Friday, September 23, 2016

The undokai spot has been saved and a little update on that...

Our spot has already been saved! Would you believe I was first in line? @_@ Like seriously...not sure how that happened. But...shoot...I'll take it! : )

I woke up at 7am. Went and started the hot water pot for coffee downstairs. Then went back upstairs, washed my face with some Basis face cleanser and a hot wash rag. Washed my face all nice and good then put on some Olay face moisturizer. Brushed my teeth. Listerine-ed myself. Put on some foundation, concealer and face powder. Did my eyebrows with eyebrow mascara and was done. I basically just evened out the face and strengthened my brow game a bit! : ) And that's it. I got dressed. Slapped on a pair of cute patchy denim pants and a top. The fam-bam sort of knew today we were sort of on...stand-by regarding when to save our spot.

With knowledge how some folks have leisure sheets like 100 tsubos type big. Like seriously as big as houses. Meanwhile some other folks save spots for like tons of their friends. We all know this. It's the only complaint I would say I have about my town. If...everyone just considered each other....instead of thinking...only of themselves... and every one just took 1 spot. Then there would be no need to worry or race for a spot. But since some folks get a tad greedy. It's best to just...get your spot saved. And then not have to deal with the headache after wards. Live and learn. And after all these years. I to get my spot. And be done with it. It is... what it is. And ya can't change matter how you wish you could.

So...we 4 this morning were by now all dressed all ready and downstairs in the kitchen. I made the kids and Noboru a breakfast sandwich. A really good one. Skillet slice of ham, that good ham from Costco. That bakery bread toasted and buttered... a slice of American cheese and an over medium egg. These sandwiches are so delicious. All 3 were eating and just finishing. I was about to start cooking mine. But I was enjoying sipping my coffee and enjoying watching the kids and husband eat theirs. When our email which was open...because duh...we're waiting on that school email. The email notification ding donged. And we checked and it said...the field will be open from 10:30am to save a spot. @_@ It's 9:30am. I did not eat my breakfast. But frankly...I don't even care. I am an adult and I can most certainly wait until AFTER we set up our spot. So...we 4 pile into our mini mini van. The stuffs already packed inside since yesterday and Noboru took off and we were on our way to the school. We know...we *know* the entire rest of students and their parents...whole population also just got the same exact email. Our housing community is a bit away from the school. So...we drove. We were debating...should we go in this way or that way (which way to park the car). The way Noboru did it was BEST. He parked in a good spot. I jumped out of the car first with leisure sheet in hand, the kids grabbed the stuff after wards. I was honestly fully expecting to see 20 folks in line ahead of us. Was totally shocked to see...I was first? Me? Little ol' me? This is a first! About 2 minutes after we were there. Came a kid from Noah's class. And a mom friend of mine. And then another mom friend. And then a lady...that looks familiar but I don't know her. And then more people trickled in. And the line got super long. Noboru parked the car and walked up quite fast. So we like 4 mom's were chatting. They talked to Noboru too. And then a Father's Club dad arrived and Noboru and him talked. The teachers said they might need the Father's Club dad's to come help tomorrow at 6am. Since the grounds will be wet...since it's been raining here off and on all day today.

We went and saved our spot. 1 leisure sheet spot and 1 spot for our tent A very conservative spot size. The family to the left of us...have a leisure sheet that seems the size of a house, but again you can't change folks and so there is no sense in worrying about something you can't fix or change. Noboru mentioned it to me. He said..."gawd do they really need a spot THAT big?" I just said...that's why we just save a spot big enough for us. And hey..if the whole town or school wants to get mad at them...they deserve it...but..that's between that family and the town and school. Not us. We're out of it. @_@

Genki (Bran's best friend since yochien) apparently told Bran he'd like to go to Noah's undokai. Branden apparently then extended an invitation saying...if you'd like to can sit in our spot, and have lunch with us. Branden mentioned that to me yesterday and asked if that's okay. I said. Of course it's okay...Genki's like family. And he can have lunch and drink lemonade and have cake and have whatever we have. He's more than welcome. So...not sure if he'll come for sure 100% or not. But he might. : ) There's not too much to do in a small rural Japan town like an undokai is a very exciting event. Hahaha. So yep..he may just come and visit tomorrow. : )

Anyways...oh what else. Yes! I went and bought a new potato salad and a new macaroni salad so we can take a fresh one tomorrow. And we'll eat the one we were originally going to have today that I bought yesterday. Since we're having ebi (means shrimp in Japanese) fry for supper tonight, like I said...and we can enjoy the mac salad and potato salad as a side dish for tonight's supper. I also bought fresh cake today for tomorrows undokai dessert too. So the silver lining is...we will just get dessert twice now. Tonight and tomorrow. : ) How funny. : )

Anyways, I am in my comfy clothes. And as soon as I post this, I am going to run upstairs and wash my face. Watch some TV. And just chill for tonight.

Oh, I did watch the first episode of that new show with Kristen Bell, called "The Good Place." This show is so funny! I really enjoyed that show a lot. I also caught the new season of American Horror Story. This season looks really good! And last night I watched, The Blacklist. Holy cow...that episode had me on the edge of my seat! Tonight the series premier of the Exorcist TV show comes on the Fox channel. I will be watching that tonight. Hope it's good. : )