Thursday, August 18, 2016

Throwback Thursday. August in Denver, Colorado 2008...

August 2008, Noboru and the boys and I decided to skip Hawaii that summer and head back to my home state! Denver, Colorado. 

Inside Denver International Airport. Or as we call it...DIA. Just the 3 letters.

I love this airport so much! I always know, I am home, whenever I see it. Makes me so happy!

After getting settled and stuff. We went to eat. The best thing about going back "home" versus a vacation spot... is the fact that I already know the best Mexican food Italian restaurant, etc etc. Best malls. You know what I mean, I hope. Noboru lived in Denver from age 15 to age 28 and 2 years in Hawaii after that until age 30. So, Denver is a place he feels so comfortable too. Noah and Bran each got a kids plate. A bean and cheese tostada and a side of rice and beans. Noboru a smothered burrito.

A happy Branden...

I had the huevos rancheros.

Just relaxing at one of the amusement parks, Denver has 2. Denver has 1 new expensive modern... wait all day in line... amusement park. And this old amusement park too... this is super cheap, all you can ride for like super cheap and there is no waiting in line and the people are just super chill here. We always go here. The boys having a cherry Icee because well...that's what Denver people do in summer.: ) 

There's my Icee next to my backpack. Having fun kiddos? : ) I went here all the time, when I was Noah's and Branden's age too. I love this place! : )

Is grandpa steering or is Branden steering? Hahaha! And see that ride in the background, absolutely zero wait in line. I love this place!

Stocking up and buying clothes on the cheap! : )

Homemade pasta and ravioli at an Italian place I have been going to since I was a kid. 

I know Japan thinks they are the country of onsen and hot springs! But many states in the USA also have the gift of natural hot springs too. Colorado is full of natural hot spring places! I grew up since I was a wee baby being taken to the hot springs. In Japan...sometimes Japanese people will ask me. Have you ever been to Hakone (famous for hot springs)? I smile and say yes. They will then say..."don't you love Japan for the hot springs?" Yes...I will politely answer...*however* did you know my state...Colorado is famous for hot springs too? In fact I grew up going to soak in hot springs my whole life. With snow all around the mountains while soaking in a hot spring. They are always super *duper* surprised hearing that. But yes it is true. : ) I do come from a fantastic state that has natural hot springs all over it. Granted us westerners... aren't too keen on soaking butt naked hahaha...but hot springs soaking, yes we do that too. : ) 

This hot spring is so hot. Your whole body feels so relaxed after wards. The lobby has a sign with all the minerals in this hot spring that are good for your body and skin. : )

Having gone here since I was a toddler. I know to get a hand stamp before leaving the hot springs. So we can re-enter the hot spring at night. : ) We stopped for some ice-cream and some lunch. Told ya...swimming sure makes a person hungry. : ) Dairy Queen...we sure do love you! : ) 

An early dinner after some sight seeing for the kids. And then back to soak. Pizza Hut and breadsticks are always nice.

Family...let's soak until we're all wrinkly and shriveled like raisins! Hahaha. At night in August the mountain air is cold and crisp and the contrast to the hot water...feels so nice. : )

At my auntie's house. She has fantastic peach trees, apple trees, 2 varieties of apple trees. 

My aunties back porch. See that fire pit in the table there. Perfect to roast marshmallows and just talk and enjoy your family.

Yes we need lots of seats because I have a big extended family. : ) 

And my family is very Roman Catholic. 

Our last night in Denver. We went and ate at my favorite restaurant one more time. 

It's so fun going to Denver. This will always be considered my home. My birth place. The placed I was born and raised. I love Colorado people. Colorado people are so nice. So cool. So friendly. I have a whole lot of family there who love Noah and Noboru too. : ) So is super hard leaving. Arriving in Denver is super easy. It's the leaving part that's hardest. If you have ever lived will understand my words. And understand what I'm saying. I rarely get to Denver. Every 3-4 years maybe. So when I land in Denver and the pilot always says..."welcome to Denver." I cry. I cry because it is so good to hear that. So not hysterical psycho crying nonono. Just a few happy silent tears. While looking out the window. So no one else.. can see or know. When I fly out of Denver...I always cry for a minute or two too. Because it's pure heart break for me. I never know when is the next time...I can go back. Maybe 3-4 years. So sad tears. Very very sad tears. Again...not psycho loud hysterical crying. Just a few very sad silent tears during take off. And no...I don't want anyone to know or see. After an hour in funk goes away. And I am back to my peppy ol' self. But yes...leaving is so hard, isn't it. : )  Anyway...that was this week's TBT of 2008. I have been back to Denver since this. But that was in November 2013. Anyway happy TBT everyone. I will not be able to do my TBT for next week. Since I will be on vacation in the states. We leave this Saturday. Am I happy? Heck yes. I so need this trip you guys. The kids are packed, I packed them up 2 days ago and today I went and bought the kids some snacks for the airplane. I will pack myself up this evening after supper. Noboru is getting excited about our trip too. : )