Sunday, October 16, 2016

Last Friday, movies with my friends. And flu shots for our entire family...

A pic of Noah about to get his flu shot last Friday evening October 14th. And that's Branden's leg to the right of Noah. Branden's flu shot for this season is 100% done (Bran gets an adult dosage now, so just 1 shot for him, anyone 13 or over). Mine totally done, Noboru's totally done. Noah needs 2 doses so he will go back in 30 days and get his final shot in November. So Noah is half done... flu shot wise, but we are on the case! We're on top of things!

Friday morning, same day as the flu shot. Again, October 14th. I had a movie date with my 2 favorite girl friends. The movie started at 8am! Holy crap was that an early movie. We 3 met at the movies at 7:45am. We're all mothers, I pack 2 lunches for my kids Monday through Friday everyday for school lunch. And they have 1 high school daughter each... so they too pack lunches in the morning. We 3 were busy that morning. Quickly trying to do our lunch making and packing. And getting ourselves ready for the day and meet up by 7:45am. And for me...I do NOT live in the small city nearest me. Where they live and where the movie theater is located. I live way more I drive from my town to that small city. So, I had to leave even earlier. Luckily for me...Noboru was home that day and able to drive the 2 boys to school. Otherwise I would have never been able to make up time at the movies. we 3 enjoyed the movie. We saw the movie with Matt Damon, "Jason Bourne." Is this the 4th installment of this movie franchise? I'm iffy on that...but there's others before this one. After the movie we went and had lunch and they went on to Starbucks. I stayed for only a few hours at the lunch spot. The movie let out around 10am or 10:20am. I knew I had dinner to get prepped. Usually I can stay with my friends and chit chat and enjoy our time to catch up and stuff..until it's time to get our kids from school. However...I knew the boys and us had a flu shot appointment since a month beforehand. And we had a very tiny window to eat our supper. The appointment was at 5pm for our flu shots. And they got off at 3:45pm. So we had about 30 minutes to get dinner eaten (considering the drive there and back). And I cooked dinner while Noboru was actually picking up the boys. schedule was super tight that day. Because of our flu shots. I felt super bad I could not stay the whole time with my friends, but I know they are very understanding and kind ladies. The only way I could ensure...dinner  would be ready to eat the second the kids got home from school. Was if I had prepped the ebi fry in the day time. Dredging in flour, tossing in egg, rolling in panko. I had HAD to get everything ready to go in the day time. I did feel really bad about leaving early. But...sometimes you just have to. : (  My kids come home from school hungry...because they're active boys. And considering we had 4 flu shots, plus we would be taking the boys for haircuts at the barber after the flu shots. If we had dinner after all.... that we'd be eating super late. Too late. Everyone would be starving. And miserable. So...I had to make sure supper was ready and on the plate at 4pm. So we could all quickly eat...get full. Then go and get our flu shots! So that's what we did. The flu shots went smooth and we were actually done within 10-15 minutes. They were ready and waiting for us. They had the shots all laid out. And the doctor just gave us each our shot. Our flu shots are free because of Noboru's health care. And so for's nice to get them done and out of the way.  We then drove to the barber and as luck would have it...not a soul was in the barbershop other than us and the 3 barbers. The guy who always cuts the boys hair, cut Bran's first and then cut Noah's. I'd say by 6:30pm we were home and ready to call it a night. We sure had accomplished a whole bunch that day! Hahaha. : )

Anyways...I do have a whole bunch of posts to post. And I will be trying my best to get them up as soon as I can. : )

I caught the Lifetime movie last night. About Michel'le. Called "Surviving Compton" It was a really good made for TV movie. I enjoyed it a lot. It was eye opening. I didn't realize Dr. Dre was so brutal to her back in the day. He denies it of course. But interesting movie for sure.