Wednesday, November 09, 2016

A sad day for many of us Americans...

Americans, how are you all doing? As for me here. Yesterday, I felt complete shock! Huge amounts of disgust. Anger! I felt like I wanted to puke. I felt such sorrow. Despair. Great sadness. Huge *huge* amounts of sadness. This morning? I am no longer shocked. That's the positive. The shock has definitely worn off. However, I'm still completely numb. On a serious note. I feel fear. Fear for American women period! Fear for the LGBT community. Fear for minorities. Fear for Muslims in America. And just fear for basically everyone in America period... regardless what age, race, income you have, etc you are. All I can say as an American citizen is...I'm sorry! I tried! I voted for Hillary and we lost! I did my part. I voted for the greater good. So while I know...I did everything in my power to do right. It just didn't turn out that way. And I wish like hell it would have turned out differently but it didn't.

For many of us. This was devastating.

On the bright side. Colorado voted for Hillary Clinton. When I saw the state of Colorado turn blue. I smiled and knew I did my part! Coloradoans wanted Hillary! I also saw, Oregon and Washington state also wanted Hillary Clinton too. So did Hawaii and California. And so did the state of Maine! So I many many of us voted for the greater good. It just sadly...wasn't enough.

I hope for those of us, these 4 years go by fast. I hope these next 4 years World War 3 doesn't break out. I hope nothing major or catastrophic happens.

I am comforted to know that my son will be voting in the next election. Since Branden is 15 years old right now. That in 4 years we will have another American Democrat voting and hopefully we can get another Democrat in the White House in the next election, 4 years from now.

I pray for America, my country. I pray for us Americans, my people. And I pray for the entire world. That these next 4 years....he won't push the nuke button. And end the world as we know it. I will pray that we won't have World War 3 (yes I mentioned this twice, it's clearly on my mind and it's a genuine worry I have now). I just hope these next 4 years are uneventful. My love to those of you in the United States right now. Just remember love always wins. Love "trumps" hate every time. Here's hoping for a better tomorrow. A speedy 4 years. And I hope this is a wake up call for those who didn't vote.

Anyways, you guys today I won't be posting my TBT. I have had so many emails to me about the election. Asking my thoughts. That I think this is a bit more timely for today. : )  I will be posting something fun and nice tomorrow. So hopefully it can take our minds off this whole election nightmare business. with you all tomorrow.

Today's plan? I have observation day at Noah's school today.  And this Saturday, I along with all other 5th grade parents in our town have to go and collect trash. Hahaha. Oh dear! And at 8:30am nonetheless on a Saturday. @_@ Alrighty, I better go jump in the shower now. Have a great day you guys.: )