Monday, November 21, 2016

Getting ready for Thanksgiving...

Friday, November 11th, Noboru and I had planned to go to our nearest Costco in Chiba New Town and pick up our turkey for Thanksgiving. So that's what we did. So this is the November 11th cart pic. What else is in there. 2 packs of chicken breast to throw in our freezer. We buy our pork and beef and shrimp at Japan Meat at Joyful Honda also in Inzai/Chiba New Town. A case of waffles we tossed in our freezer, also tossed the 22-23 pound turkey in the freezer too. Umm, what else. That fresh pasta on top of the waffles. A case of eggs. Pasta sauce, we were having baked chicken parmesan. The sliced provolone is for the many turkey sandwiches we will be eating after Thanksgiving. I like provolone on my turkey sandwiches, so does BrannyMcB. a case of Swiss Miss hot cocoa for the kids for Fall and Winter time. I grew up with Swiss Miss too. And my kids are growing up with it too. And if you see that 2 pack of whipped cream in front of the case of waffles. 1 whipped cream is for the kids hot cocoa, but the other can of whipped cream belongs to our 2 pumpkin pies that I will be baking from scratch for Thanksgiving. A 3kg box of potatoes from Hokkaido, they're so cheap at Costco. And a rotisserie for that night. For a quick supper. : ) 

Hello you...Butterball! : ) Hahaha. He is currently like I said defrosting in my fridge now. But when I get ready for Thanksgiving...I get ready! : ) 

Land O Lakes Whipped cream. How many of us Americans in Japan grew up with Land O Lakes, in the states growing up? I know, I did. We used their butter too, when I was growing up! Hahaha. : ) But seriously...if you live in Japan and you're American and you haven't been to Costco here yet. Seriously you might want to go. It's so worth it to go. There is so much from back "home" there. I love it there! And I'm really happy I have one, not too far away. It just makes living a foreign country... so super comfortable. I really like living in Japan. There are so many wonderful things about it. And with Costco around...I don't feel like...I'm missing out on anything from back "home" either! : )  

Another cart pic. This one was from last week. Let me go check the date stamp. November 18th. And yes we went through an entire box of potatoes from the week before. : ) Plus this box of potatoes is for Thanksgiving mashed potatoes. 2 packs of chicken and you don't even want to know how much chicken is in my freezer. Good thing I have a large freezer. Noah likes Colby Jack sliced cheese for his turkey sammy. : ) And so I make sure to buy it for him before Thanksgiving. So, Noah has the orange side of the Tillamook cheese slices and Noboru likes the Monterrey Jack on his sandwich so it works. And Bran loves provolone for his turkey sandwiches and so do I. So...I think turkey sandwich wise...I have everyone covered! Regarding the cheese. LOL. : ) And yes that is 4 packs of bacon you see. You see...the day we went to buy our turkey, I wanted 1 pack of bacon for Noboru and the kids, I like to make them a very big breakfast on the weekends. Costco the week before was out completely. So as we were rolling the cart out of Costco. Noboru went to Customer service and asked them. Where is the bacon that was here 2 weeks ago. And they told us. They sold out of it COMPLETELY! And had ordered only 36 packs and it would take a week to get here. So we went home and were like...for the whole areas surrounding that part of Chiba there is only 36 packs of bacon? Like truly? Only 36? The city of Inzai is huge! Surely they will sell out of those 36 packs immediately. No wonder they sold out before! So we went back to Costco the next week and there were the 3 small boxes of bacon with them inside. Noboru told 4 packs! I was like what? @_@ He's like...seriously. If they run least you'll have 4 packs to tide us all over with until they get some more. I have all 4 packs in my freezer. I'm squirreling it away until I get a decent little amount in the freezer. : ) It's this Jones brand of bacon pictured here. They also sell sausage patties for us in Japan too at Costco. And like Canadian Bacon slices in bulk...the kind you could make a homemade egg muffin sandwich at home.All these Jones bacon, sausage patties and the Canadian bacon we get at Costco is from America. It is an American company from Wisconsin. : ) I'm so glad they're selling these products in Costco for us in Japan. : ) Oh and another case of eggs. We go through a lot of eggs in Fall and Winter. 

With a trunk filled with some bacon and misc other things. We stopped at Starbucks. A Starbucks with drive thru is right next to Costco in Inzai. We each got a hot drink for the drive back to our tiny town. I picked up yet another gingerbread latte. And Noboru picked up another hot caramel machiatto. There's like what...5 or 6 different designs of the Starbucks Christmas cups. We got a different style this day from the night we in Narita City. It's fun to see which cup we'll get each time. : ) 

Anyway, guess who is here? Yep, my dad is here! : ) He arrived at 9am-ish this morning. The boys will be very excited to see him as soon as they get out of school.

Earthquake this morning. Japan had another big earthquake this morning. Complete with Tsunami warning. It was in Fukushima. So quite far away from where we live. However we still felt it at 6am this morning, even in my tiny country town. It was super mild here... since my town/area is not near anywhere near that prefecture or city of where it hit. I do hope, everyone in Fukushima is safe. There are so many good people in Fukushima and I always worry. So, I hope you all, are okay over there.: )  

This Wednesday is a holiday for us in Japan. So, the kids do not have school tomorrow! They get a day off school. We're all feeling pretty happy about that. 

Didn't the East Coast in the US get hit with a bunch of snow? Please stay safe and stay warm over there! The weather forecast said our area of Japan might or could possibly get some snow on Thursday/Thanksgiving. @_@ But that was a few days ago, Noboru mentioned that. And we all know how weather changes daily. So...will it snow here this Thursday or not? I honestly...don't know. I sort of doubt it. I always doubt it, don't I? Hahaha. : ) But we'll see. Has sure been dropping quite low though...temperature wise at night. So, we will see. The day time is still sunny, cold but sunny. Like a crisp chilly Fall day. Anyway, I'd like to spend the afternoon with my dad and talk and chat and gab for a while! : ) Have an awesome Tuesday everyone. : )