Thursday, September 29, 2016

Preparing to cast my vote for the Presidential election for this November as an overseas American voter and holy crap was that an interesting debate between Clinton and Trump this week. Oh and fwiw, I’m most definitely with her!!!

If you're American and you are living overseas do you vote? I do! When I was a little girl, I would go with my parents to the voting/polling place in Denver, stand in line with them and wait along the side as they cast their very private vote behind the curtain. And I was always told "Gina when you're 18, you will be able to vote. Always vote. Make your vote count." Clearly my family was big on voting. : ) And so when I turned 18, I voted. I would stand in line with my family and I'd give the polling folks my name and show them my Colorado drivers license and they'd check and mark that I was there and was about to cast my vote. I guess it was just a privilege and right, I always greatly respected. So, I have *always* voted. Just always. It was important for my family, so it was important to me. And so, it's just ingrained in me, I guess. : )  I tell my sons, Branden and Noah the same thing. "Kids make sure you vote" Make sure you vote for whoever you want, but make your vote count!" Some folks are very secret squirrel about which party they belong to or who they vote for" And cool if that's you, then be you! As for me. I have no shame in who I vote for. And I don't mind taking ownership of that. I'm a democrat. I'm a liberal. And I've always voted democrat and always will. I voted for Bill Clinton twice and I voted for Obama twice as well. I think Obama was the best president we've ever had.  Before we went to Denver for our summer vacation. I made sure I was already registered as a Denver, Colorado absentee voter. So, I mailed my downloaded forms off. And I'm sure they were in Denver, Colorado by the time we were there this summer. : ) I will be voting via online. And this is wonderful for us Americans to be able to vote this way.  As you know, I don't really "talk politics" on my blog. And I'm not about to start. Whichever way you vote. Just vote! And if you're living overseas like Japan. Don't just's too complicated to vote. It's not! It's super easy to vote if you're living overseas. Believe me, I do it! : ) It's not complicated at all. Anyways, I'm making my vote count, that's for sure! : )

This election between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton is a huge topic in Japan. Every week either Branden comes home from JHS or Noah comes home from elementary school. And they say, "our teacher was talking about the presidential election in America", today at school. So there is a lot of chatter at the schools. Conversations are started in both my kids classes and kids have opinions. Their teachers have opinions too. And so when the debate came on this week. It aired in the day time in Guam Live... but it also repeated in the evening, so my kids and I watched it in the evening together. We had just finished supper and I asked them if they'd like to listen and watch and make up their own minds.

Hillary Clinton during the debate brought up the fact that in the 70's Trump was sued because he had told all his apartment managers not to rent any of his apartments to black people. And he didn't disagree that was true or deny it. He just said but a lot of people were also sued. @_@ Truly saddened by that. Branden said, "so he doesn't want to rent to minorities, what about Japanese people?" I said, probably not to Japanese either since they're minorities too. He was a bit blown away. Then she said you haven't paid your taxes in about 20 years and Trump didn't deny that either. He said "that makes me smart" The kids were again surprised. They said, "he doesn't pay taxes?" The kids couldn't wait to get to school the next day and discuss the debate they saw on TV the night before.

Anyway, it shouldn't matter if you agree with who I am voting for or I agree with who you are voting for. The most important thing is voting period. Use your vote, don't waste it. And the one thing I know we can agree on is...the worst thing is to be a "Monday morning quarterback" with regards to voting. And while I think all Americans know what a "Monday morning quarterback" means. If you don't...please look it up. What it basically a person who sits on the couch watching the football game and come Monday at work or at the watercooler or at school" they suddenly become an expert on the football game they saw on Sunday. They start criticizing what the real people did. With remarks like. "Oh they didn't have enough defense" or that player didn't run fast enough" or they should have did this. And more of that. When in fact the reality is...the "Monday morning quarterback" couldn't last 5 seconds on the field themselves. probably one of my biggest pet peeves is "Monday morning quarterback people" ...Those Denver Broncos shouldn't have blown that game..they should have...this and that-ed" That always annoys and aggravates me so much. Makes me wish THEY"D strap on some shoulder pads and get on the field and try it! Otherwise shut up! And same with voting. The last 4 years, you hear folks criticizing Obama. And while I voted. I stay quiet and listen. To the "Monday morning quarterback" talk all about politics and how Obama is screwing this up or that up" And I finally ask..."did you personally vote in that election?" And they always say..."ugh ugh no I didn't...because well I'm living in Japan and it's too hard/complicated for me to vote" And I always say calmly...really? Because I live in Japan too and I voted no problem. They usually don't know what to say after that. me..if you're not going to vote...please don't even bitch about who wins! And certainly don't bitch to high heavens about it for the next 4 years. If you REALLY care. Vote. Then you can at least bitch about it...with a clear conscience knowing you at least voted. Anyway, I am all registered and ready to cast my vote!

* Monday morning quarterback meaning..."One who criticizes or passes judgment from a position of hindsight"..."A person who, after the event, offers advise or criticism concerning decisions made by others; one who second guesses"..."Someone who is always criticizing and saying how he would have done something better or differently after the event has passed.