Monday, September 12, 2016

The goodies we brought back from Denver this time...

I usually take a kitchen table pic because it just helps give a much better idea of things that went into our suitcases. However, this time I forgot to. It was on the table yes, but somehow I forgot to take that picture. Sorry. : )  These are what we brought our neighbors for watching our house for us when we were in Denver. The wife is a stay at home mom/wife so she is on high alert 24/7. And the dad said after the typhoon he walked around our house to make sure the house looked okay and stuff and he LINED Noboru to tell him all looked fine. So we had a very relaxing trip not having to worry. Is our house okay? You know what I mean, I hope. So, we did need to bring them back something. I would have loved to bring them back something pumpkin-y or peanut buttery. However they might not have liked it or been disappointed. And we know Japanese people do really appreciate Godiva chocolates because they are delicious and they are for sale in Japan but super expensive. So we picked these. While at Walmart... Noboru even checked online and found these exact ones available at Amazon Japan for 1900 yen a pack. So pricey in Japan yes... but only $3-4 each pack in the US. So super reasonable. Which is why we brought them back 2. The wife said she and her daughter A-chan who is in high school right now...loved these! : ) Which made us very happy. : ) 

The cheese popcorn was a free snack on the airplane. I brought home an extra one/pack... since they kept telling passengers in first class... please take some more! : ) And the chili cheese Fritos, these were mine for the flight back to snack on during the flight home. However I didn't eat them. I have since eaten them. Noah had Cheetos for the flight a "grab bag" size. And Branden brought a chili cheese Fritos too but both of the kids ate theirs on the flight. : ) 

Walmart brand of Pop Tarts. That Chocolate Fudge, I'm telling ya, like a slice of cake. And the kids have been loving the S'mores ones. 

We will not be opening these until October! Can't wait! : ) Limited edition Pumpkin Spice Cheerios and limited edition Life Pumpkin Spice cereal.

Same for these, we will wait until October to enjoy these limited edition Pumpkin Pie Pop Tarts and Pumpkin Spice hot oatmeal.!

We use 2 packs for every 1 time...that we make a pot roast, so for now we will be having pot roast 6 times. Plus I think I have 2 packets left from when Noboru went to Atlanta. I'm 98% sure on that one. Plus on top of that... ya'll know I go to Guam every Fall like clock work. And yes I will be going. So I can get extra pot roast stuff and whatever else we will be needing for Fall. Imagine if you lived overseas. What sort of things would YOU need to bring for Fall and winter. : ) Good question though, right? Or if you are living in Japan, what sort of things do you bring back? I am always curious to read what others bring back too. : ) I love a nice pot roast on a cool Fall evening. Mashed potatoes, brown gravy and green beans. Yumm. : ) American comfort food totally.

Rice a Roni. 10 of them. So 5 times we can have this...5 meals worth.And hey...that's fine. : )

Again as kids get bigger. And 1 is a teenager. We need to eat 2 Rice a Roni's versus just 1 like when they were small. And even this...I bought 2 of the Kraft Mac and Cheese but the Value size boxes. Which is perfect for 2 growing boys. A nice Saturday lunch at home or something. : )

Japan really doesn't have great Mexican food restaurants (sorry Japan) and I have been to many. And in my part of Japan we have zip. However, coming from Denver where there are tons of Mexican restaurants...yes it's a food I miss. This is my favorite brand of enchilada sauce. And this is in hot. In Guam they only have medium. And medium is fine. Heck...I'm just fortunate they sell it there period. So can't really complain. But...when I can...I will buy the hot variety. I now have 3 cans of enchilada sauce in my pantry. Stocking up for Fall. : ) Little by little, bit by bit. : )

Canned jalapenos. Walmart brand. When I can...I try to buy the store version...because it's cheaper.

I don't use this as a side dish..we use this as a main dish. And when we use this we need 3 of these with the growing boys we have. So we can have this, just twice. However the lucky thing is...this is available in Guam too.

Grab bag on the far left, which I already shared a pic of... but I needed that bag to size comparison the other 2 bags. A regular size of Chili Cheese Fritos and Jalapeno Cheetos. We like spicy around here! : )

30 count each. 60 corn torillas. Tostadas, rotisserie chicken taquito night. Enchilada night. 60 gives me a good safe number. With Fall cooking. These are all nicely in my freezer now.

I love making my kids lunch every single day. We also love turkey sandwiches after Thanksgiving day. So we have a Miracle Whip in the fridge 3/4 full. And we have an unopened regular sized one in the pantry and this bigger sized one... we brought back from Denver. Again stocking up little by little for Fall.

Frankly speaking it would have been cheaper to buy the 20pound bag of beans. And yes I would have used every dot of those. However...weight of luggage is such an issue and worry for us. That considering was safer for us to just buy 12 pounds of beans even though it cost more money buying 12 pounds of beans than buying the cheaper 20 pound bag. However...weight of the luggage is major. And the fact I can buy beans in Guam was a huge reassurance. 12 pounds of beans hiding in my food peace of mind! : )


If you're American I'm sure you love the Olive Garden. If you're not American maybe you're thinking? What is that? : )  The Olive Garden is a really good Italian restaurant chain in the mainland US, not in Hawaii sadly. : (  They have all you can eat breadsticks and all you can eat salad and their salad dressing people love it! And for good's good! They sell it at Costco US, and also Walmart. And anywhere else? I'm not sure. But...I brought back 2 big bottles of it. I will crack open the first bottle for Thanksgiving. Costco Japan if you're listening...please start selling this!

Snickers Peanut Butter Squared. These are way better than regular original Snickers and we like original Snickers too. : )

Cinnamom cream coffee creamer. Not sure if you can see the little cinnamon roll on this but this coffee creamer is SO good. Like seriously it's so good. I go through 1 of these a month. So, I know I have enough for 11 months. Getting ready for Fall and winter. Most definitely. Such a cozy and delicious coffee to have in the mornings.

Gain is a laundry soap in America. My parents generation always used Tide that was their #1 for that era. And my generation use Gain. To me Gain smells the best. Hands down so good. So, I buy the house spray and spray my house before we get company and currently 1 of these car scents is in Olive, my 100% electric car. And the other in unopened and in her glove box for when the first one is finished. 

Gum for the kids. 

2 magazines. I love reading the tabloids. 

Reese and her husband are living separate lives? That's sad.

Deodorant. Noboru is using Fiji. It's a 2 pack. I love and have been using Denali for a year. So, I picked up a 2 pack for stocking up. Branden has 2 sticks at home and wanted to get a new one to stock up...but he was unsure of scent so he picked just 1 in Denali to try. And if he likes it fine and if not...well he can try another scent, no worries. : )

2 packs.

Growing up in Denver, King Soopers stores... always sold the largest size of pumpkin pie spice. Other name brands always sold them in teeny tiny sizes. But Kroger which is called King Soopers in Colorado. Sells a huge size of it. Great for all the pumpkin pie making I will be doing. And again I most certainly do not mind store brand at all. In fact it saves money. : )

A big tube of toothpaste. Nice to throw it in our toothpaste stock pile.

These things in this picture were bought the night we arrived in Denver and went to Target. Sure we could use those free Thumblelina sizes of shampoo they give you at hotels. But we'd need many each day, for the four of us. So it's just easier for us to buy our own stuff and use it while on vacation. Target brand (Up and Up) coconut water body wash. Aveda knock offs...Suave Rosemary Mint (this smells so good)...Another cinnamon toothpaste we used during our trip. Neutrogena face wash and hair gel for the boys. The body wash is what we are currently using in our shower right now. And the shampoo and conditioner is in there right now too. The toothpaste is being used now too. So we do bring the stuff back with us and they will get used up and finished. 

Eye drops that expire a bazillion years from now. 

These eye drops were just 97 cents! Each bottle. And sure I could have bought a bigger bottle for a dollar more. However...with eye products after you use want to throw them out within 6-12 months if it is already opened. Considering that. Contamination and all that. I always buy smaller size eye drops and buy 2. That way after 1 year using one bottle...we can just throw it out...and open eye drops bottle #2.  Say what you will about Walmart! However...Walmart has the best prices! Therefore...I shop there! This is the Walmart brand knock off for Visine. : )

Two bottles of Pantene shampoo and 1 bottle of conditioner. Given the fact, Noboru, Bran and I use this, we seem to go through the shampoo twice as fast as I go through the conditioner alone. Obviously, because 3 use the shampoo and only 1 uses the conditioner. : )

Fall time nails happening already! I have the one on the right on my toes right now. I painted them this Friday, 1 day before Branden's undokai. Toe nails were on fleek when I was kicking it relaxing.. on the leisure sheet with my socks and shoes off. 

Micellar waters have been huge for the past year or two. Ever since everyone on YouTube started talking about that Bioderma one. They sell it at Costco Japan btw in a 2 pack. Anyways...I double cleanse, I always have (for 20 years at least). First cleansing oils, now cleansing balms. However...after seeing that Garnier commercial on TV about 5 trillion times, I finally surrendered. And was like...alright. I give up. I will try it.  American drugstores sell 2 kinds. Simple and Garnier. Garnier makes different variety ones though. So, I made sure to pick up 2 bottles of it and try it. That way I could see what the whole fuss is about. Also the Simple one was... for sale everywhere is a smaller bottle and a bumpy/patterned bottle. One of the Targets I was in had a huge 400ml size...which is the same size as the Garnier one and the bottle is cuter...smooth and very modern looking, so that's the one I brought back. Much better then the smaller bottles I saw at most stores. What do I think of micellar waters? Honestly? I really like them! I have not tried the Simple one yet...I will use the Garnier one first. But...I really like it. I know I have said this before..I hate the feeling of makeup on my face. However being a girl...I have to wear it sometimes. But when I get home...I don't always have the time to do a 2 step face cleaning. I might have to zip back and pick up another kiddo at the plaza. I might have to get crackin' on supper. I might have to do many other things too. However I get 1 cotton round, I saturate my cotton round with the micellar water and I wipe all my makeup off with it and the micellar water takes it off really nicely. My face doesn't feel greasy...doesn't feel sticky. Just feels clean. Still want to wash my face with my face cleanser later at night. Granted. However...I can cook, have dinner without feeling like I have a layer of makeup sitting on my face...and for that...I love using micellar water. I love it. And makes my evening routine easier. Also keeps my 100% cotton wash clothes...tons cleaner by wiping off the excess makeup on a cotton round. Will I repurchase? Yeah I think I will. Granted these are huge bottles and should last me a year. However if I do run out before I go back to the US...I would not hesitate to buy the Bioderma ones at Costco Japan. 
Olay foaming face wash. Not the cream cleanser. I like a nice gentle foam (cream cleansers usually break me out). I have never tried this before...I will use it in November or December when my skin is at it's driest. : )

Medium brown. And yep you see the word...brow. : )

Loreal Pro glow, everyone's talking about it. Loving it. I wanted to try. I usually dislike Loreal foundations. Loreal makes great foundation formulas. But I find their colors to always be leaning pink. Even the true match that supposedly has a yellow toned range...I still find it leaning pink. My thoughts on the pro glow? It looks beautiful. Again...beautiful formula. Makes my skin look flawless. I think Jeffrey Star said this gave him mannequin skin. And he's right, it gives a flawless look to your skin. Except it leans too pink for me to ever repurchase this. And at this point. I won't be buying Loreal foundations anymore. I just can't! I hope I remember this in the future when they come out with a new foundation and it has me wanting it. I hope I can remember...they lean pink. Maybelline Fit Me Smooth and Dewy. This one is for dry skin. And again it's beautiful on my skin. Pores look tinier. Skin looks so refined. It's too leans pink. I wish more drugstore foundations leaned yellow or olive toned. Anyway 2 fantastic foundations if you are pink toned at all. And 3 brow mascaras in medium brown.I really love this Rimmel London brow mascara. Brows make such a difference. Even if I wear no makeup that day and plan to run to the 1 and only grocery store in town...I still need to do my brows.

I have been using Tweezerman tweezers for ages. For ions and forever. Tweezerman are the gold standard for tweezers. But they do get dull over time. I think in the US we can get them resharpened? Then when Kathleen Lights said she uses Revlon ones? I was like...say what? My tweezers are duller than...I don't even know what. But dull as a butter knife...let's put it that way. Useless. And they're Tweezerman. Bought at Sephora. When she said she uses Revlon ones and considering they're like twice cheaper could be 3 times cheaper honestly. I was like...worth a try! These are the pro ones, the ones she uses too. 

Combs for part making while I was in Denver...they just happened to come in a 2 pack. 

Sephora purchase was the MUFE Ultra HD foundation. Color is spot on! In fact...when I used it... the first time...I thought...this is crap! It's not covering a dang thing! My left side of my face looks exactly like my right side of my face. Is this foundation doing nothing or what? Then I got closer to the mirror and was gobsmacked! My left side *was* covered...flawlessly covered btw. It's just...I have never had a foundation match me 10000% before. It was my first time ever in my life. It literally was shocking. It's very yellow and maybe a dot of green. So if you're olive at all.  This is a dead on match to my face. 

It's shade Y (yellow) 245. It's super yellow. Perfect best match ever! Australian beauty Vlogger Karima suggested this color for a MAC NC25. And she says to everyone how yellow toned and also green (olive) toned she is. And after Kathleen Lights recommendation was absurdly too dark back in February this year for this foundation, still adore her...but will use caution when using her foundation recommendations in the future. I was hesitant to try this foundation again, but I did like the formula. #1 I never heard of Karima until 2 months ago and I really like her channel on YouTube. I found her by searching for my shade in this MUFE. And she kept saying...she's yellow toned but does also have green tones to her skin. And at first that scared me. I mean she doesn't look green to me at all. She looks very normal and beautiful. And then I started looking at *my* neck. And yeah...I can see a greenish white tint to my neck too. Maybe Karima is right. Maybe I'm yellow toned too with a slight green tint too. @_@ Unnoticeable to regular people but noticeable if you are color matching a foundation and looking for undertone to your skin.  She uses this shade in MUFE. And she also uses the same exact MAC shade as me too. And I think her color choice was worth a shot. And it turns out after being at Sephora myself in Denver. Checking with my own eyes. And also the Sephora Makeup artist too said...this was the best match for me. I'm so thankful to Karima for suggesting this color/shade. And now...Karima has got me wondering...and thinking...If I too have a green/olive tint to my yellow colored skin, I actually now sort of think I do. Anyway I am very happy to have found Karima's channel. : ) And happy as a clam to have the perfect color match in this foundation. Like I said...the best color match I have ever had in my life. : ) 

The makeup artist gave me a sample of this Bobbi Brown primer, she said she is a fellow dry skin girl and loves this. And the Origins eye cream was free with my points. : ) 

I bore easily when it comes to makeup, so if I repurchase something...then it is truly THAT good. This face powder is a repurchase. If you are over 35 years old. Or if you have dry skin in general. This face powder doesn't look dry and powdery. It looks amazing. It is the best face powder ever ever. Mac Mineralize Skin Finish face powder. It's that good. 

This is a repurchase. I love this serum. I was hoping to find this serum at Costco, but they had 2 other Olay serums there instead. Hmm. We picked this up at Target. It's fragrance free and I use this at night before I use my night cream. 

My night cream. In that silver circle on this package is says it is their best seller, yes it is and for good reason. I have gone through quite a few of these Olay Regenerist jars of night cream. I love this. Each jar lasts a long time. So happy to have found these at Costco. After I wash my face at night, I use the serum first then put on the night cream on top. My skin always looks amazing every morning.

This daily face moisturizer is my ride or die! This is my holy grail. Can't ever be without it...product! I love this. I heart this daily moisturizer so much! Yes it's THAT good. : ) 

Fragrance free, which I love. 7 in 1 anti aging. This really does what it says. And buying it at Costco in the US, is the best deal/price.

Yep it does all this. And in the dead of winter when my face is dry and sensitive this makes my skin feel so moisturized and nice. And the bottle is so pretty.

I also have an unopened Olay night cream upstairs that I will use first before opening this 2 pack of night cream. But again...just peace of mind knowing...I don't have to worry about running out of face stuff for a good long while. And I don't have to think about it. It's like a non-issue. So stocking up for me...helps me out a great deal.

Denver Broncos stickers on the left. And Colorado stickers on the right! Yes, there is a proud Coloradoan in the house! : ) 

Colorado tee shirts for the entire household! And a key chain that says...I love Colorado. Yes, I do. : ) 

22 pair of underwear for me. They were on sale at Target and hey, if you're not going back to the US for a to make sure you have enough underwear to last you. : )  

Denver Broncos for me. Yay! : ) 

A backsack...

From Target, jeans for Noah.

These are so soft and yes, feel like sweatpants. Looks like jeans but feels like wearing your favorite pair of sweats.

Levi's brand, are the comfy sweatpants pair.

Cat & Jack skinny jeans size 12. Perfect for my 11 year old skinny as a toothpick Noah-chan.

These 2 came from Target.

Another pair from The Children's Place.

Size 12 skinny jeans.

So 2 from Target, and 1 from The Children's Place.

4th pair is from Gap and also a slim fit.

These say a cross between denim and fleece. These feel like sweatapants too but look like jeans. So 2 regular jeans and 2 comfy jeans for Noah. Not a bad start on Fall pants so far. : )

4 pair for Noah so far.

The 511 Slim fit Levi's for Bran.

I was going to get Bran 2 jean colored pair but he insisted he needs a black pair. Not a problem. Given the fact he wears a JHS uniform 5 days a week. 2 pair is one heck of a good start for Bran. 

The 541 athletic fit for Noboru. 

He found the color he totally loves and bought 2 identical twin pairs of those. That was smart! : )

Gap outlet.

Two Gap sweatshirts for Branden. He's wearing a large men's size now. 

Gap sweat-shorts for Bran for next summer. These were originally US $30 but we got them for US$9 at the Gap outlet!!! Such a great deal and so cute and preppy.

Being a skinny 11 year old is a tough size to buy clothes for because they sell size 10 and size 12. We found this sweatshirt in a size 10 and 12 had Noah try both on. The 10 fit now...however it was obviously it would be outgrown by December 2016, so yes in a few months time... it would be way too tiny for Noah to wear. However yes it fit for right now. Meanwhile...the size 12 looks a tad too big. And of course there is no such thing as a size 11 at Gap. So...we went for the size 12. May be a tad baggy for now. But he'll be able to wear it until March or April for sures and most likely be able to wear next Fall too. 

Anyway, if you made it this far...please give yourself a gold star, you deserve it! You're amazing! This is everything we brought back from Denver, Colorado this trip. : )