start supper as soon as I get home. Make the salad. Steam the veggies. If it's pork chops, I can start frying them. If it's miso chicken, I can marinate the chicken and stick in the fridge in the morning before we leave. And have everything 100% ready to roll, for whenever they get home.  I told ya...time management is my super power. And time management regarding my ultimate super power. I always have things ready to eat as soon as you come home. Not cold and stiff... like it's been sitting for eons. But fresh and ready. How do I manage it? Not sure, but it's fun for make sure it's hot and freshly served when they walk through the door. I'm nerdy like that....: ) Hahaha. : )

Anyway...I am going to finish up this post and enjoy my night here at home. I think I have a load in my dryer upstairs that's just about to beep and be done. : ) Have an amazing weekend everyone. It's sure getting chilly in Japan lately isn't it?  : )