Monday, November 14, 2016

Advent Calendars at Kaldi...

I'm a firm believer in that us foreign community in Japan should help each other out, when/if we can. Whether it be just a...'hey the turkeys are in at Costco" heads up. Or a..."hey there's American bacon at Costco right now" You know what I mean, I hope. : ) And sometimes it can help. And if it does. Awesome. : ) I sincerely always hope it helps. Anyway, just wanted to quickly say real quick. Kaldi has their Advent kids chocolate calendars for sale right now! So if any of you need one. Run down and pick one up for your kiddos. And hey, if you don't need this information. Sorry. : ) Kaldi is a foreign food store. They sell all sorts of good stuff. American stuff. Stuff from the UK. Stuff from all over. So if you're foreign and need something from "home" it is always worth a look inside Kaldi. : ) Their Advent calendars always seem to sell out. Especially the good character ones. Hahaha. : )   

I bought Branden and Noah the same ones. Kylo Ren!!! Star Wars, yay! These were 400-500 yen. Not sure if you can see the words on the bottom. But it says, "made in Great Britain"...I love British chocolate, I find it delicious and creamy. I also love American chocolate because that's what I grew up with and I also love Japanese chocolate too. : ) But these Advents came from the UK. They are so cute! If you have older boys, they might really love this one! My boys flipped when they saw these, they love this one! : ) They also had...let me think. Minions. In case you have younger kiddos. And they had another great character, but I forgot which one. Sorry. : ) And then misc...bears ones or the plainer looking ones. My store only had 8 of these Kylo Ren ones left and I bought mine November 7th. Oh and the top right corner says the chocolates are foiled for quality. These sound really good. : )

And this says...bigger pieces of chocolate for the 5 final days! How fun to have bigger/chunkier chocolates the final days. This just makes me think, how brilliant and super fun people from the UK are. So...anyways...just trying to be helpful. If you need an Advent for your kids...definitely check out Kaldi because they get all picked over and the good ones get sold out first. : )