Sunday, November 06, 2016

Americans in Japan, hope you all voted! I voted early, I voted October 21st. Tuesday November 8th is election day. The day we pick our new president...

Friday,October 21st, as soon as the kiddos went to school safe and sound. I... with a hot cup of hot coffee and some cinnamon cream, coffee creamer sat down at my computer and cast my vote for president of the United States. And I also had a whole bunch of Denver, Colorado specific amendments and issues to vote for too. If you see my voting online pic here, it is for Colorado voters. And then after I clicked this page it went to a more specific Denver voters page. Each city has different things to vote about. For example. The right to die, if you have a terminal illness (such as cancer) and you are suffering and in great pain, and your doctor gives the okay to give you a pill to take when you see fit. To terminate your life. So that was on the Denver, Colorado ballot this year too. That was for Colorado voters this year. And so, there were so many issues, that as an American voter I had to think about. And also some very very serious Denver, Colorado specific issues such as the "right to die" issue. I know Oregon has that law already in effect. And like I said in my last post regarding voting. I know some view voting as a super private "secret squirrel" type of thing. While others will proudly display their voting signs on their front lawn. And in my family we always stood by who we were voting for and our family always had a sign of who we were voting for too on our lawn. And so, I don't mind saying my opinions or who I vote for. I take voting very seriously. And I vote with a clear conscience. So, I stand by who I vote for. I with a great deal of thought...did vote to approve the "right to die" in Denver, Colorado. I feel if you are suffering and that's what you choose and what you have is terminal, meaning your life will certainly end and the end is quite near and you are in constant pain. Then it should be your choice and not some politicians choice. It is sad. And it is a very hot topic. But, I think we should respect somebody's choice. Nobody wants to die. But I also consider nobody wants to be in excruciating pain either. And again. It should be their choice. And up entirely to that person. So, I feel good about voting for that. I will be watching the Colorado elections closely and seeing and hoping that bill and/or amendment goes into effect. 

Yes as expected, I did vote for Hillary Clinton! Go democrats! Noboru and also my dad really liked Bernie Sanders.  

Also after I chose and hit the button for Hillary and it was selected and looked like this, it turned blue. Yep, those were my choices! The presidential vote took about 1 second, since I had decided who I was voting for a long time ago. Just click, but the Colorado things took a good 5-8 minutes. I took each I said very seriously.  And then I was done.

My ballot was successfully submitted to the Denver County clerk. I did allow 3 business days and did go and verify my vote. And I was just pretty happy that as an American citizen and a Denver, Colorado voter, I did my job! Granted, I didn't get a "I voted" sticker. Hahaha. But, I did vote! And I'm glad I did my part! : )  As Americans we will be deciding who becomes our next president Tuesday November 8th. Doesn't matter who you vote for, but please get out there and vote! And if you already voted? You rock! : )

By the way. Did any of you see the underhandedness of the FBI director...what's his face. Let me go and google his name real quick. James Comey. #1 he is a staunch Republican. He has donated 10-20 thousands of dollars to the Republican party for years. So he is most definitely BIASED. And so it came by complete surprise that 10 days before we elect our next president. He releases all sorts of crap about the Clinton's. Stuff that was sealed for like freaking 15 years plus ago! Charges that were dropped. And suspiciously 10 days before the whole country as a whole votes (besides us early voters)...he decides to release all this crapola right then?!!! Was that on purpose? Errr ummm you BETCHA! Duh! Doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that one out. Low blow. And I think we need to get ourselves a new FBI director ASAP after this election. I hope this will not affect Hillary Clinton at all. But yep, if that wasn't the most shady thing to do to a presidential candidate, then I don't know what is. That James Comey made the FBI look so bad! That was so dirty. So underhanded. So unethical.

Also by the same token. Trump, who is very anti illegal immigrant and illegal working in the United States without proper documents. And then it turns out that his wife worked in the United States for 7 years illegally? Errr Umm. Hello? What about your wife Trump? How about her? Are you going to deport her? She did something you hatehatehate. She worked in the USA illegally! And don't even get me started how her profile says university graduate. But classmates and school officials flat out said...she was a college drop out after the first semester. @_@

Love how so many singers and musical artists are coming out and have come out all this weekend to urge voters to get out and vote. Adele performed to urge voters to get out and after she sang she told folks...she can't vote because she's a British citizen, but if she could vote...she'd vote for Hillary Clinton! I found that adorable of Adele! Her flat out quote said "Don't vote for him" meaning Trump.  I love Adele and loved watching her rap in the carpool karaoke this summer with James Corden! She is so funny and I love that she came out to urge folks to vote for Hillary! J Lo also gave a concert to voters urging folks to vote for Hillary. As did Jay Z. Katy Perry, Alicia Keys. And so many others.  Please let Hillary Clinton win! I know, I voted. Now all I can do is wait and watch the election along with everyone else.