Thursday, September 29, 2016

Throwback Thursday. Noah from September 2010...

Branden was still at elementary school that day. Noah was only in yochien/kindergarten. So he got out... a whole lot earlier than Branden and clearly already changed out of his catholic school uniform. It was a hot day still. And so since I usually always have my camera on me. I took a few pics of Noah that day. No real reason really...just killing some time that day before we went to pick up BrannyMcB from school. I was just talking with Noah and snapped this picture. Hence the no smile. : ) He wasn't even ready for me to take his pic yet. But...what the heck...I snapped the pic anyway. Hi Noah! : ) 

Smiley Noah! Aww. : )
Then we went inside for a while. He had a juice box. And we just talked at the table. I'd ask questions like..."how was your day at school Noah?"..."Who did you play with today at recess?" And while we were chatting away...I took another pic. 
We still had some more time to kill, so Noah suggested we go and play in our backyard. "Fantastic idea Noah! Let's go!" So we went outside. And I watched him climb up the stairs as fast as he could. And slide down the slide again and again and again. I only took a few pics. Most of the time Noah just slide down the slide and talked! He has always been such a little chatterbox! And I love that. I'm a chatterbox too. : )

Alright one more time to slide down...before we go and pick up your brother from elementary school! Love you to the moon and back... my happy little one! : )