Monday, October 17, 2016

Recent good eats! Pot roast, mashed potatoes and gravy. Homemade cheeseburger night. Fried shrimp/ebi fry and our family taco party...

What have you been cooking and eating for supper lately? As for are a few miscellaneous pics. And as you know...sometimes I make Japanese. And we have nabe, curry, yakisoba, yakitori or niku jaga etc... at home. Sometimes we have Italian. Sometimes we have Mexican food or American. I don't really want to make just 1 type of food. So, I try to make a variety. This night, I made a pot roast, I started this in the day time while the kids were at school and the hubby was at work. This was a very tender pot roast. We had homemade mashed potatoes and brown gravy. And green beans. We also had dinner rolls with this. There was enough to make the kids pot roast sandwiches the next day for their school lunch that I packed. : ) 

Again if you have no Mc Donald's or Burger King in your close proximity. We'd have to drive to our nearest city. I make ours at home! : ) And that's okay... burgers from home always taste much better anyways. : ) I lightly butter our hamburger buns and then fry them on a hot skillet to toast them.

This makes the buns have the best flavor!  I had all the toppings out and ready to go! Salt and peppered tomato slices, crispy washed lettuce, sliced onion and pickles. 

"Where's Waldo" ketchup is everywhere in Japan these days! We do get the cutest packaging in Japan, don't we? : ) 

I had bought the very lean 100% ground beef from Costco. Seasoned it super well. And fried them up in a skillet. I made Bran 2 of these and he was stuffed full! : ) Noboru had 2 too! : ) Noah and I only had 1 each. And we had potato wedge fries. 

Not to toot my own horn... but honestly dinner was *so* good this night!

Movie day and flu shot and barber for the kids evening. This was taken last Friday. I bought some huge ebi/shrimp and this was so delicious! We had it with rice, everyone also got 2 wedge fries each and Noah dislikes shrimp, no worries... so I made him a chicken cutlet instead. We also had broccoli with our meals. I quickly threw everything into the dishwasher and we were on our way for our flu shots. However the bright side is...we were all super stuffed! : ) 

Sunday night taco party at our house! I made a huge amount of taco beef (from that lean Costco beef). I also made taco chicken from 2 skinless chicken breasts. We had sour cream, lettuce, salsa cheese. We had Cokes/sodas with ice. We were ready! It was so good! This is what we had for supper this past Sunday : ) 

Tonight we're having a great big ol' pot of Texas style chili beans. You know...that Wendy's type of chili beans. But homemade of course. It's 100% done already. And I have a bowl of shredded cheese covered in plastic wrap already to the fridge. And chopped/diced up onion in the fridge too. And a container of sour cream. You know...just toppings for the chili beans. : ) We'll eat as soon as the kids get home from school. I just turned the stove/chili off now. I am pretty sure this is what I'll be eating for my lunch tomorrow afternoon too, since I made a fairly big batch. : )