Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Bits and Pieces...

Hi!!! Holy goodness it's been about what....6 days since I have had the chance to update? I'm so sorry about that, you guys! Even right now, I have a free 30 minutes right now... before I go and pick up Noah from school. I was at Costco this morning. But I really don't have the time to update properly right now (have something else to do too), but I will... just so I can touch bases with you all real quick. Hopefully I can get this thing written in like 5 minutes or less so here we go! Hold on tight ya'll! : )

Let's see, where have I been and what have I been doing? That's the million dollar question right there! : )

Sunday afternoon, both Branden and Noah took the Eiken. Bran Eiken 1 and Noah Eiken 3. Bran's test was so so long... that we sat there for hours! Seriously for hours! @_@

Sunday...same day as the Eiken. Immediately after the Eiken, with packed carry-ons in the car at the Eiken place and empty suitcases, Noboru drove Bran, Noah and myself to Narita International Airport Sunday after the Eiken. Because Monday (like 2 days ago type Monday) was a holiday with a day off school in Japan. So Sunday evening the kids and I flew to Guam. My dad picked us up. And we did some Halloween shopping, Fall shopping and Thanksgiving shopping. We also ate good things and went to the movies to see. The movie title is super long..."Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children." Directed by Tim Burton and this movie was really good! We had popcorn and nachos and sodas that we bought at the concession stand and chocolate or candy that we snuck in from the grocery store (Noah picked Skittles, Bran and I picked Snickers Peanut Butter Squared) We flew back to Japan Tuesday morning. We landed a little before 10am or so. Yesterday. Bran actually went to school after lunch and so that means he won't be counted as absent yesterday, since he did attend a half day.

Today, you know what I did today.... I just said...I spent my morning at Costco. : )

Tomorrow, Thursday, I have a hair color appointment at the hair salon I will go in the morning, my appointment is at 9:30am. I also have a lunch date with the hubster after my hair appointment,

And Friday, I have a movie date with my 2 closest girl friends/mom friends of mine. We're going to see the new Jason Bourne movie, whatever the new one is called...but hopefully you all know what I mean. And Friday at 5pm...the 4 of us have an appointment for our flu shot! We made that appointment a month ago. Bran only needs 1 shot now. He gets the adult amount now. But Noah has to get a 2nd dosage a month later.

And Saturday we're taking the boys to go Fall and Winter clothes shopping. But luckily we have no...undokai or street cleaning or anything we "have to do" if you know what I this weekend is actually just what we want. And this weekend we are so looking forward to. : ) Just very appreciated to have a real weekend for a change. : )

And as for meals....tonight we're having cheeseburger night at home. We love this night so much! I bought some super lean ground beef last week. And froze it into thirds. And we will have cheeseburgers at home with all the toppings. Lettuce, tomato,pickles, onion, jalapenos if you want. Cheddar or mozzarella, really good cheeses. I bought the buns fresh today which is why the trip to Costco today. : ) And I'll make some potato wedge fries too. So tonight is going to be a very filling but fun supper!

Friday we're having ebi fry/furai. Fried shrimp basically. And this coming Sunday we're having taco night. I have a whole weekly menu menu is on the kitchen table, and I'm being a tad lazy and not getting it. But...those are just things from my memory. But very excellent meals this week. : )

I know, I still have yet to put up Noah's undokai/Sports day post and that's not really fair to Noah to post Bran's without posting Noah's too, you know how I feel about being fair with the boys/kids. know I will most definitely be posting that one. Gotta be fair. And I'd like to post the trip to Guam of course too. And of course I have many more posts to get up and things to say. You know just the...everyday type of stuff. : ) But because my Thursday (tomorrow) and Friday and Saturday are spoken for. I am not sure if I'll get the chance or not in the next couple days. But...I will be posting super good updates soon. Probably from next Monday... But...I am alive and well. Hahaha. : ) I'm just having fun. Taking trips. Going to the salon doing regular girl stuff. Hanging with friends, you know...regular normal people stuff. : ) And in house like a maniac. Cooking and enjoying my time with my fam-bam. And just you know...watching TV or...doing regular stuff. : )  I will try my best to do my TBT tomorrow. And then after that... hopefully I can start with some Sports Day or the Guam trip type of posts. : )