Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Throwback Thursday, Fall 2008...

Today's TBT is a nod to our family in Fall 2008! Just 4 misc pics with super short captions underneath. Easy peasy. Cool! : ) Here's #1, our family was at a home-center type of place and we were buying some Fall flowers. We really liked these Fall colors from these wine/maroon color flowers and so we bought some. Branden was in the yellow closest my camera. And Noah was in the adorable orange surf hat and Noboru was behind them. No ones face is really in this pic, but we can tell this is clearly my fam-bam. : ) 
Bran was at school and Noah was getting sleepy but still trying to stay awake and so he was watching cartoons on TV. The Disney Channel or something. While I vacuumed the downstairs. And tidied the house. However Noah's eyes were getting sleepier by the second. And by the time I put the vacuum away he was completely zonked out. So I covered him up with a nice thick fleece-y blanket.

You rest Noah. Get lots of sleep. So by the time your brother gets out of school, you can be recharged and ready to play with Branden. As for Noah slept, that was the perfect time for me to prepare dinner and get everything ready. So by the time it's time for me to pick up Bran. Dinner's pretty much a non-issue.... meaning I did it already.  And no, I'm not super mom I assure you, I'm just... super good with my time management. Time management is my super power for sure. : ) Just makes things easier for me this way. 

Awww, after supper and a soapy sudsy hot shower. I wonder what they were watching. And I wonder why they wanted to watch it on the mini DVD player and not the one we have in the living room hooked up to the TV. Hahaha kids go figure. Oh well. They were having fun. : )