Sunday, September 04, 2016

Our 3rd day in Denver, Colorado...

Monday was the kids day! A day where they could do anything they wanted to do, within reason of course. They decided to go to Lakeside Amusement Park. I was very excited because I love that place! However, we checked the night before, right before bed and it turns out since school is in session in the US. The amusement park is now only open on the weekends. @_@ OMG! Boy did we get a shocker-roo reading that! If we would have known that. We would have flipped our 2 days around. However while we usually research the heck out of our trips. We somehow missed this. @_@ What can ya do. So, right before bed the night before we asked the kids what would you like to do? Museum? Aquarium? Japan has excellent aquariums btw. The Denver Zoo? Branden suggested the airplane museum. And Noah always agrees with his big brother, so they both picked that. Granted I would have picked zoo or a regular museum with cavemen etc etc. But you wasn't "my day" it was the boy's pick! So, airplane museum it was! Also, Noboru knew I had been wanting to go to Sephora for 1 item. And he said that Sephora at the Cherry Creek mall was right along our driving path, so it would be best to knock that out of the way too. I said sounds great to me! : ) So off we went. After eating a very fine and filling breakfast at our hotel. 

Driving through downtown Denver.

The artistic sculptures...

And here we were... first pit stop of the day, the Cherry Creek Mall. I knew the product and color ahead of time. And while there I did test it on my wrist to double check. Meanwhile the most nicest friendly sales lady came to chat. She verified this color was spot on. I had told her how the color of the same foundation my husband bought for me in February in Atlanta... was the wrong color match (my fault). And so while I loved the foundation I wanted the correct shade. So, I bought the right shade. She was so nice...she also gave me a sample of a primer she said I would just love. I went and checked out. And the woman at the cash register was also super nice and she have enough Sephora points for a free gift. And she pointed out a few free gifts to choose from and I did. Wow how nice. But seriously... everyone was such a pleasure. And for what it's worth...I was in that mall and out of that mall in under 15 minutes. I was a girl on a mission and I picked it out and checked out... just as quick. : ) I hid my MUFE foundation in the glove box of our Jeep. Hahaha, while at the museum. : ) 

Noboru suggested we eat on the way to the museum since we wanted an early-ish dinner since we would be leaving to the hot springs the next morning really early. So that's what we did. I wasn't feeling like having a combo or anything, I picked some nuggets from Chik fil A. 

Noah picked a kids meal, and Bran and Noboru also picked a combo. I just wanted the nuggets. : )

Tada, we are here! We made it. 

Hi Branden, hi Noah.

This was very cool. There were 2 different colored statues. White-ish ones and bronze ones. There is also a 7 minute movie which explains why these statues were made. The white-ish statues are ghosts of the fallen and the bronze statues are of soldiers about to fight. It was actually very brilliant the way they did that. 

The fam-bam about to watch the short documentary about the statues.

Noah's excited face and listening to his dad explain stuff.

Every time Branden took another pic on his LINE he had 60 plus likes or comments about them. Here he was updating with a pic of what a plane from the old days looked like inside. 

I liked that a lot of the staff here were actually senior citizen volunteers from WW2, retired American military. They were very proud of the planes here and they knew so much information. They knew their stuff. 

Noboru and Bran looking up above. Up above is where the bombs were held. 

American too. R2D2. Lol! 

Little brother always copies big brother. He takes pics, Noah wants to take pics too. : ) 

Signed by Harrison Ford.

George Lucas himself...

We got to walk around the plane and find their signatures. 

Have you ever seen a prettier flag? I have not! It's gorgeous! I love you America!

This was such a huge facility. And I am actually pretty glad we came. I really learned a lot and we had a very fun day. Great pick kids! : )

If you are not American maybe you do not know. But we have our own Air National Guard. Different states have their own. 

You know how each plane or team or group have their own character. Ours is this. Very cool. 

Pic of the Flintstone 3.

Flintstone 1 went to Vietnam.

And while our planes do have American flags on them, ours also has a Colorado flag on ours. See the Colorado flag?  : )

Colorado Air National Guard in Iraq 2003.

This says, "Let it be known that this American flag was flown over the skies of Iraq." And then it gives the date.

This flag. And the Colorado guy holding it dear in the pic in the background.

The uniform does indeed say Colorado.

American flag on the left and Colorado flag on the right. My kids know about mom's country... America already... but I want them to know also about Colorado specific stuff too.


Look at these 2 happy smiling nerds! I might use these pics for the New Years cards this year. 

The boys wanted to ride this. We said they could. 

$7.50 a person. A little high, but you know what..not a problem. We're on vacation. And this is their day!
Prepare for the 360 turns and flips kids! They loved it. We could hear them laughing during the ride. Noboru made a video of them laughing on this thing, on his cellphone.
Smiles after it was all over with. 

People watching the movie about the statues. This was such a good short movie. 

When Americans first walked on the moon. This is what the headlines read... if you were alive in Denver, Colorado at that time. 

A piece of the moon.

How heavy is this 5 pound bag of flour.

On earth...on the moon, etc...

And there was a lever and the kids could feel how heavy it would feel on each planet or moon.

What the moon looks like meaning...where is all the Nasa stuff etc. The kids really got a very good idea of all the actual stuff on there.

After staying at the museum for about the entire day... we drove around a bit and then found our way to our favorite pizza place. I have been going here for pizza since I was 3 years old with my parents. Could be even younger too. We enjoyed some handmade mozzarella cheese sticks first while our pizza was baking.

We ate and just enjoyed our meal. However we were leaving room for dessert.

America's beloved Dairy Queen. We love you DQ. We did make a mistake though. The kids ordered kids blizzards when they wished they would have ordered bigger ones...and ordered the small size instead. However we went to DQ one more time, so they made sure to order a small next time. : ) And I always order the same exact thing no matter what. I always order the Peanut Buster Parfait. I never waiver on what I order there. : ) 

Noboru picked a strawberry sundae. Wow were we full after that. 

We went to Target to get car snacks for the next morning trip to the mountains.

The kids picked Sour Patch kids gum, in blue raspberry and I picked strawberry Ice Breakers. Noboru picked some gum. Drinks we had plenty still. We went back to the hotel. Took showers. And went to sleep. Oh fwiw, we were only jet lagged our first night there. We were not jet lagged at all except the first night.Which is so nice. : ) Next post. The mountain and hot spring post. Should be tons shorter than this one. : ) Oh and while we were in Glenwood Springs it had snowed in Silverthorne...which is way closer to Denver and we passed that while driving to Glenwood. So temperatures in the mountains? Cold enough it snowed in some parts. So a definitely crisp and chilly nip to the air. No doubt about it. Also 3 times this trip we went to 7-11 so the kids could get Slurpees. Twice they picked Sour Patch Slurpees. This picture made me think of the kids drinking those. : )