Thursday, October 13, 2016

Throwback Thursday...swimming school and then home for some family pizza making fun...

This weeks fun blast from the past takes us back to October 2009! The weekend was just about to get started! As soon as we finished swimming school for both the boys for that day. Branden swam the hour before and this was Noah's class time in this picture! I had smartly made the pizza dough that morning. Knowing full well, that I'd be spending 2 hours at swim school after picking up Bran from regular elementary school and Noah from kindergarten/yochien. I could relax at the swim school knowing dinner was basically in the bag and knowing I bought some ice-cream for us to enjoy over the weekend. : ) Yep, I still feel...even now...weekends should be enjoyed! My boys have been swimming and taking lessons since they were 3 years old and have swam competitively for their swim school as well as for their elementary school. They really enjoy the water.  : )  

The weekend has begun! Yeehaw! And yep, my happy dance has been started. : ) And we will have a DVD night with popcorn after dinner and hot soapy showers. The boys love rolling out the dough and putting the toppings on. And I meanwhile make sure I get that oven cranked to 450 degrees F. And have all our veggies sliced and diced. : )

The weekends are just the best. Time to relax, recharge. Sleep in. Enjoy our family time. And the Fall weather is just a beautiful time to enjoy. Period. : )  Good job on those veggie toppings Noah. And Branden did an excellent job on those pepperoni! Bran was in the shower. As soon as he laid those pepperoni down, he went and took a shower my request! Which is nice to make sure the boys are showered and stuff before supper. Noah took one while the pizza baked.

And some Neapolitan ice-cream for dessert. 

Everyone could pick their own flavor or pick all 3 if you'd like! : )  Yep...the weekend was here. It was 2009. And our weekends are pretty much the same even now in 2016. Minus the...their obviously getting older factor...but you know what I mean, I hope. : )  TGIF for us in Japan tomorrow. Right on!!! I have that movie date in the morning with my friends. And I do hope to get home with enough time to bread that ebi/shrimp. And run to the store on the way home to pick up some potato and mac salad. Oh yeah! I want everything ready to go before the boys get home. As soon as the kids get home. All I have to do is fry the shrimp and Noah's chicken cutlet. We will eat ASAP. Why? Because tomorrow at 5pm we have flu shots. @_@ Hahaha. However...after that...we can come home and take showers and relax and watch a movie and pop some popcorn. Anyways...the weekends almost here everyone. Please...have a lovely weekend! : )

Update or anything to add now: I did get my hair colored. It's brown and my natural color and this is the 2nd month in a row that it's this color. I'm happy I'm a brunette again. I am really loving this color and will be keeping it...for all of Winter at least... maybe even longer, who knows. I was coloring it like an auburn, reddish type of color the past few years. And while that wasn't bad. I am just now preferring this.  : )

I have seen 2 episodes of a new show called "This is Us" I like this show. The only bad part for me is it comes on as the same time as my other show I really like, "Fresh off the Boat" And both are good shows. It's just...they come on at the same exact time. @_@ Bummer. So, I watch Fresh off the Boat since it's only 30 minutes. And then I switch to This is Us" I don't really want to drop one show or anything. So for now it's working. But maybe I will eventually just watch one of them. Because catching This is Us 30 minutes late...sorta sucks too.

Weather around my area of Japan. It's been a pretty warm Fall. Until today. Today was the first day could no longer get away wearing shorts and a short sleeve top. I wore gaucho jeans and a black fitted boatneck top. And black Gap leather ballet flats to the hair salon today. With a little LV bag that carry's my breath mints, drivers license, blotting papers and credit card. Noboru and I met for lunch at McD's today after I left the salon. I had a goma salad. And an apple pie. No drink. He had a combo. We followed each other home after we ate, he was in his car and I was in mine. Noboru was wearing jeans and a sweatshirt. He prefers short sleeve tops so, I knew he must be chilly if he was wearing a sweatshirt. Yep...the weather today? Chilly willy. Not...freezing cold or anything. But a definite crisp bite to the air...for sure. Alrighty...that's enough of me for today. Please have a wonderful weekend you guys. : )