Thursday, September 22, 2016

Update on the undokai for tomorrow, as of right now...

Tomorrow is supposed to be Noah's undokai, as ya'll know. However you also know from yesterdays post that it has been raining super hard here. Like raining cats and dogs times 2. Like pouring severely.. pouring mass amounts of rain. this a typhoon? No it isn't...but honestly we've had more rain today and yesterday than when the typhoon came last week. @_@  Like..will folks have landslides...types of rain. So raining heavy is an understatement.

I woke up this morning. Packed 2 lunches. Sent 2 kids to school by car because well..rain. Duh. : ) And our town doesn't have a "walk only" rule, like some parts of Japan do.

So it has rained all day long here. I checked my email. Emails from 3 of my girl cousin, my dad. And zip from Noah's school. They send out mass emails giving us news and updates. So, I figured undokai was still on.  And went about my day. I chopped the chicken for karaage, this morning. I ran and picked up a container of macaroni salad. A container of potato salad. Some lettuce and tomatoes for a regular salad. Some extra lettuce for the rotisserie chicken sandwiches we're going to enjoy tonight, since my plan is to set up our spot on the school grounds. What else did I get this morning. That's right...two 2 liters of water for lemonade. Picked up some fresh seedless American grapes. Also wanted some watermelon but the watermelon said...not sweet. They have a scale of sweetness on the package on the watermelons and frankly today's watermelon didn't look good...didn't want to buy it...if it's not sweet. So just the grapes. Also made sure to pick up a spare tin foil and plastic wrap for...packing the lunch...lining the lunch with. Or wrapping rice balls with. I ran to 2 stores today in the pouring rain. And each stop, I would check my emails. Hoping an email would come from the shogakko/elementary school. And nope nothing.

I figure...gee this school must be super die hard sports day fanatics! LOL. Like rain or shine...they'll have it no matter what types. Because no email. As I am now driving back to my tiny town...still no email notification. I am listening to some music. Twenty One called Ride. And as I pulled into my parking space...I hear...ding!!! @_@ By now I am thinking...nah it won't be from the school. I waited all day long. I check and sure's from the school. I quickly grab my bags and enter the house.

I open my computer here at home...only because I can cut and paste my email from the shogakko and throw it into the google translate. I don't want to get anything misinterpreted. So I do that. And it says this...

We still haven't decided if the undokai will happen or not tomorrow. Because the weather can change all of a sudden. So we will make our final decision tomorrow at 6am. However...for those of you wishing to save a spot tonight at 5pm...the grounds are soaking wet so please...REFRAIN. Yes it said refrain into my translator. So...the gist is this...

They haven't decided if the undokai is happening tomorrow or not. However...don't go down there today and save a spot. Unless you want everyone to think you're completely insane. LOL. : )  So...I know this...and no I won't. : ) I will not make a dork of myself and go with leisure sheet. I also asked Noboru to read said email and he said it says that too. So...will Noah have undokai tomorrow or not? Errr...honestly? I'm not sure. My weather forecast says our town is 90% likely tomorrow for rain. And only 40% for Sunday. @_@

What I do know is this. The karaage is cut sliced and marinating in a ziplock. In the fridge. It will last until Sunday night. I wouldn't use the chicken after Sunday. So...I hope the undokai happens tomorrow or Sunday at least. Everything is bought. And ready pretty much. I will have a very chill night now with the kids. Noah gets out at 3:30pm today. Bran at 4pm. So...Noah and I can Eiken practice... in the car for 30 minutes until Bran gets out of school and then we 3 will head home and rest and chill for the night. We will be having delicious rotisserie chicken sandwiches tonight I bought lettuce, a fresh tomato, we can have 2 big sandwiches each if we want. I also bought the bread from my fave bakery so the sandwiches are going to be amazing tonight. I will also be throwing the chicken in the oven for 30 minutes to recrisp the skin, heat up the chicken and stuff. I also bought some chips to go with our sammiches. : )

Hmm, undokai tomorrow or no undokai tomorrow? I really don't mind either way. Though...honestly I'd like to just get it over with, if we could. It's just the whole...not knowing. The whole unknown. The whole anticipation and wait for that email at 6am tomorrow. But oh well...nothing we can do. What will happen...will happen no sense in spinning our wheels about it... all night long. You know what I mean. I'm just gonna enjoy my evening with the kids. And watch some good TV.