Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Throwback Thursday...

Today's TBT, takes us back to September 2009! Noah's yochien grape picking/cutting and sweet potato dig with his school and us parents! It was a weekend field trip/meet up and all us parents and siblings were also invited! Each child came with his or her own family. There wasn't like a school bus that took us or anything. We all met there. Noah got to pick his own pack of grapes and cut them down. And we let Branden cut down his own bag too. Each family pays for whatever they cut down. The sweet potato dig was free though and of course we could bring the sweet potatoes home with us. : )

Noboru helping Noah cut the grapes down that Noah picked out. He did a very good job at cutting his bunch of grapes. And you can see a pair of pruning sheers in Bran's hand and he was about to cut a bunch of grapes too! The kids both loved spending the day here. Branden did this too, when he was in yochien and Noah did this too when he was in yochien too. : ) 
Each child got to have whatever potatoes were between the 2 white chalk lines. Branden helped dig with Noah! That way they both could join in the fun!

They both dug and dug and harvested so many sweet potatoes! We made so many steamed sweet potatoes, roasted sweet potatoes. And also yummy daigaku-imo  (like a deep fried sweet potato with a sweet sauce.) We had sweet potatoes every way you can have them! : ) We clearly love sweet potatoes around here. : )

After everyone was finished cutting their grapes and digging their sweet potatoes, we all went and enjoyed some fresh steamed sweet potatoes and a cup of super sweet grapes. They kept bringing out more cups of grapes for everyone to enjoy and kept bringing out more and more sweet potatoes too.

Every September after the kids started back to school after the summer break...when the kids were in yochien...we always went here for our weekend afternoon grape and sweet potato harvest. These are definitely fond fun memories for us all! : )