Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Throwback Thursday, Sports Day 2008...

Branden's elementary school field day/sports day (undokai) 2008. I make our obento/picnic lunch every time the boys have an undokai. Just doing my part! To help fuel my kiddos on their big day! : )  Here was our obento for Branden's sports day from that year! I made delicious croissant sandwiches, I really go all out with my sandwiches. : ) I made karaage (fried chicken nuggets a staple inside an undokai obento), we had a little fruit platter. We had potato salad and macaroni salad (store bought, it just honestly makes food prep easier that way, on such a hectic morning) meatballs and tamagoyaki (these are store bought too, mom's if buying store bought mac salad or potato salad isn't something you wouldn't mind doing...please sincerely go for honestly just makes the undokai morning run smoother that way) Mom's in general do *so* much, please try to take care of yourself and not over do it too much. : ) Other times of the year I make mac salad and potato salad from scratch but not on sports day. Frankly I am so occupied with that chicken...frying in batches, making the sandwiches plus packing things up. I made sure to pack lots of drinks and snacks for toddler Noah at that time. 

I also made a regular salad. Noboru loves salad so I always bring a regular salad too. I always wake up at 5am the day of undokai and start making and packing our lunch, while the chicken is frying up fresh that morning. And I always have the chicken cut and marinating from the day before. 

Branden drinking some tea. He was sure thristy! And hungry. : ) 

I was so happy I could fill up Branden during our 50 minute lunch break. And then all the younger grade kids got changed into their dance outfits. Which is what Branden was changed into. Proud of you kiddo! Childhood is *so* fleeting! Have fun! : )

And what was our newly minted 3 year old doing? Noah was such a little champ! It was freakishly melting hot that year for Bran's undokai (this was the hottest year out of all the sports days we have ever been to). We didn't get our... big undokai tent until the next year. Was it the following year? I think so. : ) We were melting hot, not even a nice cool breeze, nothing that year...just steamy heat. We had only bare minimum sun protection from that tiny beach umbrella. It was doing basically "jack diddly"... with regard to sun protection. We had been sitting outside from 7am to 4pm. @_@ We were melting outside. Noah didn't whine..nor fuss, such a sweet gentle child always has been...even now he's so chill. He sat quietly and drank some iced cold water in his Diego cup. I refilled him often. Poor kid was so hot and dehydrated. So were we! But we stood and we cheered so loudly for BrannyMcB! Granted...running has *never* been BrannyMcB's strong point...we all know that! : ) matter...we cheer for him no matter what... regardless! Noah clapped his little heart out for his big brother! Of course Noah thinks Branden is the coolest thing about... the whole undokai. Hahaha. : ) If you have more than 1 kid...then you'll understand how much the older one is idolized over... by the younger ones! : ) 

At one point, I could see Noah was just melting to death. Even in this picture he looks so hot. Poor baby. : )  And while watching the undokai/sports day of 1 child...I do have to make sure the other child is okay too. So, I walked Noah to the shave ice/kakigori stand on school grounds...during another grades race. And I bought Noah a lemon shave ice. It really cooled my toddler down. And I felt relieved especially since he was such a young kiddo. So...the lemon shave ice saved the day. Noah cooled down and lucky for us, the undokai was over with and done. Phew! We all did it! We survived. That was a record breaking day...such a hot day for a sports day. : ) 

And of course...gotta always be fair. If Noah had a shave ice. Branden had to get one too. Branden picked the blue Hawaii flavor. And we went home and unpacked all our stuff. UV beach umbrella, leisure sheet. Table, cooler. Put the obento containers in the dishwasher. Honestly? We were so flat out exhausted all 4 of us. Hey...the heat and sun can really beat a person down. We said..let's eat out. I certainly didn't feel like cooking after cooking all morning (our lunch) and then roasting outside all day long. Noboru didn't either. And we sort of made it our little ritual that year...this is the year we started it! We either go out to a restaurant after undokai or pick up a pizza or...anything...doesn't matter, as long as neither of us have to cook that night and you all know I cook 99% of the time. But we don't cook the night of undokai. Because honestly we're all pooped/exhausted. : )

This year from the TBT 2008...we went out for pizza. And LOL! The kids were so teeny tiny that 1 pizza was enough for all 4 of us! That makes me laugh! Because that is so... NOT the case now days! : ) Now they're so big...we'd need 2 pizzas and the baked fries to fill up the kids and husband now days. Awww how funny! Anyways that's the TBT for this week. : )

This Saturday is Noah's undokai. I think he asked to go to yakiniku afterwards. Branden picked Jolly Pasta when he had his undokai 2 weeks ago. : ) is like I said earlier in the week, a holiday and day off school for the kids. Today is a holiday here in Japan called... Shubun no Hi. Which basically means...Autumn Equinox Day. In a nutshell... today is the first official day of Fall for us in Japan! : ) For our area of Japan it rained like the dickens... all morning. Like crazy extreme amounts of rain today. It's heavy rain even now. I had a plan all week that today we would hit Costco first thing in the morning. Why? Because Noah's undokai is this Saturday. So, I wanted to get chicken breasts for my karaage. And a few other odds and ends too. But knowing in advance it was a holiday. And knowing how crowded it would be, we were at Costco this morning, the kids and I by 9:05am we were already there and parked. They rolled their gate/door open at 9:15am and we went in grabbed our huge Costco cart. Grabbed whatever we needed. What was on my list. 2 packs of chicken (so 16 chicken breasts), mozzarella cheese, 2 packs of pasta sauce (so 6 jars of pasta sauce)...that delicious handmade pasta.  A huge bag of mozzarella cheese sticks. A rotisserie chicken for tomorrow nights supper... because tomorrow I have to go and save a spot for Noah's undokai. At 5pm, plus prep the karaage tomorrow in the day time, go and pick up my mac salad and potato salad tomorrow morning and do any last minute things undokai-wise before Saturday that need doing. So, by the time we get home...we will make something yummy out of that rotisserie chicken for dinner tomorrow. Maybe sandwiches? Really good ones. Or something... I'll think of something. Tonight we're having leftover tonight is curry spaghetti night. That's how we always use curry on our second/leftover night. So curry spaghetti and salads for us tonight. A fairly easy supper and really good too. Here's hoping...I get a good spot tomorrow and that I can get everything set up okay. And that Noah has a lovely sports day on Saturday. : )