Tuesday, October 18, 2016

If you live in Japan, have you tried this restaurant yet? It's an Italian "All you can eat" place called Buono Italia...

There is a restaurant in Inzai that we see every week on our way to Costco. It's only been there for a year. Before that... it was another restaurant. However, every time we pass this restaurant, it always catches my attention because it's an "all you can eat Italian restaurant" I often wondered...."if this place is a good place to eat?" "Do they serve good food?"...Have always wondered... but have never actually stopped. So anyways, October 1st, we had a busy day that day. We had...to visit a potential high school for their Cultural Day (Bunkasai) it started at 10am and we left around 12:30pm so we then went to get the Halloween pumpkin in Inzai. And then to Costco. We had errands...that's put it that way. : ) Anyways...by the time dinner rolled around, we were still in Inzai and "starving!!!" We had breakfast and only a few nibbles at Cultural Day. I think I had a half of muffin. The kids had a bag of homemade cookies and a drink each bought at Cultural Day. Anyways...so we were now in Inzai for the past few hours. And ready for dinner. We're in the car...deciding what should we eat? Coco Ichi curry? A few said "eh sure" and 1 said nah! : ) And so we voted again. How about The Ohsho (our fave Chinese restaurant) The kids were not feeling it. LOL. Okay...we're all getting tired...cranky/crabby. It's time to eat. I then suggested...why not the "All you can eat Italian place" Everyone was like...ahhhh. Not entirely sure. Again they didn't know...would it suck? Would it be fantastic? Truth is...we had no idea. I said...let's give it a shot. And so we did! It's not a buffet in the terms....that there is pizza and pasta on a buffet table already made and ready to place on your plate. Though they do have a buffet table with fries, bread, soups...the stuff they hope you get filled up on, ie, the cheap stuff before ordering their pasta dishes and pizzas...there was also hot chili oil...red pepper flakes, parmesan...seasonings basically...and a huge salad. But the pasta dishes and pizza and gratin and dorias you order freshly made and you can order as many as you like. So they come fresh to you. Also...there is no time limit at this place. If you want to stay the whole amount of time for lunch, that's fine. If you want to stay the whole dinner time, that's fine too. You just can't stay from lunch *and* stay for dinner. They also have a drink bar...it's extra...but you can include that too and an all you eat eat desserts with all you can eat Hagaan Daz icecream too, the drinks and desserts are optional. We added the drinks and ice cream. 

They have a mozzarella basil pasta that is actually very high quality. Definitely not a cheapo Saizeriya type of pasta. Sorry Saizeriya we do like you for a cheap lunch or cheap dinner. But this was more along the lines of...Jolly Pasta or Capricciosa. And they have wood fired pizzas... again all you can eat! Very good quality. The servings are small, but you can get as many as you want. And when we left... the waitress told Noboru we could order larger sizes if we want. That was good to know, granted something she could have maybe mentioned when we first got there and not as we were paying and about to leave. @_@ LOL. So again...all you can eat. Made to order. And the quality is really good. 

I had 3 small servings of the mozzarella basil pasta and 1 wood fired pizza margerita. Noah had 2 servings of the same pasta I did and 1 pizza and then Noah just had desserts and drink bar. Branden had 7 small pasta servings of the same pasta I had and 2 pizzas and ice-cream and drink bar. Again the pasta size/amount was small. Noboru meanwhile...had 8 pasta dishes and 2 pizzas and he had himself a blast! He had crab pasta, lobster pasta, black squid ink pasta. He said he wanted to try every pasta they had. I think he got too full... but he did try 8 different pastas and 2 different pizzas. The kids kept saying..."I love this place!" Noboru said..."we *have* to come back here" Again...did I know it was going to be good? No, I didn't. We just took a chance and lucked out. But it's actually really good. I had chocolate ice cream, a cappuccino one and one that tasted like cinnamon rolls. The kids are who told me..."mom this ice cream tastes like cinnamon rolls" and it did! It was delicious. : ) 

Each table has their own tablet where you order your pasta dishes and they bring them out as soon as they make them.

My 2nd and final ice cream serving...just the cinnamon roll ice cream. Not sure of the exact name of this ice cream. But wow..it's good. : ) Anyway...just thought I'd give a head up... for any of you living in Japan. This is a chain restaurant. So...if you see it and are on the fence, like we were. Maybe you can give this place a shot. : ) And of course...obviously I have no affiliation with this restaurant or anything. I'm just a mom with a family who tried it and liked it. And so...just trying to help my fellow person...living in Japan. : )