Sunday, October 02, 2016

Did any of you in Japan catch that 50% off sale at Gap online last weekend?

If you're living in Japan and have kids, I'm sure you knew about that fantastic sale Gap Japan had all last weekend! First it was 50% off and then as the days and weekend went by, by Monday it was 20% off and then by mid Monday nothing was off, it was full retail. : ) I'm lucky in that I have a very good solid set of fellow foreign mom friends here in Japan that we will email or LINE each other right away! "Girl Gap's on sale right now go...get yourself online!!!"  And we'll be like..."OMG, thanks for the heads up!" And I'll do the same too, since I'm signed up to get emails from Gap in Japan and the US and Old Navy in Japan and the US too. In fact, even those of you that I am not email friends with or closer friends with. I will sometimes post on my blog. "Gap's on sale right now, if you're interested have a look, if not, sincerely no worries!" And no, I obviously have no relationship with Gap other than being a customer and enjoying the sales. I've had fellow mom's actually tell me..."Gina thanks... because you mentioned it on your blog, I was able to score my daughter her winter coat at 50% off." for me, it makes me happy if I can help out that way. I wish, I could have mentioned last Friday on my blog about the huge 50% off sale online at Gap Japan. However as you know last weekend, was "crazy town" at our house! We were on undokai/sports day stand-by all weekend! And we had it Sunday. So, between saving a spot, making the picnic/obento. I was busy as all heck... here at my house last weekend. So, I never had the chance to help out and give a heads up on Gap's big sale last weekend. I did hope that many of you knew from word of mouth or hopefully received the email. So anyways...while I didn't have a chance to give a helpful post about it last weekend... because frankly we were so busy with undokai last weekend for Noah. I did however, find some time to place an order. And got the 50% off! So, I was very happy about that! Because hey....saving money is ALWAYS a wonderful thing! 

I only bought 3 things for Noah. 2 sweatshirts and 1 long sleeve top. I am always 50/50 fair with both my boys and you all know that! However, Branden for being 14 is getting big and buff and muscle-y! And so just buying blindly online for Bran is just not as easy peasy as it was... when he was younger and elementary school aged. His sweatpants he wore last year for example were a Japanese size mens size L. But they seem a pinch too small. A tad short in the length and not hugely too small in the waist but yes...a tad small in the waist. And so...because he is growing like the Hulk. However he's the most nicest smiley sweetest kid you'd ever meet! : ) So...because he's like in between sizes or...I'm just not so sure. I'm pretty sure... he's an XL in Japanese stores sizes like GU and Uniqlo and a standard size large in American stores like Gap and Old Navy. However...I don't want to buy something if I don't know the size. So for Bran...we just will buy in person. It's just too iffy buying online now. So that's what's up with that. October is going to be a pretty busy month for us. Yesterday we spent the entire day at the 1 and only high school in Japan that we're interested for Branden to attend... for their Cultural Day yesterday. It's sort of like an English type of high school with an international vibe that's so cool. So many hafu we saw yesterday and they saw my 2 kids, it was just very cool! There are also "returnee students" (Japanese students who lived in America or an English speaking country) Native teachers, (talked to 3 of them yesterday and 2 the other time we visited in July). Just a very fun high school. We also have the Eiken coming up. Plus the kids and I will be heading to Guam this month. And Bran has his own Cultural Day to do this month. We seriously are so busy this October. However, when we do have a spare day...we will be taking Bran to Uniqlo, GU, Old Navy and the Gap outlet. For some Fall/Winter clothes shopping in person. Anyway back to the 50% off sale last weekend. 

Size 12 for Mr. Skinny as a Toothpick, Noah-chan!
I was deciding between the gray or navy varsity and I chose the gray because you can see the contrast of the buttons and the big G on the chest. I love how the big G has the word Gap on it too. I think when it finally gets cold enough to wear this...this will be so great for Noah!

Love the 2 navy lines on the arm. Such great details.
I have already washed this on the quick wash and line dried it and it's now sitting in Noah's closet in his bedroom.
This striped pro fleece is super cute. Loved the red and navy stripes. The Gap wording is glow in the dark, I'm pretty sure by looking online at the Gap website. Not that we care about that too much, we just loved the preppy styling of this one and the fact that it's fleece means Noah will be warm and toasty snuggly all Fall and Winter long. Size 12 means he can wear this for ages. : ) Since he's barely 11.
Orange and navy. Noah loves yellow and orange, his favorite colors since he was a toddler. And I think this is so nice. It was on sale anyway and to get it 50% on top of that. This was super cheap. And it's long sleeve. I love being a smart shopper and getting 50% off. : ) And the quality is so nice.
So anyways, that's all we picked up last weekend on the 50% off sale. Just 2 sweatshirts. 1 super warm cozy fleece-y one and 1 super styling varsity one and 1 basic long sleeve top. Are we done with our Fall and Winter shopping? Nope. However we're getting there! : ) Hope you all were able to catch the sale last weekend, if you live in Japan. : )