Monday, October 03, 2016

Bits and pieces...

How's everyone been? As for me, things here have been super! I haven't really had the chance to catch up with you all. You know...just the day to day type of stuff. So let me give it my best shot right now! September 16th. I had a free day and a plan to meet a good friend. House was all clean and in order. And the kids had a full day at school. And so, I drove myself to the Aeon in Ibaraki to meet a really good friend of mine (fellow foreign mom friend, that we have been friends for ages, like since before Noah was born and Bran was a toddler) We don't get the chance to see each other too often in person, since we don't exactly live the closest to one another. So it was nice we could meet up for lunch halfway between where she lives and halfway from where I live. She was looking for some stuff at the Disney store for her daughter. And I was wanting a foundation. Which was in the Aeon cosmetics area. And she ended up buying a coconut face wash also in the Aeon cosmetics area. We also had lunch and a look around the Body Shop. I had grabbed a sandwich downstairs after we left the Disney Store. And she wanted to have something to eat in the food court, so while she was placing her order, I quickly snapped this pic of my sammy and foundation in the bag as she was ordering her lunch. We ate in the food court, our plan was to eat in the food court... it's just Subway is located downstairs and not in the food court. : )

I had a footlong veggie and cheese sandwich on white. No sides and no drink. I didn't want the calories of a soda. Should have probably picked up a jasmine tea downstairs at the Aeon, but eh...I was fine. : ) Her daughter will start JHS next year so she wanted to ask me some questions. It was so nice to be able to chat and catch up in person. We parted ways after lunch. I had a bit of a drive and kids to pick up from school. : )
I picked up the Koh Gen Do Aqua foundation. This foundation is really popular in America right now. has been for the past year. Kathleenlights. So many people are in love with this. However in America at Sephora this is super expensive. $70 or 78 US? Something like that. It's pricey let's put it that way. However since it is a Japanese foundation it's like 4,000 yen for us in Japan. This foundation is for dry skin. So if you're oily, I wouldn't try it. If you're over 35 you might like this a lot. If you're over 35 and have dry skin you will really love this, if you can find the right color/shade. They say this foundation makes you look like you have just had a facial or been to the spa. Like a radiant glow from within type of look. It's light to medium coverage so if you want super thick full coverage foundation this isn't for you. If you just want a light to medium foundation this could be a good one to try. As always am I suggesting you buy it? I'm not. However if you're in Japan and you want to try it... you will be able to buy it here way cheaper. If you're a Mac NC20-25...color 213 will be the best color match for you. 

My thoughts? Do, I I just come from the spa? No I do not. Does it give me a beautiful look? Yes, totally. Would I repurchase this? No...but that's only because I bore so easy with foundations. I'm like a tumble weed rolling and blowing in the wind regarding foundations, guilty as charged and hey I admit that. Also...I find this color matches me 98% perfectly. However I feel the one I bought in Denver. The Make Up For Ever Ultra HD matches me 1000% maybe even a million percent. As in best color match ever in my life. As in..would I repurchase the MUFE Ultra HD? Hell yes, I would. Without question. But am I glad I at least tried this and own this? Yes, I am. Because I am wearing the Koh Gen Do right this second even. So, I do really like it a lot. Anyway...enough foundation talk. Moving along. : ) 

Pic right next door to my house. Pheasants gone wild! Seriously there are so many pheasants next to my house. They are so smart! And the first monkey in our town has been spotted this season already! Last year 3 were spotted! Rural Japan living stuff, I guess. : ) 
This one was sure the little fatty! He's very lucky, I don't eat pheasant! LOL. : )

Good night dear pheasants. We'll just pretend we don't know you have a big family living in the wilderness that is next door. : ) 

What else have I been doing? Once a week, I will throw the comforters outside to air and get sun! They get so fat in the sun. In japan they believe blankets get disinfected by the sun. Whether it's true or not, I still do it anyway. I'll go out and whack the blankets with a futon stick. Flip them around and whatnot. And the day after this. I usually will unzip the duvet covers. And wash the duvet/comforter covers. The insides are still fat and fluffy but the outside has just been laundered. 

If you live in Japan then you know October 1st means time to switch into your winter uniform. Noah wears regular clothes to school, but Bran wears uniform. So, I had to pick up 3 dress shirts for BrannyMcB at Sanki last week. 

Also picked up 2 wash clothes for face washing. This side is floral.

This is what the other side looks like. So each side is different. 

This side is navy with white polka dots and the other side in white with navy dots. 

3 dress shirts. I washed on the quick wash. Hung them outside to dry. And since this Monday Bran has been wearing his winter uniform.
Noah needed more name tags for school supplies. So, I ordered these. I love the colorful banner above Noah's name. And I picked the yellow frame too because that's Noah's favorite color! And these name stickers come in all sorts of sizes...super big stickers  large stickers, medium, all the way to itty bitty stickers. 

I mentioned I have been enjoying the new TV show called The Good Place which stars Kristen Bell. She was a very very bad person on earth. Super bad. And so she died. She was supposed to go to The Bad Place (yes that's what they call hell in this show) and some sort of mix up occurred. And a person with her same exact first and last name was supposed to go to heaven. But Kristen Bell went to heaven by mistake. She is still behaving badly even while in heaven! It's not a religious show. It's just a funny show. 

This week she found out her neighbor, pictured here is also here in heaven by mistake. 

This guy pictured here holding the book is a good guy and actually belongs in heaven and he knows about her secret and so he is trying to teach Kristen Bell how to be good. He was an ethics professor. It's not heavy or serious or deep. It's just honestly a fun 30 minutes of my evening. 
Monday morning/yesterday after the boys went to school. And I vacuumed the downstairs. And cleaned the downstairs toilet. I baked 3 dozen peanut butter cookies from scratch. The fam-bam has been enjoying them ever since.

If you are living in America, you know that JonBenet Ramsey has been all over the news for the past month! Though she died a day after Christmas. Apparently this is the 20th anniversary this coming December. And because of it being the 20th anniversary it's all over the TV now. There have been like...5 documentaries about it this past month. Plus the TV movie where they flat out say Burke (the brother who was 9 at the time) was the killer. And he's flat out suing. And he should sue. This JonBenet Ramsey murder happened in Colorado. It happened in Boulder, Colorado. Noboru and I were actually living in Denver at the time. Because it happened in my home state. And I was living there at the time. I can tell you, the news people from all over the world came to Colorado to cover this case. It literally captured the whole world's attention. Some people thought the mom did it. The dad did it. Some thought an intruder did it. And some thought the little boy did it. Then the case seemed to drop off the face of the earth. The Ramsey's moved back to their home state, which was not Colorado. Now this case is huge all over again. I have watched nearly all of the JonBenet stuff this past month, the new shows. And from what they say, Burke found out they were going to make a TV movie about him and basically say he did it. He was mortified. And he and his dad will sue. And they should, as I said. But, I wanted to hear from Burke. Not hear say. From him. And so, I tuned into the interview on the OWN channel and I watched it. 

His dad talked a lot privately with Dr. Phil. 

And no, I do not think her dad did it at all. I just don't. 

And I watched Burke answer all of the questions Dr. Phil asked and I don't think he was involved at all either. In fact, the grand jury that convened and the Boulder county officials years and years ago said Burke was ruled out 100%. Also...if you have seen that 3 page ransom note. It was quite lengthy. And a bit sophisticated and I just don't think a 9 year old boy wrote that letter. I don't think he wrote that letter at all. With phrases like..."don't grow a brain Jon" To the father. "we are from a small faction" ummm...doesn't really sound like a 9 year olds' type of wording to me at all. Who do I think killed JonBenet? I honestly do not know. Sometimes, I think Patsy did it. And sometimes I think an intruder did it. But, I do not think Burke or the dad had anything to do with it. And to make a whole 2 hour movie where Burke's the killer in the end? OMG! Can you imagine how mortifying that would have someone make a movie about you like that? Sue the pants off them Burke! They deserve it. Anyways...anything else? Oh my gosh. American Horror Story is so good this season. It's so weird and creepy. Seems like a haunted house with 2 nurse sisters haunting the house. This looks like a good season. And OMG, The Blacklist is getting so good too. Freaking good! : ) 

This pic was taken this morning. Obviously it is a filter. More than one.. so filters. This morning, after I vacuumed and scrubbed my sink room/area upstairs. I decided to jump on the step stool and pull the filters out of the heat exchanger for the central air conditioning unit we have. I clean all house filters every season, every single one we have. Once in summer, once in Fall, once in winter, and spring. I took this outside and scrubbed this filter down with some green tea dish soap. The neighbor was hanging her laundry out and greeted me! Good morning, she said in Japanese! Good morning, I replied back in Japanese! What are you doing, she asked? Cleaning the filter, I replied! She sure stay busy! I said, thanks, you too! : )

Tonight's supper? American style fried pork chops and Rice and Roni and steamed broccoli. We'll have peanut butter cookies for dessert if anyone wants any. : )  Anyway, have a great week everyone!