Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Our 5th day in Denver, Colorado...

So, we woke up at our hotel near Glenwood Springs. And we got dressed and went downstairs to enjoy an amazing and filling breakfast. Crispy American bacon, scrambled eggs and a buttermilk biscuit. I also enjoyed a nice hot coffee. That was a hot sauce packet on the left that I was about to put on my eggs, yum. : )

Branden enjoyed a hot fresh cinnamon roll, tons of crispy bacon and scrambled eggs and a buttermilk biscuit. Noah had the same thing as Branden did. We 4 enjoyed our breakfast very much. We checked out of the hotel and went on our way to the first pit stop of the day. Visiting Doc Holliday's graveside. Noboru was really looking forward to seeing this. Doc Holliday, died and was buried in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. 

Glenwood Springs is such a gorgeous pretty little town. 

It was very easy to find. 
The walk was most definitely a trek up a mountain to get there. You better be in tip top shape if you want to reach here or be part billy goat. Lucky for us we're all fit as fiddles. But be warned, it is a steep walk. 
But boy was it worth it reaching the top of that mountain! We could see the hot springs from way up there in the background! : ) 

 Doc Holliday! American gunfighter, gambler and dentist! And very good friend of Wyatt Earp! He died of Tuberculosis, however he had heard of the healing properties of the mineral rich hot springs in Glenwood Springs and so that's why he went there *because* of the hot springs. And while yes the hot springs are certainly good for you and your skin. Sadly no...the hot springs won't cure your cancer or TB, wish they did but sadly no. : ( So he died and is buried in Glenwood Springs. : ( 

Kid Curry is also buried here. He was an American outlaw and he rode with Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid's infamous "Wild Bunch Gang." The kids really enjoyed getting to see their resting spots. Branden has even shared a picture of these with his history teacher. She was really happy seeing these pictures, since Branden brought her some copies to class.: ) You know...American history and the Wild Wild West and all that. : )
You know how Osaka people *love* being from Osaka right? Noboru does! : ) Colorado people *love* being from Colorado. Especially if you're a native, meaning born and raised there. People will ask you straight up..."are you a Colorado native or are you a transplant?" Not that it technically matters. But yeah people are always curious. And I always say.."born and raised" So yep...this car made me smile. Well technically a Jeep Grand Cherokee, but you know what I mean. : )

And on our way back to Denver. Hello Colorado River again! Always nice to see you. 

And again the red colored rocks and mountains once again. Colorado is famous for it. Our concert place is called Red Rocks Amphitheater. And duh...Colorado itself... the name means "colored red" in Spanish. : )

Yep it certainly did snow the night before! This snow was not here the day before. : )

A definite crisp bite to the air. Chilly. No snow on the ground but definitely snow on the mountains.

In it's heyday and prime these were THE outlets to go. Everyone in the 90's went here for back to school shopping and stuff. However this place is dying it seems. Not a whole lot of customers. And many shops have closed down. It was sort of sad seeing it this way. Because I remember how amazing it was, in it's glory days. : ( The Gap here had zip zilch nada tostada! So we hit up the Levi's outlet. Branden got 2 new pair of Levi's jeans. Skinny jeans. And Noboru picked 2 pair of Levi's... not skinny jeans. It was about $160 US at that Levi's store. Did the prices go way up at Levi's or what? It's been forever since I had been in there so I was surprised. Noboru didn't mind because Bran needs jeans and so did he. I was just quietly thinking...4 pair of jeans $160US? And from an outlet? Hmm anyway... After leaving Levi's we left and headed directly back to Denver. 

Mother Cabrini Shrine. If you're Roman Catholic and live in Colorado you most likely walked the zillion steps to visit Mother Cabrini before. I'm Catholic and have been up here many many times with my family growing up. So it was nice to catch a glimpse of her from the distance. : )

It was quite a drive but we were now back in Denver! Colorado Mills Mall is the closest outlet that I know of... that is closest to Denver. See, good thing I'm from Denver...I know these types of things! So we went to the Gap outlet there and the Children's Place for Noah there. Branden got 2 Gap sweatshirts for this Fall and 1 Gap sweat shorts for next summer. Noah meanwhile got 1 pair of jeans from Gap, wish they had more in his size... but they didn't. And Noah also got a Gap sweatshirt. Wish they had a better selection but they didn't. Noah also got a pair of jeans from the Children's Place. Skinny jeans from the Children's Place for US$7.80 or $8.70. The price was *too* cheap to pass up and they only had 1 pair in his size. Figures doesn't it! @_@ 

Belmar, under that it says Downtown Lakewood. This is where the old Villa Italia shopping center used to be. This whole place has gotten a total face-lift. Totally different. I like it! : )

We were looking for Branden's backpack. Reason. His zipper broke on his backpack. Like unusable 100%. So we decided to get him a really nice Jansport one.. however the model and color he wanted was nowhere to be found (he was just looking for basic navy). Which is just freaking unbelievable, we couldn't find one. In the US they're US$40-50 which is standard and normal prices. In Japan they're 10,000 yen and up! So buying in America is obviously the hope...considering the price jump if we buy in Japan. It was getting late. 5:30pm, around there. So we decided to call it a day. Go and eat some dinner and that's what we did. 

Our dinner Wednesday night! We would be flying out Friday morning. This was my meal. A cheese and onion enchilada, a bean and cheese smothered burrito and a bean tostada. And a large cherry coke with free refills. 

We thoroughly enjoyed our dinner. And we talked about the next day being our very last day in Denver and everything we didn't find. Such as BrannyB's backpack we had better track it down tomorrow or else forget it. So, we had 1 day left. We wanted to enjoy it yes. But also...that teeny tiny dot of pressure to wrap things up. And hopefully find Bran's Jansport backpack. And also my bras. Oh and...we were originally set to leave Denver Saturday. However Noboru reads the Japanese news online daily and spoke with a few of his coworkers via LINE while in Denver. And from what he could tell... it was best if we left Friday versus staying an extra day in Denver. And I was totally fine with that. Branden and I ordered the same combination plate. Noah had ordered the best most amazing nachos ever! And Noboru ordered the green chili plate as usual. He usually always picks that no matter which restaurant we go to. : ) 

We saw this little fluffy bunny outside the restaurant in Lakewood as we were leaving the restaurant and getting in the Jeep. He was a very friendly wild bunny. The kids thought he was adorable, I thought so too. : ) 

The kids went back to our hotel room. I was about to jump in the shower. They were about to eat their Taki's. Now I had told them at the store...these have lime in them, you will not like these, trust me...a mom knows these things. I said pick a basic flavor instead... yet Branden insisted that everyone loves this flavor on YouTube. Err...ummm okay. But I do not think you will like these at all, my final little warning/ advise while at the store days before. @_@ But kids...need to learn for themselves. So they were excited to try. They were convinced they would love these, so we bought them a few days before. They opened the bag. Noah had 1! Only 1 was enough for him to know that he hated it. He said it tastes so bad! And he also said... totally too salty! Branden being more stubborn...ate like 3-4...I could tell by his first bite he hated them. But...he tried and after the 3rd or 4th one...he admitted...I really don't like these at all. I can't eat them. No worries, I said. None at all. Even though I knew...you would not like them. I had to let you try. : ) So...we trashed them, no big deal. Noboru tried one...and he's not picky at all. He said...way too much salt! I didn't eat one. Live and learn, kids should always be allowed to try though with food. This was day 5. I'm so glad the boys tried these... at least they were curious enough to try. I want them to be their own people...with their own minds..their own ideas. And never be afraid to try. They might have hated these Taki's but hey..at least they tried. Alrighty that's the end of day 5. Also...I might not do my TBT tomorrow. Only because I really need to finish these Denver posts. But, I will surely do my TBT next week though. Sorry about that.  : )