Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Mirror mirror on the wall, who was the sharpest looking scarecrow of them all? Suppaiderman!!!

Remember back in July when all the town 5th graders made scarecrows? Well they have been hanging in the rice fields ever since. And before the big typhoon all the town heads went down and decided which was the winner! Although, I thought they all looked pretty fantastic! The officials decided that the funniest, cutest and clearly most clever of them all was...Suppai-derman!!! LOL. Yep, Noah's team won! And I love that my son and his team thought *so* out of the box on that one! It was totally the most original idea...anyone and myself included had ever heard of! Congratulations to Noah and his fellow teammates. The creators of team Suppaiderman! LOL. Remember suppai means..."sour" in Japanese. And in the hot steamy Japanese summer...some iced cold lemonade or lemon shave ice/kakigori would be perfect! And us parents of team Suppaiderman also helped. In fact remember my hands turned black with all that newspaper help stuff up Suppaiderman. : )
All kids on team Suppaiderman brought home these goodies. A bag of lemon jelly. Which is perfect considering they created...Suppaiderman, LOL! And just some other little treats too. Noah threw the lemon jellies in the freezer and he split them with Branden. : )  Anyway...just thought you all would like to know...Suppaiderman won the scarecrow contest! Hahaha. Isn't that cute! : )