Monday, October 17, 2016

Halloween Pumpkin...

I went and bought our Halloween pumpkin October 1st. I went the week beforehand and there were no pumpkins yet and I asked the staff and they told me, to come back, if I can October 1st. I made sure to go right away and picked this one. I buy one every year and it's just something we really enjoy here at our house! The family pumpkin carving of our pumpkin... is always a lot of fun! And the roasted pumpkin seeds too! : )

Halloween decorations and goods are starting to become really easy to find for those of us living in Japan! They sell these adorable Jack o lantern plates at the Daiso for just 100 yen, plus tax. And same for the napkins, also available at the Daiso too. : ) We usually eat something "good yummy and comfort foodie" on Halloween here at our house and we can hopefully use these plates. : ) And as for the napkins, the boys have been taking 1 each every day since October 1st in their packed lunch to school Monday through Friday. : ) Very cute napkins and the price? Super cheap! A great deal. And should be easy to find if you live in Japan. : ) 
I found these Halloween napkins mid September and these came from the other 100 yen shop called Seria. So again, super cheap and equally super cute. And easy to find, if you live in Japan! I like the ghost and Halloween kitty and jack o lantern witch. Hahaha. The kids have been alternating between taking this napkin in their lunch bag ever day for school lunch and the napkins up above. : ) Just you know..sharing some holiday fun in their daily lunch!

Everyone gearing up for Halloween? We brought back a huge amount of American Halloween candy from Guam last week, so we're ready! Halloween is a fantastic holiday. : )