Tuesday, October 18, 2016

My 2 most recent trips to Costco...

This is what I brought back from Costco, October 1st. That busy day. The day we went and saw the Cultural Day in the morning and went to that Italian buffet in the evening...though not really a buffet...really more so an "All you can eat" type of place. And fwiw, I always have a cooler in my trunk. Because I can run to Costco at a moments notice or a regular store too and if I need to throw some beef or cheese or sour cream or anything in my cooler, so be it. But I'm always ready! : ) What's in my cart this day? Tortilla chips. shredded cheese. Tortillas. And a pack of chicken breast which has 8 breast in there. All separated in groups of 2. Which is nice. And a bunch of super lean ground beef. There's beef... even under those beef patties too. I split the beef in 3 ziplocks at home later in the evening. I got cheeseburgers, tacos and meatballs for the spaghetti and meatball night that we had. So for me...getting 3 meals worth from 1 pack of lean ground beef. Totally worth it. : )  
This was taken on a morning, my Costco just opened it was like 10am. It was pretty dead in Costco only a small handful of people. Which is nice. I love shopping on weekdays when stores are less crowded. On this particular day Noboru wanted to come with me, he's been looking and pricing their "drive recorders" for his car. We also wanted to have lunch there too. This was October 12th.

Christmas stuff is all out now. And Halloween stuff is out too. Our turkeys are not out yet at Costco Chiba New Town. It's a bit early to buy one yet...since we still have over a month before Thanksgiving. But...I have been checking for the American turkeys to arrive at my store. : ) 

After I paid and sat down for lunch it was about 10:25am. I have my list and I pretty much stick to it. Unless it's something on sale like an Osh Kosh shirt or anything. : ) Look nobody in line barely any registers open. Again it was barely opened. 2 lanes were open though and when I went to the cash register...there was no wait in line. : )

Tortilla chips yet again. Noboru and Noah have been chips and salsa maniacs all October and...so I had to retock their supply! Hahaha. : ) Chicken breast. Costco amount of eggs. Hamburger buns for cheeseburger night. Dinner rolls for pot roast night. Toilet tabs. And the toilet antibacterial wipes that used to be in a canister are now in a package. I actually prefer the wipes this way! So, 2 thumbs way up... for me on the repackaging of the house cleaning wet wipes!!! : )

Noboru and I had lunch together. I had a slice of cheese pizza. He had 1 hot dog. And we usually will share a vanilla ice cream cup. Soft serve. However for a limited time...they are selling fro-yo instead! We tried it. And neither of us liked it. It's sour and a flavor that neither of us really liked, at all. And fwiw (for what it's worth) we eat fro-yo at Yogurtland in Guam all the time. So...we do love fro-yo. Just not this one. Bring back the regular vanilla soft cream Costco Japan!!! We are very glad the fro-yo is just temporary/for a limited time! Phew : )