Monday, August 29, 2016

We're back...

Hi you guys! Hope you guys have missed me, I have certainly missed all of you! We are indeed back home in Japan.

We got back to Japan Saturday early evening, which means we left Denver Friday morning at 6am Denver, Colorado time (mountain time). We flew back 1 day earlier than expected because #1 the flight leaving Denver Friday had plenty of seats and meant we'd fly back first class for free all the way back to Japan no problem. Versus, if we left Saturday Denver time as originally planned we'd be in economy for free all the way back to Japan. Also to add to that...we kept hearing about a typhoon hitting Japan somewhere between Saturday and Tuesday. It now appears to be coming Tuesday maybe even Wednesday and maybe even downgraded to just a storm? However we didn't know that days ago. And as you know weather changes daily and in a blink of an eye. So it was hard to determine and we felt safer flying back to Japan while the window to travel easier... was wide open and the flight looked good and the weather looked good too.

I did transfer my pics online already. But to be honest...I haven't had the chance to look through them 100% yet...just a quick look through. 780 pics taken from our Denver 2016 trip. Wowsa, is that a lot of mama picture taking or what?

The kids go back to school September 1st. So not until Thursday. So very nice that the kids get a few days of just relaxing and just enjoying until Thursday. Their homework is all 100% done but gosh...summer homework sure sucks doesn't it? Hahaha. : )  I am not sure if I will get my Denver post up before September first or not.

We purposely left the fridge bare when we left to Denver because well we didn't want milk or fresh veggies or eggs that type of thing... going funky while we were away. So when we got back Saturday evening. We had zero in the fridge at all. Which was fine because we went to Coco Ichi for dinner Saturday night. We all showered and crashed hard. And we all had jet lag and woke up around 4am Sunday morning. LOL. : )

Yesterday, Sunday we drove to Inzai/Chiba New Town and we went to Costco on a Sunday. Which you know... I hate to go to Costco on the weekends but it frankly couldn't be helped with the fear of the typhoon coming. So we went to Costco. Didn't buy too much. Didn't even take a pic. @_@ I blame the jet lag because I always take pics. : ) I bought 2 packs of chicken breasts, so about 2kg of chicken breasts. Shredded mozzarella cheese. Eggs, pasta sauce. A rotisserie chicken. We had for dinner last night. We then hit Besia and Cainz Home. We just bought veggies and misc there. And then we made 1 final pit stop at Japan Meat at Joyful Honda and bought a beautiful pork for pork curry and a beef roast for beef stew. Menu is as follows this week. Sunday, rotisserie chicken (that was yesterday) Monday (today) chicken chow mein (sara udon) we are all craving veggies...Tuesday tomorrow Beef stew perfect if it is rainy tomorrow, Wednesday teriyaki bowl, Thursday chicken cutlet, Friday pork curry and Saturday niku jaga.

If the typhoon hits us, we are safe and have plenty of food. Tons of drinks. So that's the good and positive there. : ) Also hopefully it downgrades to just storm or just rain. We'll see. : )

Umm, Saturday, the day we got back...good thing I was thinking clearly because...I called the hair salon to book my hair appointment. I hadn't been since July. @_@ Boy was I looking like I sure needed a hair appointment. : ) I went this morning at 9:30am. I got a cut and a color. An all one length lob. And my hair is a nice chocolate brown color. Pretty much my natural hair color spot on. Wow, hasn't been this color is forever. Hahaha. : )  I keep surprising myself every time I look in the mirror, I'm thinking...who in the heck is that?? Oh yeah that's's me. LOL. : )  I should be used to it in a day or two. : )  She also said it should fade out a shade lighter. So we'll see. I am so grateful for the cut. It's slightly longer at the front of my hair so it looks...edgy and stylish. was it? Amazing! No tears at all. No tears at the landing and no tears when we flew away Friday either. I just appreciated every day while I was there. We did so much in the short week we were there. We spent most of our time in Denver. Arvada. Westminster, Broomfield and Boulder. And Wheatridge. But we also went to the mountains and went and enjoyed the hot springs (onsen)...we soaked. It was chilly in the mountains. And we ate Dairy Queen twice. We ate so many wonderful things (ravioli, pasta, chili rellenos and green chili cheese tamales, Chik Fil A, Arby's etc etc). Noah comes back to Japan with 4 new pair of jeans for when fall and winter hits. Since he wears regular clothes to school. And Branden picked 2 pair of jeans from the Levi's outlet in Silverthorne, slim fit 1 jean color and 1 black jeans. He also picked 2 sweatshirts from the Gap outlet too at the Colorado Mills the outlet there too. Noah got 1 Gap sweatshirt from the outlet too. We brought back food to help us ring in the Fall and cooler weather. My favorite cinnamon coffee creamer from King Soopers. tastes like a cinnamon roll and really makes me happy having this creamer... in Fall and Winter. And yes...I did locate the limited edition... Pumpkin Spice Cheerios and the Pumpkin Spice Life cereal. And the Pumpkin Spice Poptarts and the Pumpkin Spice hot cereal. Do we Americans love anything and everything pumpkin spice flavored or what? Hahaha. : ) I didn't buy tons... but we brought back 3 large suitcases filled with stuff. I also brought back Olay moisturizers from Costco. My fave products. So yay for that. I did bring back 1 foundation from Sephora. And 1 new MAC face powder from MAC. And I did also bring back 2 cheaper foundations bought at Target, that I really wanted to try. The Loreal Pro Glow that everyone is talking about on YouTube, I brought back one of those. And another brand too. Plus 3 brow mascaras. 2 micellar waters for me to try. Rice a roni. Corn tortillas (60 of them)... I'll be more specific in another post. Branden also got a nice Jansport backpack while at the Flatirons shopping center too. And I brought back necessary basics too like... cute cotton undies from Target, like 20 of them or so lol. And 2 nice bras from Dillards. Walcoal bras (yes I know that's a Japanese brand, lol). Their best seller in the US. The lady went in the changing room with me, she's near my mom's age...she had a very nice relaxing voice and she was so helpful. $68 US each @_@... so super nice bras, they better be....for that price. And very comfy. No wonder it's a best seller. Anyways...we're all a bit jet lagged still. Nothing major. But...just a tad.

I'm going to run upstairs as soon as I post this. Wash my makeup off my face. I hate the feeling of makeup on my face. Go figure. : ) lol. And I want to get on a comfy t-shirt and some house hairs too short now for a pony maybe just a little clip to the front to pull it out of my face. I want to get stared on dinner early. Because we have been crashing dead asleep by 8-8:30pm since we got back. : ) But I did want to touch bases with you. Yes, we are home. We are alive and well. Just terribly jet lagged. I'm actually starting to feel a little zombie-ish right now. : ) Ugh...I need rest. But first dinner. with ya later. : )